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We understand that choosing the right training provider can sometimes be a stressful and overwhelming process. There is a lot of mis-information in the industry and it can be hard to decipher what is genuine and what is marketing messaging.

Here at The Coaching Masters our integrity is extremely important to us, and we pride ourselves on complete and utter transparency; therefore, this page serves to educate you on the ins and outs of the industry so that you can make the right decision for you.

Industry background

There has been a lot of confusion around which training provider offers the right level of training in the Coaching and NLP industry over the last 20 years, and there is a common misunderstanding that there are certain organisations you must purchase from in order to have a valid legal coaching status. This, however, is not the case, and the simple answer is that there is currently no ‘right level; It is all down to the personal choice of the student.


Despite what you may have been led to believe, there is no official government, no legally agreed standard, no official or agreed course content, and there is a wide variation in levels of competency in both coaching and NLP.

The industry is what’s known as ‘Self-Regulated’, due to it being completely unregulated by any centralised government institution – so the industry has set up its own standards in order to try and maintain some form of regulation and quality.

This means that there is no official legal requirement or guideline you must adhere to when looking to find a training provider.

There are a number of these self-governing groups, organizations, associations, and bodies who have set up an independent business in order to reflect how they believe NLP & Coaching should be taught, practiced and accredited. However, these are just businesses, and there are no associations, bodies or institutions that are mandatory to join or achieve in order to be able to learn, teach or apply NLP or coaching.

Do not allow any training provider to tell you that you must take their training in order to be credible, as this is quite simply a manipulative marketing tactic designed to increase sales. This is something The Coaching Masters will never do. It is always your choice as to who you train with, and you’re under no obligation to anyone, or anything, to have that decision made for you.

Other coaches and practitioners may also make similar claims in order to justify their chosen route, to make them feel more superior, or it may simply be a false belief of how they believe the industry works.

The truth is, any perceived authority within the coaching space is a marketing illusion. All training providers in the industry are at an equal level. In fact, you’re free to do whatever you like as a Coach; whether that is to work with one of these associations, with us, or even on your own, using your personal experience and God-given talents. It’s all down to you, completely above-board and 100% within the confines of the law.

The Familiar Associations

You may have heard of some of the more known players in the industry such as the IAPC&M, The ICF or the ANLP, however, these more established associations are still businesses with no superior governance than anybody else in the industry, including The Coaching Masters.

Here are some extracts of language used from each of the more familiar association’s websites:

  • “ANLP provides a self-regulatory framework for NLP Professionals” – ANLP
  • “As part of a self-regulating industry, ICF is committed to coaches providing consistent value to their clients” – ICF
  • “We are an independent organisation, run by coaches and mentors for the benefit of coaches.” – IAPC&M

As you can see, although seemingly official, these associations exist to set an independent, self-perceived standard of quality, and the use of language such as: self-regulatory framework, self-regulating industry & Independent organisation, show that with an understanding of the industry, this information is being displayed, although somewhat hard to spot to the naked eye.

Each organization has a completely different set of criteria and educational hierarchy, including the traditional titles you may have heard such as ‘NLP Master’ or ‘Trainers Trainer’ – these titles are merely strongly marketed products, but they are not levels of mandatory educational status. You don’t need to do the ANLP’s Trainer Trainer to call yourself an NLP Trainer and you don’t need to do the ICF’s coaching course to call yourself a Coach. These strongly marketed products only bring a premium price tag, and offer no real assurance of better quality or results.

Please feel free to do your own research on the topic and you will discover the same information for yourself.

Our Associated Governing Bodies

We understand the confidence and assurance external validation can bring to our students; therefore, we decided to step on both sides of the fence and seek accreditation from highly-respected governing bodies in the industry, to show that even by the current industry standards, our training is of the highest-quality.

This is an optional layer of validation that we have chosen to achieve, but we do not require these in order to qualify and accredit Coaches and NLP Practitioners. To put it simply: we don’t need them, but we got them anyway.

The Coaching Masters 12 Week Coaching Programme  is accredited to a Level 4 equivalent by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. In order to achieve this accredited status for both the training material and the trainers, we had to carry out a vigorous and compressive assessment to ensure the absolute highest-standards of the IAPC&M. You are welcome to contact the IAPC&M to confirm this status and learn more about their organisation at https://coach-accreditation.services/directories/find-an-accredited-training-course/entry/386/

The Coaching Masters NLP Practitioner Course and The Coaching Masters NLP Master Practitioner Course are officially accredited and recognized under the Complementary Medical Association. This is only awarded to training providers that can demonstrate an extremely high standard of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Please feel free to contact The CMA directly to confirm this using our CMA Membership Number: C202002200004 and learn more about their organisation at: https://www.the-cma.org.uk/

TCM updated L4 cert annual renewal to Apr 2023

The Coaching Masters, our Holistic Modalities Course, and its trainer, Dayana Carmona, are all officially accredited and recognized under the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), Accreditation Board for Holistic, Complementary, Alternative healers/Counsellors and Beauty Therapists & Training Providers.
This is only awarded to courses and training providers that meet the rigorous standards of the IPHM and demonstrate an extremely high standard of service.

Please feel free to contact The IPHM directly to confirm this using our IPHM registration references:
Dayana Carmona
Membership No: IPHMNC6251

The Coaching Masters Membership No: IPHMNC6253
You can learn more about their organisation at: https://www.iphm.co.uk/

Dayana IPHM Cert 2022

Our Trainers Qualifications

Lewis Raymond Taylor & Liam James Collins, the Founders of The Coaching Masters are our lead trainers and both have been awarded Accredited Senior Coach (ASC) status by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. This is again, a choice in order to demonstrate their abilities, rather than any legal obligation to do so.

Lewis acquired his transformative ability from years of extensive personal rehabilitation, psychotherapy, counselling and intensive and immersive learning within the industry from a variety of courses & personal coaching.

Liam was originally trained by Denise Collins, NLP Trainer, who has been in the industry for 20 years and taught by one of the co-creators of NLP, Richard Bandler himself. 

Lewis Taylor ASC annual renewal cert to Apr 2023
Liam Collins ASC annual renewal cert to Apr 2023

Our Director of Education

Cristina Campofreddo, our Director of Education, holds a Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential from The International Coaching Federation (ICF). Only 4% of all trainers worldwide are Master Certified, making her one of very few.

Cristina is an ICF Mentor Coach in the ICF Mentor Registry and an ICF Credentialing Assessor and a Coach Trainer. She is also a Former Board Member of the ICF South Africa Chapter and an Executive Manager in Training in the International Financial Sector.

In 2013, Cristina founded SunLight Academy and channelled in this project her 30+ years of experience in leadership training, consulting and mentoring in the global corporate world. She delivers high-quality coaching at master levels and accredited coaching education for clients who are ready to shape their lives and let their talents thrive. She’s also the founder of CoachingEra, Coaching & Training Atelier and co-founded EpiCoaching Academy, an International Training and Mentoring Academy.

MCC Cristina
MCC Badge

Our Awards in Coaching Excellence

The coaching masters is one of the fastest growing coaching academy’s in the world.

And because of that, paired with our exceptional products and services, we have gained vast recognition as one of the best coaching academy’s in the industry.

This is evidenced not only through multiple publications in such powerhouses such as Forbes and entrepreneur magazine, but also through our awards presented to us for excellence within the industry.

In 2021 we were extremely proud to receive the well respected, Corporate Vision ‘Best Online International Life Coaching Business’ award.
Giving testament to our overall vision of being the best coaching business in the world.

Aug22260 The Coaching Masters 2022 CV Education and Training Certificate 4 page 0001
Aug22260 The Coaching Masters 2022 Education Training Awards Logo page 0001

Association Assessment Criteria

Although not a legal requirement, the assessment criteria of the self-regulating governing bodies do allow us to demonstrate our Coaching Trainers are of the absolute highest standard in the industry. Below you will find the assessment criteria in order to qualify as a Senior Accredited Coach with the IAPC&M that our lead trainers, Lewis & Liam have both successfully completed.

  • Coach Specific Training Evidence: 120 Hours
  • Coaching Experience Evidence: 750 Hours
  • CPD Training: 30 Hours
  • Coach Specific Training Certificates
  • Client Testimonials
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Completed Capability Assessment
  • Professional Standards Interview
  • Coaching Supervision
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Live Capability interview: 40 Minutes
  • Live Coaching Session Skills Assessment: 40 Minutes

The IAPC&M capability assessment model is adapted from the ‘Oxford Brookes’ model for assessment of coaching. The inner-four circles represent the core of the capability assessment process. They are inter-connected as they rely on one-another for sustained development and growth as a coach, mentor or training provider. By focusing on these areas, they provide an extremely expansive assessment process to enable us to demonstrate true capability.

IAPCM Assessment Model

Your Legal Coaching Status

Liam James Collins, Lewis Raymond Taylor and The Coaching Masters organisation as its own entity, are all qualified to train, qualify, accredit and provide qualifications in every aspect of NLP & Coaching.

Any student who passes our courses is entitled to use the title of ‘Coach’, ‘NLP Practitioner’ & ‘NLP Master Practitioner’ – depending on what course you have taken with us.

Template NLPM
Pending ACC

Your Accredited Status

The Coaching Masters Accreditation Coaching Training Course is accredited by the IAPC&M to a Level 4 equivalent. Upon completion of this course, you can claim the title of an ‘Accredited Coach’. 

Whilst you’re not directly accredited by the IAPC&M, you will be accredited by The Coaching Masters, your qualification with us does make you eligible to be accredited directly with the IAPC&M too. This is not a necessary step in order to claim the accredited status, it’s more of an extra layer of validation should you wish to establish yourself directly with a governing body. 

Where or by whom you are accredited by isn’t important, it’s the skills you acquire and the Accredited Coach title that you can use to boost your confidence and authority that matters.

Accredited by TCM Accreditation

Our Trainers Experience

Liam has run his own successful offline NLP training academy, trained NLP at Amazon HQ, as well as featuring on MTV as a Performance Coach for various celebrities.

Lewis became fully-booked with 1:2:1 clients, a sold-out group-coaching programme and a thriving membership site and community in just 8 months of launching his coaching business.

Lewis and Liam both achieved a multiple-six-figure income in their coaching careers and have gone on to creating a 7-figure coaching empire, speaking on stage across the world, have been featured in Forbes, and listed in the top 10 coaches in the world helping people thriving during the global recession, by Yahoo Finance. These things, despite numerous qualifications, are not something many coaching trainers can lay claim to.

The Real-Life Transformation

Here at The Coaching Masters, we offer a blend of models and frameworks, as well as practical, real-life, experience. The majority of other governing bodies throughout the world train ‘textbook style’ teaching, which we are strongly against, as we believe that it’s time to break the pattern of regurgitated information and start bringing a new-age style of learning into the industry that people can have confidence in applying to their own lives.

We are passionate about providing high-quality training that we know actually works, that we believe to go over and beyond any industry-standard, qualification or accreditation.

Liam has added NLP into his daily life by using the tools to battle the after-effects of surviving a terror attack and losing his dad to suicide, and Lewis overcame three different mental health diagnosis, sexual abuse, trauma, addiction, and bereavement.

There are many coaching trainers and even academics that can teach information they have never practiced, but real-life experience of transformation is something that is much harder to come by.

Our Workshop Facilitators

Each course is accompanied by live, interactive workshops to watch demonstrations, ask questions, practice, watch other people coaching and get feedback on your coaching ability.

The workshops are run by workshop facilitators who are trained coaches, but do not require any advanced qualifications in order to support you during these sessions.

Getting Insured

Our Assessment Process

You must attend 90% of training & workshops, submit a recorded coaching session and complete a 1,000-word essay in order to graduate from our courses. We take this very seriously.

The majority of those who commit themselves to the process, pass – and those that do, take part in our live graduation ceremony to acknowledge the successful completion of all of our courses.

The Traditional Educational System

Something we speak heavily about in coaching is limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are not facts but merely strongly held opinions, enforced by either oneself, sometimes family or even societal conditioning. One of these limiting beliefs is that education must be followed traditionally and in accordance to governmental structure.

Although the coaching industry is completely unregulated, we also suggest you look at the education system as a whole. There are many other ways of accessing information other than the traditional pathways that have been presented to you. Even traditional education is focused on making profit, and of course creates the rules to benefit their profitability.

Ultimately, you’re in control of where you choose to invest and access information. Only accessing one form of education is extremely limited. There is an abundance of education available to you that may be far more useful, quicker to obtain, reap greater results, and also at a much more reasonable price-point too.

Skills Over Qualifications

Qualifications make us all feel more confident and act as a significant statement that we have the skills we claim to have. However, does a qualification actually prove your ability? Employers, clients and many other people are now starting to discredit qualifications – as they don’t necessarily represent true skill-sets. Demonstrating one’s ability is far more beneficial to anybody, and we can assure you that if you can transform someone’s life, you’ll have far more success as a coach, than you would with even a doctorate in coaching from Harvard University.

Quality Assurance

The way our business model is designed is to show you our ability first. The value within our membership, delivered via our online training platform is at a $9.99 price-point, and is designed to demonstrate our coaching abilities, rather than leaving it down to guesswork.

We offer foundation certifications as part of this $9.99 subscription and you can study at your own pace and get a feel for what we are all about. After learning from us, you can then ask yourself whether you value our work, and make an informed decision as to if you believe it to be worth the investment. We won’t try to persuade you, we’ll simply show you instead, and you can decide for yourself before investing into one of our live accredited courses.

Money Back Guarantee

We know from personal experience what works and we are so confident, that if you’re within the first 14 days, you’ve tried out the first week, and you don’t completely love it, we will send you 100% of your money back.

This is something most other providers will not offer. We are not in a position to imply why that might be, but we will let you decide for yourself.


Complaints are extremely rare, but when we do miss something, we want to hear about it, and it’s extremely important to us that you feel heard, and we do everything we can to rectify any issues. You can check out our full complaint’s procedure at www.thecoachingmasters.com/complaints

Our Results

Whereas a lot of the training providers in the industry exist to provide certificates, we are here to help people become coaches; it’s as simple as that.

Our training is designed to give you the ability and confidence you need to become a coach, and to ensure you have the business knowledge required to ensure you’re able to establish a career from it.

Our student success rate is 98%, most of all students acquire clients immediately on completion of our program, and many go on to making a significant impact in the industry.

Our results truly do speak for themselves. The money they make, the personal transformation they have, and the impact they have in the world, is a testament to the training we provide at The Coaching Masters.

Our Vision

The Coaching Masters has grown considerably over the last 12 months and we have found ourselves having more influence, credibility and a much higher standard of quality than most other associations in the industry. We have a membership, a directory, and our own standard, and we believe we are no different to them and that the validation we offer our members is something to be far prouder of than some of the existing companies that exist in the marketplace today.

In years to come, we hope to be the leading authority for the self-governance of coaching. Although, we will always empower our students to know that this will always be their choice to work with us.

Freedom of Choice

If you believe any other organization to be of a higher-quality, you’re welcome to explore opportunities with these providers, and we wish you all the best in finding the right training, quality and assurance that you desire.

If you’re wondering whether to go to the ICF to ANLP the IAPC&M the INN, TCM, or any other acronym for your certificate, the truth is, it doesn’t matter – what really matters is the value you receive, the skills you acquire, the confidence it gives you, and the results you get from the process.

If we can assist you in any way, please contact our support team at www.thecoachingmasters.com/contact

Coach Your Way to Freedom.

The Coaching Masters