Our mission is to provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools to create freedom for themselves and others

ThE Coaching Masters is disrupting the coaching industry by making coaching as fashionable as having a personal trainer!

4000 Members

1,400 Coaches Qualified

85 Countries Served

$250m Earned for Our Clients

264 Job Quitters

International Events

Global Co-Working Spaces

Who are The coaching masters

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What Happens At Our International Events

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But What Actually Is The Coaching Masters?

The coaching masters is an interactive online training platform and community for coaches and aspiring coaches!

We have a range of products, from a thriving online family, a membership, a card-deck, international events and world-famous coaching qualifications, accreditations and courses!


Our Membership?

The Coaching Masters membership has been described as ‘The Netflix Of Coaching’

It holds EVERYTHING any aspiring coach could wish for

Including Coaching, Business & NLP foundation level coaching courses

And hundreds of hours of training material included covering topics such as:

Coaching, Social Media, Business, Mindset and Lifestyle

Provided by some of the best coaches, trainers and business experts in the world!

… And The Courses! Wow!

We provide world-class, LIVE and interactive Level 4 coaching courses, NLP Practitioner courses, Master Practitioner courses and even an Ultimate Launch Business programme to launch your coaching business with guaranteed HUGE success!


We believe that only providing training is not enough

What is needed by many aspiring coaches is SUPPORT

So, it’s only right that we provide that too!

Our coaches cover all corners of the globe and come together online to
motivate, support and inspire each other to create freedom in every area of their lives

By joining our membership you won’t just be walking blindly into the unknown

You will be joining a whole community who will welcome you with open arms

And this isn’t just any community, The Coaching Masters Community is VERY special

So special that some members have flown across the world to meet each other,
a few have found relationships
and some even have their very own TCM tattoos!

The Coaching Masters community is unlike any other and is more like an online family

Full of support, compassion and motivation to gain the freedom you seek through coaching

The Coaching masters create coaches who go out & do good in the world

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Is The Coaching Masters For You?

Would you love to explore what the wonderful world of coaching has to offer?

Do you desperately seek freedom in every part of your life?

Do you wish you could escape the boring 9-5 job?

Would you like to live a freedom-based lifestyle?

Do you want to make a positive impact on the world?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then The Coaching Masters is for you!

Who Is A Coaching Master?

A Coaching Master is an online life coach with their own online coaching business

They are able to open up their laptops from anywhere in the world and deliver powerful coaching conversations for their clients, online, via video sessions.

A Coaching Master is a new-age breed of Coach… Younger, sharper, more powerful and more impactful!

A Coaching Master makes an impact in the world.

A Coaching Master seeks freedom in all areas of their life.

A Coaching Master lives fully and unapologetically.

A Coaching Masters Has…

If you ask people in 9-5 jobs, they’ll tell you that what The Coaching Masters are doing is impossible…

Yet, we are living proof that freedom, fun, and fulfilment is real, and we live by example every single day.

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This Could Be You!

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This Could Be You!

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The Coaching Masters are disrupting the coaching industry by making coaching as fashionable as having a personal trainer and are on a mission to provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools, to create freedom for themselves and others.

Every single person that has created freedom from a powerful experience with a Coaching Master is compelled to pass that on to others, creating a ripple effect in the world, and making it a better, and more freedom-based place.

The Coaching Masters first helped people by creating transformations in others’ lives, and also by creating an army of coaches who do good in the world; however, the leaders of The Coaching Masters are using their time and financial freedom to help even more people create freedom outside of the coaching arena.

The Co-Founders regularly say they are going to change the world, and they really mean it, they are passionate about giving back, by donating to charities, educating schools and traveling the world to help local communities and villages.

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The Coaching Masters will take coaching mainstream and motivate and inspire millions across the world. With the platform and financial resources we will have created, the ultimate goal is to contribute towards finding solutions for major world problems such as suicide and supporting areas of the world that don’t have access to the right education to create freedom for themselves.


Want To Learn More? Join Our Membership!

The All-Inclusive ‘Netflix Of Coaching’ With ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING You Could Ever Need To Start & Grow Your Online Coaching Business!

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