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Lyanne Grace Sanford

ACCREDITED TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH working with the Mind to set you free from programs such as “Lack” and “Fear”. To create new opportunities to manifest an entirely new life and create Infinite possibility.
HEARTMATH COACH working with Science to teach you breathing exercises to create resilience and connection through the heart space for good health and well being.
ENERGY HEALER . Science has now proven that we ARE energy. Learn how the frequency you emit based on your thoughts and feelings create your reality and your outcomes and how to shift that perspective quickly and effectively to manifest a full happy life.

Nicki Trappitt
77 Melville Beach Road, Applecross, Western Australia 6153

Accredited Transformation Coach for professional high flyers

Pastor Rick's coaching
2777 West Interstate 240 Service Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159

Coaching services that I offer, pastoral coaching, family coaching, youth coaching, life coaching, divorce coaching, marriage coaching, marrying married someone older coaching, married someone younger coaching, Etc..

Ashley Loren
Plymouth, England

Accredited coach helping mums become ‘More than Mum’

Jo Baldock
Eastbourne, England

Accredite life coach focused to support, inspire and empower women as they navigate life’s challenges. Committed to creating a safe, welcoming space for clients so they feel truly cared for and guided through a partnership that prioritises their wellbeing and prepares them to thrive.

Jocelyn Joan Norton
Brighton and Hove, England

Inspire A Purpose Driven Life
Struggling To Face Your Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Overcoming Addiction
Overcoming Blockages & Past Traumas That No Longer Serve You
Career Advancing & Goal Setting
Life Coaching Guidance & Inspiration To Get More Out of Life & Relationships
Motivational Speaking at Schools Or Events

Pam Thomson
Edinburgh, Scotland

Accredited Mindset & fulfilment coach

Lysha Mohamed
Malé, Malé City

Internationally Accredited Coach, Certified Happiness Coach

Karteek Hoshangabade
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Accredited Coaching Master & Experienced International Leader

HM Coaching
16 Alexander Grove, England PO16 0TU

HM Coaching delivers content to support you!

1:1 coaching, online courses and group sessions specialising in;

Education, Leadership, Special Educational Needs, Children and Young Peoples Mental Health e.g. school anxiety, parenting support, adaptive teaching etc

Chris Bukley

Accredited Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Charlotte Noce
Liverpool, England

Accredited Life Coach, Law of Attraction Queen & Spiritual Sis.

Kire’ea Cornock
London, England

The Coaching Masters Accredited, 4 years experience, and a Mum who understands.

Nicole Rega
Charlotte, North Carolina

Finding Your Life Purpose Life Coach

Jomana Elaridi
Larnaca, Larnaca

Self-worth, confidence and mindset coaching for ambitious women

Gary Monkman
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Transformation Package is where we work together, breaking down old ideas and thought patterns. Construct new visions, ideas, and pathways to transition into your new life, job, or relationship.

Jacob R James
London, England

Accredited Self-Development & Business Coach