Your Kids Aren’t The Priority

Your Kids Aren't The Priority



How many times a day do you catch yourself putting your kids above yourself?

Or maybe it’s your partner?

Or your dog that’s your priority…

Like my little friend in the picture.

But, why isn’t it you that’s the priority?

So many people think that in order to care for someone else they need to put themselves at the bottom of the pecking order.

But the truth?

It’s not just ONE person that needs to be important.


You and your kids are!


You are your partner is!


You are your friends are!

You can be right there at the front.

Giving to yourself, and giving to others

Because here is the thing…

The more you focus on you.

The better you become.

The better you feel.

… and the MORE you can give to others.

So, by putting yourself first, you are in a better place to help others even more.

Therefore: it’s selfish to not put yourself first.

Yeah, I know that may have been a bit of a brain fuck…

Because, I’m sure you’ve heard the stories circling around in your head about how selfish it would be to take a night out for yourself, or to work through the weekend on your passion…

It’s not true!


Truth is…If you haven’t got time in your day for you…

You can be the best wife, husband, coach, salesman on the planet!

But if you don’t choose you for at least a portion of your day…

You can forget ever writing that ‘how I made my 6-figure icome” post.

Or smiling away on the death bed knowing you’ve done everything in your life that you wanted to do.

Stop choosing the mummy guilt, over building the life you desire, or the empire you crave.

Whether it’s:

– Taking the kids to school

– Cooking dinner…

– Looking after your partner whilst they’re hungover or sick

– Or helping your friends brainstorm new business idea’s…

Ask yourself…

When was the last time someone did this for you?

Now I am not saying you should stop doing these things…

All I’m saying is…

Choose you AS WELL as your others.

Next time somebody asks your advice on a new venture…

Why not ask for their opinion on yours first?

When you’ve got 10 blog posts to write but your partner needs dinner?

Ask them to cook.

Take a step back and make yourself a priority.

Because the people closest to you will want to see you happy too.

Watch the movie of your life play out…

And make damn sure you’re the leading character!

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