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Read every word of this page if you want to turn your passion into profits


Combining the very best in proven marketing & sales strategies, formidable back-end systems, engaging & creative branding, powerful mindset coaching and motivating support networks – so you can turn your passion into profits!

This programme gives you all the training, coaching, tools and strategies needed to LAUNCH a successful online business in just 12 weeks!

This programme gives you all the training, coaching, tools and strategies needed to LAUNCH a successful online business. Some of the areas covered in this jam packed 12 week done-for-you programme are:








If you’re ready to launch your own successful online business, this programme combines the very best proven marketing & sales strategies; formidable backend systems; engaging & creative branding; powerful mindset coaching; motivating support networks – so that you can turn your passion into profits!

Are you a coach, consultant or personal brand looking to launch your business, but feel lost without a clear strategy?

Are you great at what you do, but don’t have the fully-booked business you know you deserve?
Do you wish you could show up fully online, attract a tribe, have a steady flow of clients, and create a thriving and profitable business?

Do you find it time consuming and overwhelming to tackle the technical aspects of the online world?

Do you wish you had someone to help you define everything you need, build it for you, and then show you how to use it all?

Would you like someone to show you some online shortcuts and let you focus on changing lives?

Would you like someone to show you some online shortcuts and let you focus on changing lives?

If the answer is ‘Yes!’ then you are going to love this 12-week Ultimate Online Business Launch Package from…

Watch This Video Now to Learn the Six-Step Blueprint to Developing a Powerful Brand and a Profitable Online Business in 12 weeks!


Some tasks you can manage quite comfortably, whereas others can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming.

One of those avoided and overwhelming tasks is often tackling the online world.

I mean social media, funnels, traffic, conversions, optimisation, leads, branding, sales…

Oh, did I mention that little taboo word?

SALES! Yes, no matter how hard you try to fight it, WE ALL HAVE TO SELL if we want our business to grow!

We also meet so many people that have thriving businesses offline, but nothing to show for themselves online.

Do you realise the potential you have with an online global marketplace full of people openly looking for solutions to the problem that YOU can solve?

Social media has the power to reach any client you want. It’s a thriving pool of pre-qualified prospects looking for what YOU have to offer. 

Here at The Social Masters we take great pride in connecting you with those people!

We also take care of the entire online infrastructure – removing all the stress, overwhelm and time you’re wasting trying to tackle the never-ending tangle of online technology.

Not only that, but we’ll also show you how to use the system, explain how each stage works, why it’s needed, and what you need to do to ensure the flow of leads never dries up.

We’ll tackle every single part of the sales cycle, as well as construct, coach and support you to nurture your cold leads all the way through to making them buying customers.

In all honesty, it’s easy once you know how.

Who Is This Programme For?

Coaches of any niche or background

Entrepreneurs of all levels

Personal brands with a great skill, but who don’t have a tribe of people taking advantage of it

Online business owners wanting to launch or scale up their business

Who Is This Programme NOT For?

People who are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and want to make money fast with minimal work

People who aren’t willing to learn and develop themselves

People who aren’t ready to take massive action

People who are not prepared to step out of their comfort zone

Before we go any further, we want you to know that we know how you feel because we are coaches too!

The Social Masters are a team of expert coaches/consultants that help fellow coaches, consultants and personal brands exactly like you to get fully booked, become authority figures and turn your passion into profits.

No, we are not one of those marketing companies that try to teach something they know nothing about.


Denis Brzozowski


Lewis Raymond TayloR ,

the co-founders of The Coaching Masters

Lewis here

I wanted to add something personal to this sales page, because I need to be completely honest with you…

If I am able to build not one, but two successful online coaching businesses, each making six figures a year with a team of coaches working under my brand, and a global online group-coaching community training platform in less than 18 months, then you can too…

“If I can then you can too” – I hear that line going around a lot in the online world when people have had a difficult start. Maybe they failed a school exam or lost their job. But when I say that I started my entrepreneurial journey with the odds stacked against me, I really mean it.

A few short years ago, I was sat in a jail cell wondering how I was going to cope with life outside prison without drugs or alcohol. It wasn’t my first time inside. My life had been chaotic from a young age. I had an ASBO at 14, was expelled from school at 15, and was in a young offenders’ institution by the age of 18.

I have had multiple spells in prison, battled with addiction, trauma, debt and mental health issues, and basically lived a life of limitations. After a sudden moment of clarity and with the support from a community of people, I created a constant source of motivation that drove me back to education, into college, university and then to travel the world, to get clean from drugs and alcohol, to beat mental illness, and head into the world of entrepreneurship and coaching!

I immersed myself into the online world and quickly found myself moving past some people who had been in the coaching industry for years (in some case decades).

I had a past of criminality, drugs, alcohol and violence and I was only in my mid-20s, but I was attracting clients to the point where I literally couldn’t keep up with the enquiries anymore.

Was it because I was a good coach? YES.

But was it JUST because I was a good coach? NO!

I was one of the few that took the time to master social media and use the power of the internet to accelerate my business growth and optimise my business processes.

I was moving quicker than 99% of people in the industry and others wanted to know how!

It was here that I created the Six-Step Blueprint that takes coaches and consultants from being unknown to being sought after in the industry!

I know it works, because I’ve done it myself. 

We’ll explain a little bit more about the blueprint in a minute and how YOU can use it to get instant results in your business. But I am not the only component that makes The Social Masters the ultimate online business coaching package, so I’ll let Denis introduce himself. 


Hi guys, Denis here.

I make sure that the logistics of your sales funnel, marketing elements and lead generation strategies are in place and working in the background.

Every funnel has to have every element working in the background at all times, from top to bottom.

Every piece of marketing has to have a call-to-action that takes the user to the next stage.

Every personal brand needs the correct visuals to appeal to their target audience and establish their authority.

I started my first business when I was just 19 while studying Digital Media at university.

It all started with 10 rejections from various internships and placements in my second year of uni. I really wanted to get some experience in a real company, working with like-minded people and contributing to a real project that wasn’t just made out of thin air for the purpose of a grade.

I wanted to go out into the real world.

Unfortunately those rejections meant that doing so would be a lot more difficult.

That was until I stumbled across a way that would allow me to get that experience – a self-employment placement, which was an individualised version of an industry placement that my university offered. I decided to look into it and was hooked within a few minutes.

After one meeting with an enterprise adviser I found myself putting together the paperwork to have a crack at my own business for the next 12 months.

I was sh**ting myself, quite frankly – but it was the best decision I’ve made in my life to date.

Within 12 months we had managed to acquire clients including the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association, the University of Portsmouth, Hampshire Constabulary, and many more!

I would not have been able to do any of it without the power of technology and digital marketing methods that were so cutting edge that my university lecturers didn’t know about them!

I did not expect that experimental year would go so well. And I did not expect the dilemma I was faced with at the end of it – either go back and finish my degree or carry on running the business. 

I chose the more complicated secret option number three.

I did both.

Not only that, I also started a second business (in the health and wellbeing space) and then a third, which is why you are reading this right now.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve learned my fair share about marketing, branding and rapid business growth. 

I work with businesses like the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association, The University of Portsmouth, Hampshire Constabulary, and many more start-ups and SMEs, which now benefit from the appropriate digital marketing tools they need to grow and reach more people.

I’m here not only to help you understand the puzzle but to actually put together the pieces to make YOU an authority figure online.

By the way, we only work with people who are READY TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and who genuinely have a great service to offer people! 

Coaches, consultants and personal brands that are ready to hit things from ALL ANGLES, create an impactful online business, and help hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the process.

So, if you’re NOT ready to go “all in” and have nothing of value to offer the world, we suggest you click off now.

For those of you that are ready to build an online business, we’d like to share with you the Six-Step Blueprint of The Social Masters – Ultimate Online Business Launch Package:








This is it! All you need to be a master on social media in six stages. If you nail every part of this process…


No talent. No extra resources. 

You simply need to follow this process, step by step, and you will be amazed at the results! 


We will teach you every part of this Six-Step Blueprint in a moment, but first let us explain a little about what you get in our signature 12-week Ultimate Online Business Launch Package!

During your 12 weeks with The Social Masters you will have your very own team of experts helping you EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way…

From idea to execution. 

From passion to profit.

And if you’re a coach, consultant or personal brand that has been through some difficult times in your life and are now ready to use it to help others, then we will also help you turn your adversity into an asset! 

Here’s the breakdown of this life-changing programme. 


During the 12 weeks Lewis will work closely with you to brainstorm, plan and create a business model that’s best fit for you, and then hold you accountable to take action and generate sales in your business.

I mean, what is the point in having a fancy online business if you don’t know who, how or what to sell from it?

The training is focused around the fundamental sales and marketing strategies to creating a successful online business.

Understanding you, your vision and the opportunities

Getting clear on your ideal target market

Positioning yourself as a respected authority in your niche

How to create a programme

How to decide what to charge for your coaching

What products to create (membership site, online course, 1-2-1 programmes, group coaching, masterminds, intensives, retreats, etc)

How to share your story and build an audience

Content creation coaching 

Outbound prospecting and sales strategy (how to create leads and close sales).


SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH – Instagram, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn (tips, tricks and strategies to increase your following on a constant basis).

BIOGRAPHY DESIGN – We will create a crystal-clear, one sentence elevator pitch that will be embedded across all your social media profiles. 

SOCIAL MEDIA PREFERENCE – Get clear on which platforms to use, at what times and how often. 

CONTENT – How to create compelling content, construct headlines and call-to-actions. 

ENGAGING – Where to find new leads, opportunities and communities of people, and then how to interact and get them into your funnel. 

AUTOMATION – How to use software to generate leads and opportunities automatically.



Completely custom-made website according to your specific objectives and branding.

Bespoke branded images across all pages (no generic stock images).

Funnel integrations set up and very clearly displayed for maximum prospect captures and conversions.

Unlimited pages (although we will be reducing it down to keep the prospect journey as tight as possible).

Scalable (customisable for future requirements of the business).

Social media integrations for blogs and social sharing.

Mobile optimised.

SEO optimised.

Domain & hosting for six months


EMAIL SEQUENCE & OPT-IN SETUP – Autoresponders and automation.

MESSENGER BOT SETUP – Messenger sequence, introductory messages and linked to main funnel. 

EBOOK SALES PAGE – Linked to the rest of the funnel.

FREE FACEBOOK GROUP COMMUNITY – Linked to the rest of the funnel.

DISCOVERY SALES PAGE – Linked to the rest of the funnel.



PERSONAL BRAND AUDIT – Mood board and brainstorm diagrams.

BRAND PILLARS – Brand messaging, brand vision, brand values, brand goals.

CUSTOM WEBSITE BANNERS – Consistent, branded banners and headers across website.

EBOOK DESIGN – Linked through to relevant call-to-actions and next stages of funnel.

EBOOK SALES PAGE – Fully designed with custom images and branding.

DISCOVERY SALES PAGE – Fully designed with custom images and branding.

LOGO DESIGN – New logo to reflect updated brand identity.

SOCIAL MEDIA COVERS – All social media platforms to reflect new brand identity.

PERSONAL BRANDED GRAPHICS – 10 social media graphics for use on social media and Facebook Ads (quotes and engaging snippets of information).



Calendar scheduling – Linked to personal calendars, phone and laptop.

Payment gateway – Linked to Stripe and preferred bank account.

Invoicing software – Linked to Wave and bank account.


Both Denis and Lewis will work closely with you during these 12 weeks. You’ll have access to their personal contact details to ensure there is a constant flow of communication between your sessions. 


Lewis will also use powerful coaching questions to get you in the best possible place to execute this project quickly and effectively. Showing up online and targeting people for sales can often be an unexpectedly challenging process. Although this will not be a service we focus on, we plan to support you in every way possible, including mindset if needed, to ensure you get the best possible results from this programme. 


Two-hour kick-off session with all of us to get clarity around the scope of the project (Lewis Raymond Taylor, Business + Mindset Coach and Denis Brzozowski, Creative Designer)

12 weeks coaching – Weekly, 45-minute sessions (Lewis Raymond Taylor, Business + Mindset Coach)

Six weeks coaching – Weekly, 45-minute sessions flexible depending on status of project (Denis Brzozowski, Creative Designer)

During these sessions we will coach, consult and discuss the development of the project. We will be working hard behind the scenes to bring this project together and also ensure that you have the relevant guidance to be setting and achieving specific goals in between our sessions. 


This will be a results driven project. We want to see you succeed so we require a commitment on your part to throw yourself into this project, show up online as much as you can, and hit this from all angles over the next 12 weeks (with our guidance of course). We can then work on automating things and reducing time expenditure later down the line. However, rest assured that you’ll be clear on what steps you need to take, when and how. 

And the tech stuff?

Leave that to us. We’ve got it covered. 


“This sounds expensive,” we can hear you thinking. But actually, it’s extremely affordable. We have three, six, nine and 12-month payment plans available.
We typically see a return on investment for our clients within the first 12 weeks. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s more than possible.
The average UK price for coaching is just under £100 per hour. We encourage all out clients to charge in slots of 12 weeks. This means that if you get one client a month, you’ll already be turning a massive profit!
And this is a digital asset and fully-fledged online business from which you will continue to reap the rewards for three, five or maybe even ten years. Once you’ve laid the foundations, it’s done and you can focus on doing what you do best…
Changing lives and helping people!

Money-back guarantee

Yes! Guaranteed results.

We know from personal experience what works.
The insider secrets of the Six-Step Blueprint changed our lives.
We’re so confident…
Up to 30 days after enrolling into our programme, if you’re not entirely satisfied…
…then you can have 100% of your money back.
But that won’t happen, because you’re going to hit the ground running!

Six-Step Blueprint

Right, we will stop teasing you now and instead tell you how to learn our Six-Step Blueprint for online business success. 

We mentioned these six steps earlier, remember? 







As we said, if you can nail these steps, with or without help, you will be a MASSIVE ONLINE SUCCESS! 

You will be an authority figure who people want to work with. 

You will have a constant flow of pre-qualified leads signing up to your programme. 

You will have extra exposure that will bring in other opportunities, such as speaking and training. 

You will have built a large, targeted list of customer information to market your products and services. 

You will have an audience of fans wanting to interact with you and work with you.

You will have an online business that can be operated whenever and wherever you want…

Really! Lewis is living in Bali right now. 

So how can you learn this Six-Step Blueprint? 

Well, we’ll give you a little taster RIGHT NOW! 

And after, we will train you on the entire process from start to finish FOR FREE! 

Yes, for free! 

Let us be completely transparent with you…

Our strategy is to blow you away with a free 1-2-1 online training session on how you can catapult yourself into online success instantly

Once we’ve demonstrated the value we have to offer and you understand how it works, you will very likely want to work with us on this programme. 

Our clients are seeing a return on investment in two months. 

AND then they have their own full-time online business. 

It’s a no-brainer! 

As promised, let’s give you a little taster of the Six-Step Blueprint to developing a powerful brand and a profitable online business in 12 weeks.


To stand out in the market, you need to be very clear about who you are, what you do, how you help people, what problem you solve and what desire you meet for the client. Marketing is essentially supplying customer wants and needs – we need to find out how you fit in the market and position this EVERYWHERE! 


You will not build a six or seven-figure business if you are hiding! Now we’ve got your position right, we need you to be EVERYWHERE. We want as many eyeballs on you as possible, so there is a better chance of your ideal customer seeing you and buying from you! 


For people to want to invest in you, you need to play your game seriously. Customers will need to position you as an authority figure and of elevated status. We use authority strategies and positioning to establish you as an authority in your niche. We ensure people EVERYWHERE know you as the person to go to when they need your service! 


We now need to bring people into your space and warm them up to the value you have to offer. Sharing your story, writing valuable content and building a relationship with prospects that know, like and trust you will allow you to build a tribe of people who want to work with you. There will be prospects EVERYWHERE that know the value you have to offer and want to work with you!  


Business isn’t just going to fall on your lap. Once we have built a warm audience of people that want to work with you, we add an online sales strategy to reach out to the people in your audience, meet them half-way and turn prospective clients into high-ticket paying customers!


Here’s the clever bit. I won’t confuse you with the details now (we can do that on the 1-2-1 complimentary training session) but we basically guide customers through this entire six-step process, automatically! Yup, we use technology to assist with everything. Using free products to hook in the customers, we re-target them with all sorts of clever digital marketing strategies to navigate them from being cold leads all the way to buying customers – with you doing NOTHING! 

You will be able to focus doing what you do best…


The rest? Let technology take care of it for you.

This 1-2-1 training session is carried out online via Skype or Zoom by Lewis Raymond Taylor.

Lewis is a business & mindset coach, and co-founder of The Social Masters.

For no charge, he will open your eyes to this six-step process so you can follow in his footsteps.

From a drug addict and alcoholic prisoner to a world-travelling entrepreneur with two six-figure coaching businesses in 18 months…

It’s fair to say you might want to hear what he has to say.

Our guess?
You may want to hear more after that too!

There is only one way to find out?

If you’re ready to turn your passion into profits, become an authority figure and develop a fully-booked online business… 

TAKE ACTION and share the value you have to offer with the world! 

Lewis & Denis