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Kharina Kharran
Hove, England

Certified Trauma Coach – Specialised in CPTSD, Trauma Induced Anxiety & CPTSD
EMDR Certified Level 3
Trauma Relief Transformational Coaching


Bonnie Silverback
Haverhill, England CB9

Transformation After Trauma With Hypnotherapy And Coaching

Lorren Harrison
Birmingham, England

Accredited Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Holistic Coach. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and Mindfulness Practitioner. I am an all round alignment and wellness enthusiast and expert.

Joanne Amy Sale

Accredited Mindset for Productivity Coach for Women who want to Skyrocket their potential!

Georgia Blair
Manchester, England

Confidence + Mindset Coach
Pink-Haired Scottish Powerhouse

Anne Potter
Braemar Avenue, England DY8 5HU

Coaching and consultancy for primary school leaders to create sustainable improvement in your school.

Vanessa Schulte
Willoughby Road, Greater London, England N8 0HR

Accredited “The Happiness Coach”

Muftah Dagali
London, England

In my 12 weeks program, I help ambitious men and women to orchestrate a Physical Excellence, Unstoppable Mindset & live a Fulfilling Life. We achieve physical excellence by focusing on Smart Nutrition, Herculean Performance, and Lifestyle Mastery. We build an unstoppable mindset by developing undeniable confidence, having a 5-stars personal standard and having powerful productivity. We also focus on living a fulfilling life by emerging undying purpose, creating thriving relationships, and having an empowering spirituality.

If this sounds like what you are looking for. Send me the phrase “coaching masters” and let’s see if we are a good fit.

Nicolle Shelton
Nottingham, England

Certified Life Coach & Mental Health Advocate

Michelle Johnstone
George Street, Blaenavon, Wales NP4 9EX

I am here to help those who suffer with physical/mental pain and to help them turn it into something which can strengthen their resolve, improving their way and quality of life. My speciality tends to relate to those with sports injuries along with sports fans.

Adham Chalabi
230 Clarendon Avenue, Chicopee, Massachusetts 01013

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs & Self-Sabotage so you can Breakthrough any plateau

Becky Edwards
Birmingham, England

Mindset, Manifestation, and Confidence Coach

Claire Tully
Newhaven, England

Internationally Accredited Transformation Coach & Proud Mum

Sheila Darling
Ontario, New York 14519

Life Transition Expert, getting you from overwhelm to confidence, clarity and freedom

Lee Broders
Whitchurch, England SY13

Certified Life and Licenced Business Coach.
Helping people get more time, more money and more freedom allowing them to live a Limitless Life.

Dr Ruth Miller-Anderson
Magherafelt, Northern Ireland BT45

Success in Business & Life Transformation Accredited Coaching & Action Planning Superpowers

Julie Craven
West Yorkshire, England BD10

Business Woman | Lover of Life | Privileged to Coach, Mentor & Empower Women

Paul McGeough
Armagh, Northern Ireland

Internationally Accredited Mindset Coach & NLP Practitioner.

Lizzie Laws

Internationally Accredited Travel Empowerment Coach

Nikie Piper
Winchester, England

Accredited Transformational and Life Coach