I Almost Let Them Win


I almost let them win!

A couple of years ago some guys from my school started a WhatsApp group chat about me.

The whole purpose of the group?

To laugh at me behind my back, because they thought it was funny that I wanted to be successful.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt; it did.

…and to be honest?

Part of me thought maybe they were right.

I mean at this point I had already tried & failed to be an actor and a wrestler lol

“Maybe I shouldn’t be so ambitious”, I thought to myself.

…and I almost let them win.

They were the kids from the really wealthy part of the town I was from, and I lived in the poorer area.

I wasn’t in the WhatsApp chat, of course, but my friend sent me screen shots of what they were saying.

– They were laughing endlessly at all my ‘ideas’.

– They were saying I was deluded and would be a lifeguard my whole life.

– They made jokes about my family home.

– They said some really vicious and nasty shit.

Fast forward a few years, and obviously these guys don’t follow me on social media, because they don’t want to admit they still watch…

But I do catch them watching my stories sometimes, and checking up on all my ‘ideas’.

I wonder how funny it is to them now, when I’m no longer in my old family home, and my ideas are no longer ideas?

I’m in my penthouse apartment in the middle of London, with my amazing business and even more amazing wife!!!

The funny thing is, those guys, had nothing better to do than to focus on me instead of their own life.


Those guys from the WhatsApp group?

They’re drinking in the same pub everyone used to 12 years ago, doing absolutely fuck all with their lives.

But do you know what?

I thank them actually, for motivating me, and making it a bit tougher…

As now? I appreciate what I have 10x more.

And I’m big enough to not be the one to laugh at them back…

However, what I will do…

Is smile.

Because, I know although I almost let them win; they didn’t.

I won.

And I wish them all the best too

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