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Add Holistic Modalities To Your Coaching Business To Help You Step into Alignment & Serve Your Clients More Powerfully!

Our Newest 14-Week Course With an Internationally Recognised Holistic Coaching Accreditation by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine!

We are trusted by some of the world’s leading media outlets

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Expand your knowledge

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Taking the Holistic Coaching Accreditation is going to help you be in alignment with your business, and give you new tools to provide more value for your clients.

What actually is Holistic Coaching?

This is a style that approaches the person as a whole through mind, body, soul, and emotions. To help activate spiritual power, make transformational changes, balance your inner being and provide emotional healing


Refers to your thought mechanisms and patterns, how you respond to the world, and it influences behavior, actions, emotions and our body experience.



Refers to the way you communicate your needs through sensory perception. The influence of the mind weighs heavily of the body’s response to the world because your body reflects your inner being.



Refers to the core being, your inner guidance, and connectedness.



Refers to the core being, your inner guidance, and connectedness.

Holistic Modalities will help you connect all four of these components in harmony, and will result in better awareness of the self, raised consciousness, a deeper connection with the self and the source.
It’s safe to say, becoming a Holistic Coach through learning different spiritual therapies and holistic modalities, and learning how to connect mind, body and soul, you’ll be able to call yourself an expert!

A Holistic Coach Is A More Balanced Level Coach Who Helps Their Client As A Whole On Every Level.


Becoming the coach who can provide a more well-rounded service to their clients for deeper transformations.
Complimenting your coaching with more energy, emotional release, and mind/body connection.
Being the coach who is able to access many different approaches to uncover underlying needs and aspects of your clients that have been repressed, degraded, denied, suppressed or unfairly blamed on.
This is a Master Holistic Coach!

Meet Your Holistic Coaching Trainer…

You’ll be trained by Holistic Coaching Trainer, Dayana Carmona!
Dayana is an amazing Holistic Coaching Trainer with an extensive amount of experience utilizing different spiritual therapies in her coaching business.
She is one of the only people in the industry that has such a well-rounded set of qualifications.
Dayana is a Coaching Master, NLP Master, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is doing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling! A true qualified expert, not just some of the ‘self-perceived’ experts you see in the industry.
She has lived and breathed spirituality from a young age due to her mom always talking about energy, connectedness and spirit.
Dayana adds spiritual therapies into her daily life by using the tools to gain deeper understanding of herself, others, life and source; experience awakenings and realizations; heal and transform her life.
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Holistic Coaching Trainer,
IPHM Registered Executive Trainer

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Will You Be Fully Accredited?

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Yes! As soon as you pass the course and demonstrate a high standard of Holistic Coaching, you will be a fully qualified Holistic Coach. Not only that, you will be recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine to further boost your expert status and credibility.

What’s Included?


Live Weekly Holistic Training

14, live and interactive 2-hour workshops where we’ll teach you new Holistic practices to uplevel your skills as a coach

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Weekly Recorded Demonstrations

Each week you’ll get new technique demos from Dayana herself to make sure you know exactly how to execute the new Holistic skills you’ll be learning.

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Full Holistic Manuals

Delivered by Dayana, you’re going to learn the secrets to guided meditation rituals that you can use on yourself and with your clients, further accelerating their results and transformations.

Holistic Manuals


Bonus #1: 30-Day Abundance Ritual Guided Meditation Audios

Take yourself further into mindfulness meditation practices with this 30-day guided audio program. Simply plug in and relax!

30 Day Abundance Ritual Guided Meditation Audios


Bonus #2: Holistic Coaching Resource Pack

The ultimate shortcut, this toolkit is filled with everything we use (and recommend) to help you source only the best Holistic ingredients and resources.

Sourcing Guide


Bonus #3: 7-Day Guided Yoga Flow Routine for Entrepreneurial Health

Welcome Yoga into your life with this specifically-designed Yoga Flow for Entrepreneurs and Coaches to keep you and your clients in balance.

7 Day Guided Yoga Flow Routine for Entrepreneurial Health


Bonus #4: Printed Accreditation Certificate

We’ll post your new Qualification directly to your door for you to frame and add to your website and social accounts for maximum credibility!

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Here’s What You Will Learn Each Week!


Student Success Stories


Triple Money Back Guarantee!


Love It or Leave Guarantee #1:

If you join, and within the first 14 days you don’t completely love the course, let us know and we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.


The Breakthrough Guarantee #2:

If you’ve applied the training and haven’t given someone a powerful breakthrough that changes someone’s life, send us the recording of the session, and we will personally critique it for you!


The Free Upgrade Guarantee #3:

If you’re still yet to give your clients amazing breakthroughs using these techniques after 6 months, our team will get on a 1:2:1 session with you and work with you until you can!

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Complete Balance In Your Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will learn everything you need to know about Holistic Modalities and start serving clients in this 14-week course.
Yes, everything you learn is for you to apply with your clients, however, you can also learn and apply for yourself! In fact, it is encouraged to embody the practice and be able to provide these modalities with integrity to your clients.
Then you can take advantage of our full money back guarantee.
Whilst this course will give you modalities to support managing their symptoms, it is not intended to cure. This is a great supplement for their own healing journey. We discuss mental health and trauma informed care during the first week of the course.
We touch on this topic and show you how to safely serve your clients and deliver these modalities ethically in a way that doesn’t trigger or cause harm to the individual.
This is a service that you can immediately monetise and use to add an income stream to your existing business, or start a new business from scratch – meaning this course is an investment that will return you an income, the question is, can you afford not to? We also offer 1, 4, & 12 month payment plans. Possibly making this the most affordable, 14-week Holistic Coaching Accreditation Course on the internet!