[47 Unusual Lessons, Predictions, & Insights] From 30 Years of a Weird & Wonderful, Messed Up Life!

Lewis-Raymond Taylor

It’s fair to say, I’ve crammed lots into my 30 years of existence:

– Child amateur actor, singer & dancer
– Violent, drug dealing, convicted criminal
– Canary Wharf working IT Salesman
– Mildly Facebook famous – comedian?
– Holiday rep in Ayia Napa & Magaluf
– Prisoner in 5 different jails
– Recovering drug addict on benefits
– Mature university student
– Online mindset coach
– Reality TV reject
– Word-travelling digital nomad
– Motivational Speaker
– Influencer?
– Global Community leader- 7 Figure Business Owner

Fruitful life?! 😄

So, as it’s my 30th birthday, I thought I’d compile some musings of the things I’ve learned or predict, based on my 30 years on planet earth.

1: Prison isn’t that bad at all. As long as you stand your ground and don’t over-step the line, it can actually be quite a safe place with a huge opportunity for personal reflection and growth.

2: Don’t ever suppress that feeling inside that you’re on this planet for more than what you’re currently giving yourself, tapping into that feeling will open up things you can’t even fathom right now.

3: Do more of the things that bring you joy. It’s amazing how many people know the things that make them happy, but don’t do them. We have no time to do anything else but things that make us feel good.

4: Followers and likes make you feel less happy. The more you get, the more you compare yourself, and the emptier you feel. The only validation you really need is the type you give to yourself.

5: Talk, talk, talk. As much as you can, to any many people you can. Expressing yourself and connecting with others will bring you more clarity around yourself and your life, more than anything else.

6: If you feel anyone is being toxic around you, remove them from your life, immediately. There is no negotiation. You must protect your energy and not allow others to influence your actions.

7: If you go to turkey, do not put a cowboy hat on a locals head. They may knock your teeth out. Luckily, Turkey also has brilliant and affordable dental treatment, so you can also get some great veneers whilst you’re there.

8: Hong Kong is a great place to run a business from, no cooperation tax, VAT or personal tax. If you work online, set up there.

9: Regardless of how clever, old, rich or educated people are, do not take their advice unless you want the exact same life they have. Their advice will lead to their outcome. Only listen to people who have what you want. This includes teachers, parents, police officers & even people you respect and admire.

10: Follow your own code of ethics. Just because someone tells you something is wrong or right, doesn’t mean it is. No matter how convincing they may be, do what feels right; but also play the game tactically. Don’t break rules, but bend them if it allows you to live more congruently with your values and live a better life. Rules, laws, and guidelines change and are man-made, but you only have one life, so make your own rules to live by.

11: If you have a business, and you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant. Delegate everything, and only focus on high-level income generation tasks, or use your time for thinking and strategising. Don’t ‘do’ instead ‘direct’ – If you’re doing something, you’re doing something wrong.

12: Fear is an illusion. It’s just an innate reaction that’s designed to keep you safe. However, that dream job, or the man of your dreams, is not something you need to fear. Laugh it off and take it. You’re safer than you think.

13: If you’re going to sell cocaine, the best type of cutting agent are benzocaine and novocaine, it’s a numbing powder they use at the dentist. It creates the illusion of cocaine-life effects and has the exact same consistency.

14: Regardless of whatever happens in your outer-world, whether that’s a boyfriend dumping you, not getting the job, or a failed business – always remember you’re enough, you have enough, and you’re loved enough – no matter what happens.

15: Don’t drink Rushkinoff vodka from Magaluf. They clean the floors with it. It will make your throat feel like you’ve swallowed razor blades and has reportedly made some people blind.

16: Don’t just work hard to earn a living, instead work smart. Hard work is important, but you don’t have to earn money, it’s better to create it, cleverly.

17: The worst things that have happened to you end up being your biggest strength. It’s all about how you perceive it, harness it, and use it to drive you forward.

18: Blink once. and you’re 7, blink twice, and you’re 30, blink again, and you’re an old man or women reflecting on life. SPEED UP, none of us has much time left.

19: If you go to Ayia Napa, be careful when messing with the locals, most bars and nightclubs are operated by the Russian and Cypriot Mafia.

20: If your mindset isn’t right, you’re in trouble. The world may have already been handed to you on a plate, but if you’re not able to push through fear to take it, or you sabotage it because you don’t feel worthy, or you don’t believe it to be true, you’ll reject it – and you’ll never allow yourself to receive a thing.

21: Education is amazing. Don’t associate it to what you learned in school. It’s was compulsory then, and not on subjects you were passionate about. Find areas that light you up inside and feed your mind with knowledge. Fulfilling ones potential is one of the highest elements on our hierarchy of needs.

22: The more you love yourself and the less you care about others, the freer you’ll become. Everyone you’ve ever met will be dead in 100 years time, and the only thing that will matter then is if you lived your best life.

23: Travelling the world, making money, and living a life of complete adventure is easy. Don’t ever put the ‘dream’ life on a pedestal. The only thing stopping you from achieving these things is the belief it’s not possible.

24: You don’t need many things to live. Clutter keeps you feeling heavy and stuck. Open yourself up for freedom and movement by removing unnecessary belongings from your life.

25: Share your story with the world. You have no idea what someone needs to hear that day that will bring them hope. Your story, journey, and experiences, will inspire many people, regardless of what the story is. Someone out there needs to hear it.

26: Look up at the sky, take a deep breath in your lungs. Look deep into the different colours in a person’s eye, listen to the ocean, and realise how amazing the world is. Do not get caught up working, paying bills, and existing, rather than living. One day, you’ll look up and realise where you’ve been this whole time, and it’ll be too late.

27: If you’re ever selling something, find out exactly what they want, and then explain exactly how what you have to sell will give them exactly what they want.

28: You may feel different from others and although your thoughts and feelings are unique to you, but please know you’re not alone. Everyone thinks and feels the same way, they just don’t show it. Have the courage to share it with others; they’ll relate to it, trust me.

29: Catching an STI isn’t that bad at all. Most have no symptoms and a tablet or two will clear it up in a week. However, if there is a rumour someone has Herpes, best to stay away. That one is one you can’t get rid of.

30: Murderers, drug-addicts, criminals and other stereotypes, are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Don’t always judge a person on their behaviour; you don’t know their story.

31: We are on the cusp of an entirely digital revolution, if you’re not working online yet. JUMP, and quick, because if not, you’ll soon be pushed instead.

32: Opportunity is everywhere, but you must seek it. Look between the lines. The more aware you become, the more you see, and the more you’re able to take advantage of it.

33: Government control is fast-growing. The more you acquiesce to the fear it creates, the more control it has over you.

34: Don’t invest in bitcoin, stocks, houses or anything else until you invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset and nothing will return a better investment than the one you make in yourself. Stocks and shares can sometimes make you some money, but books, courses, coaches and mentors, can allow you to create whatever you want.

35: You’re a genius. Everyone is. You must just find your zone. Most extremely intelligent people are very bad at a lot of things and if they only did those things, they’d probably feel stupid. You must find your zone of genius in order to discover that you’ve been a genius the whole time.

36: Have the courage to speak about the things you’re passionate about. Share them with others and allow yourself to connect with people who you’re aligned with and hold the same values with.

37: Virtual reality will boom over the next 10 years and life will be unrecognisable. Most social events will no longer require us to need to leave the house, and people with body disfigurements other limitations, will be able to create an entirely new digital life for themselves.

38: Don’t believe something just because everyone else believes it’s. 99% of the world hold on to beliefs and don’t serve them.

39: There is more to this world than us. It doesn’t have to be religious, but look around you, this world is wonderfully bizarre, beautiful, shocking and intriguing. It’s magical, in fact. Don’t ever think this is all a coincidence, it can’t be.

40: If you want to make money, add value to someone’s life. It doesn’t matter how. But if you can improve someone’s life, make them smile, make them feel more confident, powerful, solve a problem, find a solution or remove pain from someone lives, they’ll pay you as much as you ask for it.

41: Ask questions, as many as you can. Use peoples knowledge and experience to gain clarity on your situation. Ask yourself questions too and explore yourself. In fact, question everything, even the thing you already know the answer to, and see what else you can discover about it. Life is just one huge exploration. SEEK ANSWERS, don’t just accept a basic form of reality in the form it is presented to you.

42: If there is something you’ve thought about doing more than once, do it. You may think it’s a risk, but the biggest risk of all if risking having the feeling of regret when we have no time left.

43: The best way to create the perfect job role is to create the company that employs you. Don’t work for someone else, you don’t need to. Create something of your own and tailor it perfectly to fit everything from the perfect occupation.

44: If you don’t like your job, quit it, today. You’ll figure it out, and there is support to stop extreme things happening to you. But don’t spend the majority of your day/week/life doing something you don’t like. Quit now, and stop wasting your life.

45: Money isn’t real. Cash is just an IOU and your bank account is just a digit on the screen. Don’t put money on a pedestal. Scarcity around money stops you from investing and taking opportunities. See money as energy that comes and goes, in and out, and you’ll find you’ll attract it far easier into your life.

46: Love can be scary, but beautiful. Love as much, as you can. Including yourself. You’re worthy of love and are capable of it too. Chose love over everything.

47: You’re a rockstar and don’t you ever forget it, or let anyone tell you that you’re not. Even if you don’t feel it right now. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

That’s it guys. My 47 unusual lessons, predictions, and insights, from 30 years of a weird and wonderful, messed-up life.

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Ooooohhh, WAIT!

One more…

48: Wearing a flamingo shirt on your birthday makes you feel 96% happier🦩😃

Lewis x

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