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ATTENTION: If you’re a coach who’s stressed and overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do to get paying clients… then pay close attention to what this page says. We will introduce you to the exact step by step formula you need to follow in order to fully-automate & grow your online coaching business.

“The Only Coaching Business Program Made EXCLUSIVELY To Show You How To Make At Least $5,000 Per Month In Just 6 Months with your online coaching business”



The coaches you’ll see on this page were struggling just like you

They couldn’t get consistent leads and they didn’t have any clients…

They were convinced they didn’t have what it took to run an online coaching business… the “laptop lifestyle” that they desired so badly seemed like an impossible dream.

They couldn’t spend one night without staring at the ceiling thinking of all the problems they had. With no solution in sight.

Every day was a struggle. Stress was a huge part of their lives.
Some of them even thought about quitting everything and getting a “real job”…

They were sick and tired of all the stress, worrying and uncertainty
Tired of wasting money on marketing courses and how to sell without selling (whatever that means).

Scared that their message will never reach anybody!

Today… is a completely different story.

They finally have the peace of mind they’ve always looked for and worked so hard to get.

They are no longer worrying about where the next client will come from because they have the knowledge and skillset to create a consistent and predictable stream of paying clients.

They spend more time fulfilling their purpose… only working on the things that matter in their business… and they finally get to enjoy the freedom that comes with a very successful online coaching business.

They get to help and change hundreds and even thousands of lives… giving real meaning to the word “coach”.

So… What changed?

Stick with me, read every single word on this page, and you’ll see the ONE thing these coaches did to finally launch the successful coaching business they always deserved.

Can’t believe I am officially a coaching master and launching my coaching business on 29th March 2020! I’m sooo excited and absolutely love the support and continued love in this community! Best coaching business to join with and complete the accreditation!

Sending lots of love and success to you all 💖 Let’s make our journeys the best they can possibly be 🏆

Debbie-Louise Chambers

Belief Coach

STOP wasting money on marketing tactics and tricks (with nothing to show for it)!

Look, I know building an online business is difficult…

It’s very frustrating sometimes.

You sit behind a computer every day, thinking “how am I going to get my next paying client?”

“What can I do to fill up my calendar with calls?”

“Should I try building my audience organically or try FB ads?

Should I build an email list…?”

I’ve been there. My clients have been there. And wanna know a little secret?

The system is designed to keep you where you are.

Why do you think there’s always a new and improved marketing gimmick that will solve all your problems for you? Without you having to do any work?

Because they know if they say the right words and offer just the right thing, you’ll buy their “wonderful” system.

And then you realise, it’s harder than it seems.

It does take work.

Or worse, it won’t work for your situation at all.

Now, there’s a reason why all these previous courses and paid groups didn’t work for you…

The reason why 97% of coaches who get these programs fail.

I’m going to give you that reason in just a minute, but first I want to give you something…

I want you to get some value from this page, so even if you don’t sign up for what I’m offering, your coaching business will still improve.

I want to share the 6 A’s to a successful online coaching business…

THIS is our 6 Step Formula that is 100% proven to grow your coaching business and have your inbox flooded with paying clients wanting to get on a call with you.

THIS is the difference between a profitable online coaching business and one that makes absolutely no money.

THIS is a simple structure that you can follow which avoids all of the traps, pitfalls and mistakes that un-profitable coaches make.

So pay very close attention:

kenya halliburton


“Momentous & powerful…” Working with Lewis has been a momentous and powerful experience. I walked away from each session with a clear (easy to implement) strategy that made my life and business better. Before working with Lewis, feeling stuck in my head and was struggling with my sales strategy and figuring out a schedule that was more manageable with my demanding life.

He gave me a simple (yet powerful) strategy that helped me increase my confidence in booking discovery sessions with potential clients using social media. Plus, he helped me simplify my weekly schedule so now I’m 100x’s more productive and less stressed. Because of Lewis’s guidance, I feel confident I am capable of building a high earning business without sacrificing what matters most to me.

If you’re feeling stuck in the muck like I was, I highly recommend working with Lewis. He will give you just the jolt you need to kick your life and business into high gear!

6 A’s To A Successful Online Coaching Business


To stand out in the online coaching space (which is growing by the minute), you need to be very clear about who you are…

… what you do…

… how you can help others…

… what problems you solve and what desire you meet for the client…

You’ll also want to be crystal clear on what clients you are looking for. The ones you actually want to work with.

(Trust me, you want to put some thought into this. You don’t want to wake up 3 years from now and realise you hate your clients).

You see, marketing is essentially a game of supply and demand. So you need to find out exactly how you fit in the market and position that clearly and accurately.


You will not build a six or seven-figure business if you are hiding.

Now that you’ve got your positioning right… and you know the one thing only YOU can give your audience…

… then the next step is for you to be everywhere.

You want as many eyeballs on you as possible. This way there’s a better chance of your ideal client seeing you and wanting to work with you.


When you want clients to invest in you, you need to play your game seriously.

In other words, your clients need to see you as an authority figure… as someone of elevated status.

You need to use authority strategies and positioning to establish yourself as the go-to coach. You want them to instantly connect you in their minds to your niche or what you do.

So whenever they think, “man, I really need to step up my confidence and self-esteem,” they think of you.


You need to actively bring people into your space and warm them up to the value of what you have to offer.

What does that mean? Simple…

If they can’t see the value in what you’re giving them, then why should they be excited about working with you?

You need to get clear on how to express the full value of your offers… and make the price seem like a drop in the ocean compared to all they’re getting.

When you share your story… write valuable content… and build a relationship with prospects who know, like and trust you… then you will build a tribe of perfect prospects who want to work with you.


The trick here is, once you’ve built a warm audience of people that want to work with you, you add an online sales strategy to reach out to them.

Meet them half-way and turn prospective clients into high-ticket paying customers.

If you expect them to do all the work of messaging you… thinking of what to say or what questions to ask… you’ll be left waiting.

Because, even though they want what you’re offering and they now trust you, there might be something holding them back from taking the next step.

It’s your job to close that gap and invite them to join you in some powerful coaching!


There’s no need for you to do ALL the work when technology can do it for you.

From creating products and funnels to knowing which prospects to follow up on… you need to automate your business as much as you can.

I mean, there’s no point in building a thriving 6-figure business if you’re stuck to the computer 18 hours a day.

Automation is a priceless tool you need to add to your arsenal.

Especially when it comes to lead generation and getting clients.

These 6 A’s will set you on the right path to building a thriving online coaching business.

Now, the reason why all the previous courses and programs you bought didn’t work is this…

You haven’t built a successful online business before!

I know this sounds silly, but stick with me…

Most of those courses are incomplete. They offer just one small piece of the whole pie.

And then they expect you to know how to fill in the blanks completely by yourself!

Actually, they don’t even expect you to fill in the blanks at all!
(otherwise they’d have nothing else to sell you).

This is the exact reason why Liam and I decided to create something Brand New…

But before we tell you about it, let me very quickly share with you who we are and why you should pay very close attention to what we say…

we are the coaching masters

My name is Lewis Raymond Taylor, and if I was able to build not one, but two successful online coaching businesses…

… each making six figures a year with a team of coaches working under my brand…

… and a global online group-coaching community training platform in less than 18 months… then you can too.

I know you’ve probably heard that “if I can, then you can too”, but let me tell you why I really mean it.

You see, by the time I was 25 I already had multiple spells in prison, battled with drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, debt, and mental health issues.

I basically lived a life of chaos and limitations.

Yet, in a few short years, I managed to build a successful online business and was moving faster than 97% of the people in the industry. How?

Because I took the time to learn and apply what works, and I stayed away from what doesn’t.

And while I was on this path I wrote down how I could have done it better and faster, so other coaches like you could avoid the mistakes I did.

Over the last few years, we’ve focused on helping coaches like you launch and scale their online businesses.

We’ve helped them recover the meaning of what it means to be a coach.

That’s why we are The Coaching Masters

And after years of testing and proving our concept works, we’ve decided to release it to the public…

I wanted to say how grateful I am to have met you, Lewis. From the very first call my gut feeling told me you were the right coach to pick and it was absolutely right. You truly are an inspiring person. You’ve been on an epic journey which has inspired myself and so many more. You’ve turned something bad into something amazing! And your journey continues which brings a real human element to you which makes me admire you even more. 

For me, the appeal is that you are like the lad you meet in the pub, cheeky and funny but also so smart and switched on and with a genuine heart. It also helps that you are easy on the eye… 😊 You’ve brought together a wonderful group of people, all of whom have enriched my life. Chelsea is just brilliant and exactly what I need and I feel I have made lifelong friends in Chanelle and Knut. My life is unrecognizable since we first met, for the better and that’s all down to you and your team.

Natalie Shaul

lifestyle coach

Introducing The Ultimate Launch Programme

This is a MEGA program we’ve put together which covers:

I could go on all day. But it covers EVERYTHING you need to create a very profitable online coaching business from start to finish.

I’ve used this programme myself. We’ve also helped countless coaches with the exact same step by step formula, and I know exactly what is needed, when it’s needed and why it’s needed.

We’ve had coaches that have never even posted one word of content, to becoming fully-booked within 15 weeks!

These coaches have even re-invested their money back into creating online courses, and membership programmes.

We will literally hold your hand, tell you to chill out when you start to jump ahead, re-focus you when you become distracted and take you all the way from conceptual idea, right through to getting high-quality, paying clients on repeat and on demand.

This mega course has every single little thing you need got create a very profitable online coaching business. 

And the best thing… all you have to do is follow the steps! 

Dozens of clients have come through our programme and because of this we know EXACTLY what you need to do.

We’ve been selling this exact service for $6,000+ for a long time (we can even show you the invoices, just ask us)

But now we have something even better, which we will share with you in a moment.

And remember, this is all tried and tested!

No guessing or empty promises like half the crap you see online.

However, there’s some bad news…

This is NOT for everyone.

To apply for this offer, you’ll need: 

If you qualify for these 4 things, then you CAN build a very profitable coaching business you’ll be proud of.

So now you can stop wasting your time on the things that don’t work, being taught by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

So, you can finally have ONE solution to ensure you start to reach the paying clients you desperately need to help.

You’ll get 2 hours of  training sessions every single week for 15 weeks on every topic you need to launch a successful automated coaching business.

You’ll get also get 2 hours of interactive workshop sessions every single week for 15 weeks to ensure you understand exactly how to implement everything.
You will also get a chance to ask questions on your specific challenges.

You’ll also get access to one of our appointed, qualified and accredited business mentors who will support you through the entire program!

Yup. There is no room for failure here. We’ll be with you every single step of the way to ensure you get these results!

You’ll get 3 whole months of weekly mentoring and accountability sessions to ensure you’re crystal clear on everything. You don’t need this many, but we really want to drill this process into you so you can stop searching for rubbish solutions. 

But before I move on, I want to tell you what Ultimate Launch Programme isn’t:

This isn’t just an online course.

This is much more powerful than that. Why?

This Is A Business In A Box

What does that mean?

You don’t have to worry about doing anything by yourself.
Just think about SOME of the things that are required to build a successful online business….
Writing an e-book, writing an email campaign, embedding your online calendar onto your website….Oh yeah and building the website in the first place!

You won’t even have to worry about branding, logo creation, social media design, building a sales funnel, writing your story…
…making a Facebook group, or creating captivating and persuasive sales pages…
These are just SOME of the things that need to be done.
Now you remember how much of an overwhelming challenge this online stuff can be…

Luckily, we’ve already pushed through this learning curve, and we now have all the contacts, strategies and a step-by-step formula to shows you exactly what you need to do and when to do it.

It even shows you exactly who you need to reach out to for help.

We’ll help you do EVERYTHING! From picking your niche, all the way to your launch day when you have an entire digital infrastructure set up to convert as many high-paying clients as you need!

We will help you create EVERY SINGLE digital asset you need in your online infrastructure.


Hear what our students have to say about us!

Absolutely everything you need to have an automated online coaching business that creates profit.

We’ll strategize with you… we’ll train you… we’ll coach & mentor you, then we’ll BUILD IT WITH YOU and show you how to use it.

This is literally something the online coaching world hasn’t seen before.

Trained, mentored and supported with the creation by people that know what they’re talking about…

That have amazing results for themselves…

…and have results for their clients.

NOT people who have no experience and no results!

What Are Some of The Areas We Cover?

What Exactly Do We Cover Each Week!?

WEEK ONE: Your Marketing Positioning

• Understanding you, your vision and the opportunities that will bring you a solid profit.

• Getting clear on your ideal target market.

• How to create a powerful and desirable coaching programme.

• How much money should you charge for coaching.

• What products to create (Membership Site, Online Course, 1:2:1 Programme, Group Coaching, Masterminds, Intensives, Retreats)

VALUE: $997

WEEK TWO: Photography & Branding (including branding creation)

• Nailing your personal brand to become a coaching superstar

• Mood board and brainstorm diagrams to get clear on your vision

• Brand Pillars – Brand Messaging – Brand Vision – Brand Values – Brand Goals

• Custom Website Banners – Consistent branded banners and headers across the website that will WOW potential clients

• Why Personal Branding creates solid profit

• The exact way to create a logo that attracts your ideal clients

• How to use colours and fonts to bring consistency to your brand.

• Understanding your online personality. 

• Social Media Covers – All social media platforms to reflect new brand identity.

• E-book cover & layout Design – Linked through to relevant call to actions and next stages of your funnel

• Logo Design – new logo to reflect your updated brand identity.

• The types of photos and photography you should use, and where to source it for free.

VALUE: $1,997 + $1,285

WEEK THREE: Social media makeover

• Social Media Growth – Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn (tips, tricks, and strategies to increase your following on a constant basis)

• Biography Design – We will create a crystal-clear one-sentence elevator pitch that will be embedded across all your social media profiles to attract the perfect paying clients

• Social Media Preference – Get clear on what platforms to use, what times to use them and how often

• Social Media Automation – how to use software to generate leads and opportunities automatically.

VALUE: $395

WEEK FOUR: Growing your audience and finding leads

• Engaging – Where to find new leads, opportunities, and communities of people. Then how to interact in communities to generate leads.

VALUE: $897

WEEK FIVE: story content

• How to share your own personal story and build an audience.

• How to take your client on a journey into your coaching programme which will make them want to buy

• How to structure your story in a way that flows and makes sense. 

VALUE: $1,397

WEEK SIX: e-book content (and creation)


• How to title your e-book 

• How to structure our e-book to generate leads 

• The highest converting e-books to write

VALUE: $1,297 + $997

WEEK SEVEN: sales page content

• How to write persuasively and create constant sales 

• The essential sections every high-converting sales page much have

• How to use call to actions to drive people to book a coaching session with you.

VALUE: $2,449

WEEK EIGHT: Social media content

• Content – How to create compelling content

• How to construct headlines and call to actions

• The perfect structure for engaging content marketing 

• The 18 different types of social media content that will attract paying clients

VALUE: $895


• Positioning yourself as a respected authority in your niche.

• How to secure Facebook interviews and guest-experting on podcasts.

• How to use language to subliminally boost authority 

• How to create a Facebook group to positing yourself as an online leader.

VALUE: $497


• The essential pages every coaching website needs

• We will support you whilst creating your website according to your specific objectives and branding.

• How every page should look for optimum conversions.

VALUE: $1,497 + $2,497


• Funnel integrations set-up, and very clearly displayed for maximum prospect captures and conversions.

• Domain registration & hosting.

• Calendar Scheduling – Linked to up to personal calendars, phone, and laptop

VALUE £497 + $2,497


• How to have effective prospecting conversations using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn messenger. 

• How to covert prospective client conversations into sales calls.

• How to have discovery calls that sell.

VALUE: $997

WEEK Thirteen: Tribe Building

• How to build a Facebook community

• How to create culture and community

• How to increase engagement in your group

VALUE: $997


• The right way to build anticipation on your launch.

• How to get an explosion of traffic to your website on launch day

VALUE: $697


• How to maximise on sales after your launch

• The daily fundamental principles you must remember to get results

• Next steps to scaling your online business

VALUE: $997

Here’s Everything You’ll Get In The Entire Programme (It’s Jam Packed)

Total Value = $37,466

Usual price = $7,997

promotional price = $3,997

**Subject to change & for a limited time only**

4 & 12 month payment plans available

What Days Are The Workshops?

Your Weekly Training: Training, Worksheets, Slides, & Demonstrations Will be Released into Your Members Area Every Friday For You to Study at a Time That Suits You.

Your Live 2-Hour Workshop: Live Workshop, feedback, & Practice Session Can be Selected from Two Times That Fit Your Time Zone: Tuesday at 12:00 PM UK Time or Tuesday at 7:00 PM UK TIME

When Do You Get Started?

As soon as you Sign Up and Activate your Course, You Get Access to Week One’s Training on the Nearest Friday & We Get Started with Your 15x Weekly Workshops from the Nearest Tuesday!

100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!​

Love It or Leave Guarantee #1: If you join, and within the first 14 days you don’t completely love the course, let us know and we’ll refund you your entire investment. No questions asked.

Clients or Coaching Guarantee #2: If you apply the modules in the training and you still haven’t launched your business and you don’t have dozens of messages from potential clients in your inbox, or any discovery calls booked, we will personally get you on 1:2:1 calls until your diary starts filling up!

The Upgrade Guarantee #3: If after 6 months, you have applied all the training, and you still haven’t generated at least the investment of the course, we will upgrade you to our Course Creator Advanced Program – completely free of charge!

What Will You Do?

Now, the way I see it, you have three options…

1- Continue walking the same path.

Keep worrying about how to get new clients coming through the door…

Let stress, overwhelm, anxiety and frustration take over your life…

Continue running a business which doesn’t give you the fulfilment you want and doesn’t make you any money.

You can keep trying to figure everything out on your own… stressing over the everyday hustle… and only fantasising about speaking on stage, travelling the world whilst inspiring people and reaching thousands with your message.

2- Take what you’ve learned on this page and apply it on your own

After several failures you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

Just like Liam and I know.

You can walk this journey alone and stumble across the same roadblocks we have.

Although this would take you years.

But if you’re committed, you can probably make it happen for yourself, maybe…. eventually.

3- Apply to be a part of the Ultimate Launch Programme

You’ll basically be handed a fully functional business… and the knowledge to run it properly.

No more hustling & grinding… no more worrying about how to get more clients and booking calls. No more sleepless nights. No more thinking about going back to that job you hate.

You’ll be taking the first step towards building a successful, scalable, coaching business that fulfils you and finally makes you money.

Click the button below to get started today!

Why You Want to Apply!

Book a call now and speak with our Senior Strategy Coaches where you’ll discuss any questions you might have about this Ultimate Launch Course.

We’ll see if you’re a good fit and clarify that this course is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Then we will jump right in to discussing the next steps in allowing you to become our next coaching success story within The Coaching Masters.

You will be an authority figure who people want to work with.

You will have a constant flow of pre-qualified leads signing up to your programme.

You will have extra exposure that will bring in other opportunities, such as speaking and training.

You will have built a large, targeted list of customer information to market your products and services.

You will have an audience of fans wanting to interact with you and work with you.

You will have an online business that can be operated whenever and wherever you want…

And most importantly, you’ll rediscover your purpose… and you’ll be able to reach thousands if not millions with your message.

Click the button below to get started today!

How I made $50k extra profit in 12 weeks working with Lewis.

Before I started working with Lewis, I had a coaching business that wasn’t making any money and had very little presence. I was lost, stuck and didn’t know what I needed to do to finally realise my dream of running my own business. Lewis helped me narrow down and clarify my target audience and completely pulled apart my business model. 

He left no stone untouched and helped me create a strategy that completely transformed my business. My social media following grew by over 6k across LinkedIn and Instagram, I have over 200 profile views a day and the strategy enabled me to land over $50k in new contracts and clients. I can’t thank Lewis enough for his drive, passion and experience in taking my business to the next level.”

Tom Harris​