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Let us run you through how to navigate your new course section and how to get started with the Ultimate Launch & Course Creator’s Blueprint!


Confirm Our Terms & Conditions

You must first agree to our terms and conditions. Anybody who hasn’t agreed to these terms will be unable to participate in the course or the live workshops. It’s important you agree to not share our intellectual property, do your best to make all instalments in your payment arrangement, and you will not promote any competing products within the community.


Activating Your Course

You must only press the ‘Activate Button’ within your members area when you are ready to start your course. This is for people who want to start their course in a few weeks’ time rather than straight away. As soon as you press ‘Activate’ you’ll get access to the first week’s training on the nearest Friday, and you’ll start your workshops from the nearest Tuesday for the Ultimate Launch Course, and nearest Friday for the Course Creator’s Blueprint. Once you have activated your course, you will be committed to completing the course without pausing or skipping modules unless under exceptional circumstances that can be discussed with our Customer Service Team. You will also start receiving email reminders each week to access your course content and workshops! We recommend you press the button and activate your course immediately!


Accessing Your Course Content

Your weekly core course content & demonstrations are pre-recorded training videos that you can access by pressing the ‘Members Area’ button that can be found on the top hand corner of our website at and logging in using your username and password. When inside the member’s area, go to the ‘Training’ icon, select ‘Ultimate Launch’ or ‘Course Creator’ and hit ‘Enter’! Each week’s new training will be released on Friday’s at @ 9:00 UK GMT.


Joining Your Weekly Zoom Workshops

You will join our interactive coaching workshops where you will get the opportunity to get feedback on the work you’ve created, ask questions and be held accountable to launch your course and business. You will be amongst students of mixed ability, some brand new like yourself, and other students who are further along the course. The sessions are delivered via zoom. To access your zoom workshop links simply visit the following link 10 minutes before your workshop starts. Please keep the link safe so you know how to access your weekly workshops each week!

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There will not be a replay available, so we highly recommend you attend live; however, if you miss one, you will still be able to complete your course due to all of the core syllabus being inside the weekly training that is released into your members area. We have two workshops you can choose from. You don’t need to commit to one, you can choose whatever one is best for you that week, although you are only eligible to join one workshop per week.

Ultimate Launch Workshop Schedule:

– Tuesday Session A at 12:00pm UK GMT
– Tuesday Session B at 7:00pm UK GMT

Course Creator Workshop Schedule:

– Friday Session A at 12:00pm UK GMT
– Friday Session B at 7:00pm UK GMT


Enter Our Private Facebook Community

You’re likely already part of our Facebook group ‘The Coaching Masters Community’ – this is a group for customers of TCM only. If you are already a member, please post inside and let everyone know you have just joined the Ultimate Launch & Course Creator’s Blueprint, if you’d like to connect with other members on the course! If you’re new, then please join the community and then drop a welcome post so we can get to know you better!

We also have another group for non-customers called ‘Coaching Mastery for Online Coaches’ that you may have joined; however, now you are a well-established customer of TCM, you only need to use our main paid-members group: ‘The Coaching Masters Community’.


Speaking to Customer Service

If you have any queries whatsoever such as a technical issue, a question regarding your course, a matter regarding your payment plans, or anything else, please do not try and contact anybody from the team directly, and please either read our FAQ or message our Customer Service team at any time at – and we’d be more than happy to help you!

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