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Want To Become A Life Coach?

Never Worry About Money Again & Start Your Own Online Business! [Even If You Have No Knowledge, Confidence or Experience!]

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Want To Get Coaching Clients?

Stop Worrying About Where Your Next Client is Coming From By Becoming Fully-Booked With Online Coaching Clients [Even If You’re Not Techy & Have No Following!]

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Jenny Hardman


I have been a coach for a few years although every good coach understands the need for a coach. Someone to have your back, be in your corner when you need them and help to guide you along the way.

I came across TCM quite by accident although I am super glad that I did. I feel like I have found my tribe. Really authentic and good people, all supporting each other to be great! I have made some good friends, learnt a lot and actually been held accountable for my plans. Since joining TCM I have really focused my energies and my business has taken a turn in the right direction. On-boarding new clients, at the right price and delivering great value! I can’t wait for the Fire Up event!

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the coaching master’s membership is an online training platform with absolutely everything you need to start And Grow your online coaching business!

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What Makes Us Coaching Masters?

Here at The Coaching Masters, we pride ourselves on using a blend of real-life personal experience, extensive academic study, and prestigious associations to highly-respected governing bodies in the industry.

Some of our trainers come from backgrounds of mental health, addiction, bereavement and trauma, but are also Senior Accredited Coaches, BSc Psychologists, MSc Coaches, Hypnotherapists & NLP trainers.

Our coaching training is accredited to a Level 4 standard by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring; and our Neuro Linguistic Programming training is officially registered by The Complimentary Medical Association.

Basically, we’ve been there and done it. We know our stuff – and we have the fancy bits to prove it too.

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The Coaching Mastery Facebook group is a community of like-minded people who all share the same vision: to create freedom by building an online coaching business.

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Lenka Kudjakova

Self Belief Coach

I truly believe that everyone who is attracted to this community is because you are meant to be part of it.. What I really love about TCM is the connections and support you 100% receive from EVERYBODY. Because we all want to be our best versions of ourselves tat’s why many members call it a family including myself. TCM truly made me believe I can be and do whatever the hell I want to if you are looking to ditch your old self and remerge as a new version of you are in right hands ❤️