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Harmonizing Wellness and Well-Being

Wellness and well-being are related concepts that focus on the overall health and quality of life of an individual, but they have different connotations and emphasize various aspects of a person’s life. Here’s an overview of each term: Wellness: Wellness is a holistic approach to health that encompasses various dimensions of a person’s life. It goes beyond just physical health and includes emotional, mental, social, and even spiritual well-being. The goal of wellness is to

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Lewis Raymond Taylor and Liam James Collins

7 Habits of Highly Effective Coaches

What is an effective coach?  First, let’s start with explaining what effective coaching is and what it’s supposed to do for your clients–because ultimately it’s all about them right? A good way to start is by defining what effective coaching isn’t… And that’s not telling people what to do, giving orders or providing the solutions to their problems on a silver platter–because without effective listening (more on that later) that solution won’t be the right

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How To Help Your Clients Take Action Through Emotion

Think about this: When was the last time you smiled, not because you felt like it, but just for the sake of smiling? You’d probably do it more often if you knew that smiling was actually making you happier. That’s right! If you made all the facial expressions you make when you’re excited, elated and thrilled, even when you don’t actually feel those emotions, the truth is that you’d see an immediate improvement in your

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How to help your coaching clients MAKE A DECISION!!

When it comes to making tough decisions, not making a decision is always the worst option. When you get your coaching clients to see that life is happening for them, instead of to them, they will realise that they have learned a valuable lesson from every decision. A lesson that will help them move forward armed with more information. They can waste valuable time procrastinating on the little choices in life. Sometimes, the methods we

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How To Help Your Clients Feel Happy!

We all have days when we feel discouraged. Our clients could have simply woken up on the wrong side of the bed, or perhaps they’ve experienced a setback in reaching a personal or professional goal. But do you know how to help them feel better? Here’s how to help them feel better about themselves, starting right now! TAKING CHARGE OF THEIR EMOTIONS The number one way to feel better is to recognize that you are

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How To Motivate Your Clients

Training clients how to find the best version of themselves has its own challenges. Sometimes you can try many different things and not get them to the position you want them to be to self-improve. However, there are some easy methods to follow that you might not have tried yet. Here are some quick tips on how to motivate your life coaching clients: 1. Live Your Own Values If you’re wondering how to motivate your

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How To Increase Your Client’s Confidence Through The Power Of Coaching

Issues around confidence are a common source of pain for our clients. Some find a lack of confidence almost impossible to shift. That’s where we, as the coach, come in to help. Generally, when people are confident, their thoughts turn into judgements about their capabilities, they then use those judgements and take action. Because the judgements are supportive and positive. But it works both ways. When people are lacking confidence those thoughts and judgments of

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How To Get Maximum Results & Peak Performance Every Day

Getting Maximum results and peak performance starts with one thing… Getting into a… Peak State! But what is ‘peak state’? You might ask… You know when you’re sitting slouched in your chair, completely unmotivated to move or do work Well…. It’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of that! Peak state is when you feel highly motivated, energized and willing to do ANYTHING to make your goals happen This is described as your state of mind. All of

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How To Create A Desirable Emotional State

What ingredients create the recipe for a positive emotional state for you? When I talk about recipes, I’m not talking about baking a cake. And when I talk about ingredients, I’m not talking about eggs, butter and flour But it is a good example. If you want to bake a cake, you need certain ingredients And you need to mix those ingredients in a certain order, at a certain time, in a certain way To

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Working Day

Are you getting the most out of your days? How you manage your working day can make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of it Part of being an online entrepreneur means a lot of the work in your business may fall to you to do And it’s vital that you stay on top of all your tasks So the road to success is actually enjoyable And doesn’t feel overwhelming, stressful

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