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Nicki Trappitt
77 Melville Beach Road, Applecross, Western Australia 6153

Accredited Transformation Coach for professional high flyers

Dolores Tanner

Certified Professional Coach

Mark Ajah
39-41 high streets peterport, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland GY1 2JT

A coach to discover yourself in Business, Personal Development, Career, relationship and more.

Howard Cordingley
Cambridgeshire, England

Accredited Life Coach
Accredited Careers Coach
Business Coach Practitioner

Doug Arnold
Cardiff, Wales

Accredited Career & Mindset coach for sales professionals.

Ryan Jeearry
London, England

Wellbeing and Career Coaching for Corporate Professionals, using scientific methods.

Pam Thomson
Edinburgh, Scotland

Accredited Mindset & fulfilment coach

Angele Gustaite
Rugby, England

Individually created coaching program to everyone, focusing on revealing the best in person and healing what’s necessary.

HM Coaching
16 Alexander Grove, England PO16 0TU

HM Coaching delivers content to support you!

1:1 coaching, online courses and group sessions specialising in;

Education, Leadership, Special Educational Needs, Children and Young Peoples Mental Health e.g. school anxiety, parenting support, adaptive teaching etc

Suzanne Bate
London, England

Former Headteacher, now I’m an Accredited Career Coach helping Teachers gain the self-belief to unlock their potential in the classroom and beyond.

Anna Dalziel
Truro, England

Accredited well-being coach

Deanne Dennis
615 شارع دلما, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

I help frustrated 9-5’ers to discover their purpose, monetize their creativity, and create freedom!

Kim Clark
Grayton Beach, Florida 32459

Confidence & Career Coach and Management Consultant with over 15 years management experience.

George Fenton
Greater London, England E14

Career and life coach with professional background in Learning & Development

Jessica D'Amico
180 Saint Joseph High Street, Hamrun

Accredited coaching in career fulfillment.

Alan smith
Manchester, England

Accredited Coach – Mindset, Career, Relationships, Positive Habits

Lee Broders
Whitchurch, England SY13

Certified Life and Licenced Business Coach.
Helping people get more time, more money and more freedom allowing them to live a Limitless Life.

Katy Sgouraditis
Chilliwack, British Columbia

I help women over 30 break the cycle of self-doubt, gain confidence & clarity and create a purposeful full life.