Chloe Anne Collins


Mindset & Success Coach

Who Do I Help?

I work with ambitious, empowered women to overcome their blocks & limiting beliefs, connect to their higher selves, create empowering beliefs to strive toward and thrive in their lives & businesses.

About Me

Hey, I am Chloe-Anne – Accredited Success & Mindset Coach.

After having two children, I felt lost in my identity my vision, what fulfils me & what I am truly here to do.
After a huge self development journey I became an Accredited Mindset & Success Coach.

My true purpose & what absolutely LIGHTS ME UP, is seeing other likeminded, ambitious women, come unstuck, release their blocks & their limiting beliefs.

Working together we will create EMPOWERING beliefs, allowing them you connect to your higher self, evolve & transform to your full potential & ultimately, THRIVE in your life & career.

If this resonates with you, I truly believe you have landed with me for a reason.

Get ready to have absolute clarity on your goals, your vision & the future you.

Get ready to step into that future version of you right now & start taking the inspired action to make those dreams a reality.

You show up differently when your confidence comes from self belief, and that is what we are going to create together… ARE YOU READY?

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Coaching Master


Mindset, Manifestation, Momentum 12 Week Full Transformation Programme

How I Work

Our sessions will be run via Zoom. My 12 Week Mindset Transformation Programme consists of 6 biweekly calls, 6 modules and 6 home tasks.
I am available for full support, Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30pm via message, and will respond within 24 hours.
Notes & home tasks with be shared with you via email.


Chloe is a wonderful, skilled and intuitive coach.
I am lucky to have worked with several coaches and can say that she in an expert in coaching. My experience of working with her has been truly life changing and is one I will always remember and take into the future.
She helped me build my self-belief, create action plans, and gain the confidence to pursue my dreams. Her supportive approach, deep insights and listening ear truly made a difference. With her guidance, I was also able to overcome the obstacles that had held me back and take meaningful steps towards my goals. I’ve had so many deep breakthroughs in my sessions that have blown me away I know will create long lasting transformation for me.
I would highly recommend Chloe to anyone seeking support and encouragement on their journey to go after the dreams. For me it was worth it, 10 times over.
Chloe- I am so glad to have met you, worked with you and been inspired by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Leanne (Glasgow, Scotland)
5 Star *****


Thank you thank thank you Chloe. Every single session we have I come away with such valuable insight that I would never have considered without your amazing support and guidance. I feel so much more confident in my goals and not just for a short period, the realisations I am having are ones that I know will have a huge impact on my actions and life for the longer term. Chloe you are amazing and I am so glad you are coaching me!
5 Star *****