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Here, you’ll find key information about The Coaching Masters — who we are, our mission, values, and ethical standards. Learn about our core competencies, the trainers and their qualifications as endorsed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Explore the tabs to discover more about our commitment to coaching excellence and what it means to “Coach Your Way to Freedom”.

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Who Are
The Coaching Masters?

Who Are The Coaching Masters?

We Are The Fastest-growing Online Coaching Community In The World!

At The Coaching Masters, we don’t just help people become the best versions of themselves; we change the trajectory of their lives forever by fostering an environment and providing training that creates greater confidence, greater financial security, location independence, and most importantly, we allow them to feel good as they sleep a night, knowing they’re making the world a better place by helping other people through simple yet powerful, coaching techniques and methodologies.

If you’d like to learn how we can help you, then why not check out this video here to find out more with our 15-minute no-cost masterclass that shows how we’ve helped 8,000 people with no experience and no confidence swap their mundane 9-5 for a rewarding and fulfilling career in life coaching!

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Is The Coaching Masters
For You?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then The Coaching Masters is for you!


Who Is A
Coaching Master?


A Coaching Masters Has…

If you ask people in 9-5 jobs, they’ll tell you that what The Coaching Masters are doing is impossible…

Yet, we are living proof that freedom, fun, and fulfilment are real, and we live by example every single day.

Blended Learning

We have a desktop and mobile application that allows you to go from a brand-new coach to the go-to expert in your field. We hit it from all angles and ensure you have everything you need to thrive without the overwhelm.

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Social Networking

Social Media platform with a directory, news feed, messenger function & positive algorithm with no censoring or shadow banning. Creating Unity

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Subscription e-learning self-study video training with additional Accredited live & interactive online workshop-facilitated training experiences with optional bonus virtual reality modules.Ensuring Quality

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Co-working & Events

Global co-working spaces, events, & meet ups across the world, with our first location in Bali, Indonesia moving into the UK, Mexico & Thailand.
Fostering Community

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Coaching Marketplace

The newer and safer way to exchange education services. Find your perfect coach, teacher or therapist or find your perfect clients without stress.
Providing Security

The Real-Life Transformation

The Coaching Masters has taken everything that works well in the industry and turbocharged it. Fresh approaches, the latest tech, great value, supportive training, and actionable materials – all geared up for convenience around our members’ busy lives. We are passionate about providing high-quality training that we know actually works.



We go above and beyond any industry-standard qualification or accreditation because we want people to live their best life in a career in life coaching. We have already achieved this for thousands of people. Why do we do this? Maybe it’s because we push for 110% in everything we do, or maybe it’s because our team have all experienced life journeys that have taught us how to overcome some of our life’s most difficult challenges and use them to not only help ourselves but help others.

Here at The Coaching Masters, we offer a blend of models and frameworks, as well as practical, real-life, experience. The majority of other governing bodies throughout the world train ‘textbook style’ teaching, which we are strongly against, as we believe that it is time to break the pattern of regurgitated information and start bringing a new-age style of learning into the industry that people can have confidence in applying to their own lives.

Liam has added NLP into his daily life by using the tools to battle the after-effects of surviving a terror attack and losing his dad to suicide, and Lewis overcame three different mental health diagnosis, sexual abuse, trauma, addiction, and bereavement. There are many coaching trainers and even academics that can teach information they have never practiced, but real-life experience of transformation is something that is much harder to come by.

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VR Coaching – Our Pioneering New Realm Of Coaching

No other Coaching academy is offering this! The Coaching Masters’ Virtual Reality (VR) coaching leverages the latest technology to create engaging, empowering and immersive coaching environments. VR users interact directly with simulated coaching sessions which have all the benefits of an ‘in-person’ coaching session, but with the convenience of being able to connect from anywhere in the world. With VR our life coaches and trainers create personalised and engaging sessions for our clients, providing them with a highly effective and memorable learning experience. VR technology is also used to help clients overcome fears and phobias, develop communication and leadership skills, improve confidence and self-esteem, and enhance their overall well-being, in a safe and convenient environment. With the rapid advancement of VR technology, the possibilities for its use in the field of life coaching are endless and crucially The Coaching Masters are the first coaching business to offer this!

Meet Our Founders

Lewis Rescale

Lewis Raymond Taylor

Lewis turned his life around in 2015 after suffering from mental illness, substance misuse, sexual abuse, grief, and trauma. As a Co-Founder, Trainer, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Lewis has become an accredited coaching trainer, an international speaker who has traveled the world, a TEDx speaker, and has been featured in Forbes & Entrepreneur magazine. He’s also listed in the top ten coaches globally by Yahoo Finance.

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Liam James Collins​

Liam, a Co-Founder, Trainer, ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer, and Senior Accredited Coach at IAPCM. From acting alongside icons like Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, and Benedict Cumberbatch in 2016, he shifted to a three-year role as a postman. Amidst personal turmoil, including the London terror attacks and the loss of his father to suicide in 2018, Liam turned to coaching, emerging as an NLP Trainer, Coach to Celebrities, MTV TV Coach, and a Peak Performance Coach for Amazon HQ.

Meet The Trainers

Meet The Team

Every person in The Coaching Masters team is an essential component that allows us to help others create freedom. From the innovative minds in our Technology Department to the customer-centric approach of Operations and Customer Service, the creativity of our Marketing and Creative teams, the financial acumen of Finance, the revenue-driving force of Sales, and the knowledge-sharing dedication of our Trainers, we operate as a harmonious unit. Together, our diverse team collaborate seamlessly to create a well-rounded and efficient team that powers The Coaching Masters success.

The coaching masters have a passionate team of 80+ people from many cultures and diverse backgrounds.

Our Core Values

We believe in the power of coaching, and it means something to us to share it with the world

We turn heads in our industry because we do things our way, not the way it’s always been

Continuous growth is what feels comfortable for us both personally and professionally

We emotionally connect with our customers by expressing our true personalities

We always look for the latest advances in technology to improve the experience for our customers

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I got my second high ticket client! And I will start with her this week! I’m so excited about it! This all happened while I was in Greece for 2 months during the winter – working on my coaching biz! This feeling when a dream slowly becomes reality… So excited… So proud…I couldn’t have done it without the support of people from this outstanding community! Thank you all!

Lisa Grum

Mindset & Business Coach

Tsamara Fahrana Putrityas 1

I’m a bit shaking as I write this and with a heart full of gratitude. I just got my FIRST paying client for $1497 with a 12-week program without even offering. It blows my mind and heart. I overcame my own limiting beliefs with strong results! If you doubt yourself now, I felt that too! Thank you so much The Coaching Masters family for all your support and encouragement! Let’s coach our way to freedom!

Tsamara Fahrana Putrityas

Human Design Coach

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So in 4 months I have managed to sign enough clients to pay back my investment into coaching and the additional programmes I have also brought from The Coaching Masters and others. My focus is to now level up to cover my income that I have lost by stepping away from working in an industry for 20 years. I am doing that now .. With my accounting voice on I HAVE MY ROI NOW!!

Kirsty Birch

Mindset and Business Coach

Woman, 68, Explains How She Boosts Income By $129,000 And Became Mortgage free

She praised the work done by The Coaching Masters in helping her reach her career dreams, an online life coaching academy and training platform for aspiring coaches founded by Lewis Raymond Taylor.
Through The Coaching Masters I have learned so much about personal development and business growth.

I have now done numerous courses with The Coaching Masters including Coaching  Accreditation, NLP Masters, Holistic
Modalities and Ultimate Launch.

-Jill McGowan

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Woman, 68, Explains How She Boosts Income By $129,000 And Became Mortgage free

She praised the work done by The Coaching Masters in helping her reach her career dreams, an online life coaching academy and training platform for aspiring coaches founded by Lewis Raymond Taylor.

Through The Coaching Masters I have learned so much about personal development and business growth.

I have now done numerous courses with The Coaching Masters including  Coaching Accreditation, NLP Masters, Holistic Modalities and Ultimate Launch.


Don’t Feel Ready or Unsure Whether Becoming a Coach is for You?

Discover in this 15 minute free masterclass how we’ve helped 8,000 people with no experience and no confidence, swap their mundane 9-5 for a rewarding and fulfilling career in life coaching!

Our Mission

To provide fun, engaging and interactive training that will enhance the effectiveness of coaches across the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools to create freedom for themselves and others.

What Makes Us Different

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Although we abide by the ICF and ABNLP our training is very unique and you will not find something similar across any coach training you look for online. Our training is: fun, fresh, stimulating and engaging. We do not want to be like every other coach training you see out there that stays within the lines of what has already been done. We do not want to train our members in the same old boring and traditional ways. That kind of system is what makes learning become stagnant and stale.

 We want our content to continuously be adapting and changing as we do! We use multiple modalities to improve members engagement so that they can use different senses and skills within their training. The coaching companies that do not want to adapt and change are going to get left behind because we are disrupting the coaching industry. Our members are successful because they, like us, are not afraid to do things differently.

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Our programs are also technologically innovative. We are one of the most technologically advanced coaching companies in the world. We put coaching online before it was even an option to put coaching online. This means that you can be trained from anywhere in the world. We always use the latest and best technology to maximize our members’ experience. We have our very own app, that can be used to connect with other coaches and will soon be the tool that has been missing in the coaching industry. We are creating the link that partners coaches with clients. If that is not incredible enough we are going to be taking coaching from online to virtual reality. This means members will be learning their training in a multi-dimensional place. We are constantly using technological advances to improve the experience for our members and give them an experience that they will always remember.

You have not met a more positive and uplifting community until you have met our community. Time and time again when members are asked what one of their favourite parts is about their membership we get told it’s the community. You will not be alone in your journey anymore and you will have immense amounts of support. Our members create friends for life and finally gain the like-minded connections that had been missing in their own lives for so long. You will really feel like you belong here.

TCM is truly the total solution for your coaching needs and it brings everything together under one roof. We get you accredited, teach you how to launch your business, help you uplevel with neuro linguistic programming, or dive into your spiritual side with holistic modalities, we also give you the tools to create your own course so you can create a passive income and help even more people. Not only that but with our new app you will no longer be worried about getting clients because you will have easy access to clients that are looking to be coached. We want your coaching journey to be as easy and straightforward as it can be so that you can spend less time trying to figure out everything on your own and spend more time actually coaching clients.



Get Your Coaching Certification

Total Training Hours:  6 hrs & 30 mins