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Natasha D Sevova
Harrogate, England

Accredited Coaching Master

Charlotte Noce
Liverpool, England

Accredited Life Coach, Law of Attraction Queen & Spiritual Sis.

Brooke Summer Adams

Internationally Accredited Transformation Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Yahoo-Finance Top 10 Female Life-Coach, International Speaker, Trainer and Writer.

Georgia Blair
Manchester, England

Confidence + Mindset Coach
Pink-Haired Scottish Powerhouse

Suzy Bonner
Blackpool, England

Certified Coaching Master & Lifestyle Warrior.

Annette Shaw
Oxford, England

Accredited Transformational Life Coach – Championing you to set boundaries and stand in your power in the workplace I can coach in two languages (English/German)

Richie simpson
Rochester, England

I help parents of children with autism who struggle to focus on their own needs as they are focussed on their childrens needs.

Lynsey Norwood
London, England

I am a coach, who is a mother of teenagers and a qualified adult nurse

Scott Cowan - Lord of Hemseys
Paisley, Scotland

Kick A** Internationally Accredited Mindset Coach & Dad

Kim Clark
Grayton Beach, Florida 32459

Confidence & Career Coach and Management Consultant with over 15 years management experience.

Louisa Williams
Perth, Scotland

Coach and holistic Coach in Training, youth coach & sports coach

Linda Pretorius

Transformation coaching to help you take your power back

Aylin Webb
Greater London, England EC2M

Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & EMDR therapist, Anxiety & Perfectionism Coach, NLP Practitioner and a self-compassion & Mindfulness advocate

Antwan Winkfield
Kansas City, Missouri

I am the flyest trach-wearing, oxygen needing ventilator-dependent coach you will ever hire. A desire to inspire and bring the Best You Out of You.

Michaela Raflewski

SpirItual Coach, Guide and Mentor
Reiki Master Teacher
Womb Healer
Medicine Woman

Kay Crump
Burton upon Trent, England

Accredited Coach, NLP Master, and Belief Coding Facilitator ™️

Richie Simpson
Rochester, England

NLP master in training looking to change your life and give you back the control you’ve lost along the path we call life!

Louisa Williams
Perth, Scotland

Mum, mentor, therapist, and accredited lifestyle coach

Kaidi Tehva
Essex, England

Professional Coach, NLP & Timelines Practitioner. Member of the Association for Professional Coaching & Hypnobirthing Instructor