Here’s How The Coaching Masters Changed Lives…


Charlotte Mather, 39 from England, swapped her 6-figure corporate job as a Sales Executive for her own life coaching business focusing on helping business owners overcome the fear of success via 1:2:1 sessions. It took charlotte 6 months to replace her full-time income and work full-time online, where she now earns double what she did in employment.
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Photographer & Videographer

Samantha Katz, 35, from Argentina, was a freelance photographer before learning to offer online courses and now helps other photographers set up their freelance business. She has done three course launches over the last 9 months and returned $65,000 in revenue.


Imogen Joyce, 29, from England, worked as a dancer before losing her job during the pandemic. She retrained as a life coach and now helps women with inner transformation on 1:2:1 sessions and offers an online course. She is also about to publish her book.
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7-figure course creator

Chris Biasutti, 36 from Canada, after sailing the world started coaching aspiring sailors to build their confidence to sail the world too. Chris focused on selling information via an online course where he made $20,000 on his first launch and then made a staggering $240,000 on his second launch 6 months later. Chris is now projected to earn a 7-figure income this year.


Business Coach
Christina Davis, 31 from New York, who previously worked in medical sales, started earning $5,000 per month within just 3 months and relocated to Bali where she works remotely coaching people on the minded needed to become a digital nomad.
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Fulfilment & Business Coach
Monika Kozlowska, 32, from Poland, swapped her Marketing Manager role in the city to become a fulfilment coach who helps professional women live more fulfilling lives. Monica also used the power of coaching to battle cancer and recently secured a mortgage on a £500,000 house using the income she generated from her coaching business


Manifestation Coach

Shari Angelina, 29 from Germany, left her successful job in the fashion industry working for Prada to earn an impressive $20,000 per month, delivering 1:2:1 coaching sessions and courses helping women change their lives with mindset and manifestation
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