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Starting your own coaching business can be overwhelming. Should you try FB ads? Organic social media? LinkedIn? What do you do in your discovery session?…

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9 Steps To Building Credibility... Relating To Your Audience... And Attracting The Right Type Of Coaching Clients

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Lewis Raymond Taylor went from battling substance misuse, trauma, mental illness, addiction, multiple prison sentences and numerous near-death experiences to becoming a teetotal international Business & Mindset Coach, and serial online entrepreneur – with six online multiple-six figure businesses, and a constant source of motivation! Building a six-figure coaching business in under eight months, a global group-coaching membership community, and having so many clients he had to outsource to his own team of Coaches, Lewis Founded The Coaching Masters, to help other coaches achieve the same results, in half the time, and with half the stress!

how to find your coaching niche without restricting yourself or making the wrong decision!

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