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Learn Our Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Proven Process for Launching Your Online Life Coaching Business & Fill Your Diary Up

We are trusted by some of the world’s leading media outlets

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But becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t something you’d put much thought into…
That was until you saw other coaches with their shiny websites, amazing branding & a never ending reel of high value content flowing from their social media profiles…
“Urghh, how do they do it!’ – I bet you’ve thought to yourself?
And if that didn’t make you feel bad enough, they also seem to ooze confidence and are able to put themselves out there and have the courage to make offers and secure clients…
This is enough for even the toughest of coaches to start to question whether or not they have what it takes!
Before you put your dreams on a shelf and go back to what feels comfortable, we have a very important secret to tell you…
Those coaches you see online? They were NOT born like that. Far from it in fact…
Even the most confident entrepreneurs started out clueless, doubting themselves and almost threw the towel in.
But they didn’t, they simply learned the steps – and they also developed their mindset to catch up with their new entrepreneurial identity.
The good news for you is we’ve spent the last 6 years building the world’s most comprehensive, results driven & easy to follow launch program for new coaches.
You don’t need to think about what to do and what direction to move in. You just follow our process which has already brought incredible success for
over 500 new coaches who have graduated from the Ultimate Launch Program!

Here’s What You Will Learn Each Week!

Oh, and this isn’t just training, we’ll personally coach you 1:2:1 during our live workshops to ensure you don’t just learn this content, but you embody it, apply it and get results from it!
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Defining Your Niche

Get clear on your marketing message so yourclients can find you easily and quickly.

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Personal Branding

Build an online presence that captures the attention of your ideal clients.

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Social Media Makeover

Position your social media profiles in a way that shows your potential clients how you can help them.

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Audience Building

Bring in a consistent flow of high quality leads into your network every single day.

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Your Hero’s Journey

Get clarity on your story and how you can share it to inspire people in their journey.

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E-book Creation

Create a high value freebie to give to your potential clients as a way of building a relationship with them.

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Your Coaching Offer

Craft a persuasive sales page that encourages potential clients to book discovery calls in your diary on autopilot.

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Creating Content

Create compelling social media content that will attract your ideal client.

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Authority Building

Position yourself as an authority to build trust with your audience.

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Website Designing

Design a simple website that has all the features clients look for when seeking a coach.

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Funnel Creation

Automate your business using a simple sales funnel so you don’t need to spend all your time seeking clients.

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Discovery Calls

Offer coaching packages the right way without having to sell.

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Building Community

Build a tribe of like-minded people who you can lead and inspire.

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Launch your new coaching business and get your diary full up with discovery calls.

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Post-Launch Growth

Maximise your launch by converting as many opportunities into clients as possible.


Build A Purpose-Driven Business

We cover everything you need to get your online life coaching business set up without overwhelm or stress.


Complete in 4 Months

Confidently get your business up and running correctly, so you can make the impact you've always wanted.


Your “Business in a Box”

We’ve taken every single thing you will ever need to build your business and put it into one easy-to-follow program.


Support Every Step Of The Way

Expert coaching and personalised guidance at every step of your business-building journey.

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Let Us Focus On The Business. You Focus On The Coaching!

If you’re like most of our students, you already have a lot on your plate. Family, kids, maybe even a couple of your first coaching clients.
Let us focus on setting up your business for you.
We aren’t like the usual Instagram business coaches who promise you $10k months when they haven’t even built their own coaching business…
We live and breathe coaching, and have built the fastest growing coaching academy in the world, which is an 8 figure coaching business!
We know what we are doing and this is our speciality.
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You’ll never be left not knowing what step to take next or which way to move. We show you every single thing you need to know.

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Live course delivered over 15 weeks in bitesize, actionable chunks. The perfect combination to create long-lasting results without any overload or unwanted stress.



Rather than questioning yourself, our expert workshop facilitators will answer your questions, review your progress and ensure you’re moving in the right direction at all times.

What’s included?


A training session once a week to learn each step of our proven model.

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An interactive workshop session once a week to help you implement what you’ve learned as we build your business together.

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Ready-to-use business tools to help you get started easily.

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Access to all of our proven templates to make this easy and manageable.

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We’re So Confident You’ll Love It, We Offer Three Separate Money-Back Guarantees!

Love It or Leave Guarantee #1:

We live and breathe coaching, and have built the fastest growing coaching academy in the world, which is an 8 figure coaching business!

Clients or Coaching Guarantee #2:

If you apply the modules in the training and you still haven’t launched your business and you don’t have discovery calls booked, we will personally get you on 1:2:1 calls until your diary starts filling up!

The Upgrade Guarantee #3:

If after 6 months you still haven’t generated at least the investment of the course, we will upgrade you to our Course Creator advanced program priced at $5,000 – completely free of charge!
You’ve nothing to lose.

Case Studies


I made $50k in revenue with Ultimate Launch!

I am currently coaching two clients and have only been graduated from the program for a few months.
Absolutely loved the connections I made with the other coaches.

Tom Harris

Career Coach

With The Ultimate Launch I could lean back and trust that I was moving in the right direction

“It’s hard to believe that I was working in a completely different industry and now I am earning $20,000 per month doing something that feels so aligned with my soul mission.

Shari Angelina

Manifestation Coach

I was able to move to Bali in just 3 months

I followed the training step by step and was amazed at how quickly I generated enquiries. After completing the program I was earning a consistent $5,000 every month online – which

Christina Davis

Digital Nomad Coach

Ready to Take The Next Step?

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We’d love to chat to see if you would be a great fit for the program. Click below to book a call with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly Strategy Coach team who will help you assess whether

Ultimate Launch is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t. This is created for complete beginners and we will break everything down in easy to understand english.

Of course! The technical part of the training comes with click-by-click screen share tutorial videos that anybody can follow.

The training is 2 hours, the workshop is 2 hours and the implementation time can range from 1 hour to 4 hours on more complex weeks – so around 5-8 hours a week is required.

Other than some basic software for your calendar, email and website on monthly subscriptions totally around $30 P/M & some design work of around $50 one-off costs – there are no big additional costs to creating your entire business!

With a consistent flow of leads, you’ll be able to pick and choose who you work with and decide how much you want to charge. Through the authority you’ll gain from the strategies and social media presence, you can charge $3,000-$5,000 per coaching package. Meaning you can make an ROI instantly from this course!

Of course. Take advantage of our money back guarantee and it will cost you nothing.

The huge benefit of Ultimate Launch is you get a total of 30 hours of group coaching during the weekly 2-hour workshops. This will help you to break through the fear and build your confidence before you get to your launch date!

We have a range of payment plans including 12 month payment options meaning the program is extremely affordable. The best thing to do is discuss your budget with our Strategy team and let them find the best solution for you!