Top 10 Wellness Coaches To Watch In 2020/21


When it comes to trusting a coach with your health

Allowing them to be the KEY motivator in keeping you on track

And helping you make the right lifestyle choices…

You need to be certain who you can TRUST!

Which is why we’ve put together this months article on…

Top 10 Wellness Coaches To Watch In 2020/21

Providing you with the very best wellness coaches should you be watching, following [& working with of course] in 2020 and beyond!

If you want transformational results in your life

Take your pick from these inspirational Wellness Coaches in our Top 10 list

Each are hugely shaking up the Wellness Coaching world!

Want to know a little bit more about each of them?

Check this out…

Top 10 Wellness Coaches To Watch In 2020

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Rachel Aust

Nutritionist  Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Author, Blogger, & YouTuber

Rachel helps people find holistic health through mindset, nutrition, and movement.

Her life mission is to help women design their own version of a healthy lifestyle so that they can feel energised,

vibrant and go and kick butt it whatever they want to achieve.
After struggling with PCOS, it has been a huge passion of hers to help women uncover the hormonal, environmental,

and mental limitations that hold them back from where they want to be.

Rachel started her blog back when she began her fitness journey in 2014 as a way to share healthy and delicious recipes

she now helps people through the power of coaching to learn how to create the healthy and fulfilling lifestyle they want to lead.

So whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better,

you’ll find something Rachel is there too to steer you in the right direction.

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kirsty kianifard

Kirsty Kianifard

Wellness Business Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Award-Winning Spa Director

Kirsty Kianifard is an award-winning spa director, podcaster, speaker and wellness business coach

She helps wellness entrepreneurs create simple yet wildly abundant businesses that focus on impact, whilst eliminating the constant confusion,

endless overwhelm and the dreaded question ‘what do I do now?’.

Kirsty has an array of services including, online courses, 1:1 mentorship and overseas wellbeing retreats

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Jason Rosell 

TV personality, wellness, relationship, branding coach, author & keynote speaker

Jason has helped thousands of people transform their mental, physical and spiritual mindsets, lose weight and achieve their wellness goals

Through his carefully curated life coaching, fitness & food programs.

Jason also serves as a social media and branding strategist for individuals and companies seeking to revamp their online presence.

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Alison Stockton

Health, Wellness and lifestyle coach

Alison helps successful women in business and female entrepreneurs.

She was driven with her mission to help women become the best version of themselves following from her own personal challenges with health and wellness,

Including battling and overcoming anorexia, bulimia, depression and anxiety and autoimmune illnesses

and is now on a mission to help other women connect their mental & physical wellbeing

and create a lifestyle and life they adore living and thriving in.

Today Alison’s mission is to educate and support entrepreneurial women, empowering them to prioritise their health, well-being, feel happier

And to create more balance in this chaotic modern world.

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Danica Pierce 

Success & Wellness Coach 

After investing in mentorship and her own spiritual growth. Danica was able to heal in incredible ways.

As she worked with more and more clients, she realized that her path was not teaching marketing and business strategy, but to empower others to become the fullest versions of themselves.

To guide them as they heal the inner blocks that kept them from thriving in their purpose and achieving wholeness and abundance in their lives.


Danica is changing the world and having tons of fun. She gets to work with dream clients every single day to help them exceed their income goals and fall back in love with their lives.

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Anna and Flaviano Silva

Couple-preneurs and Founders of the Optimal Health Method.

Anna and Flaviano are passionate about helping busy professionals quadruple their strength and energy while optimizing their health and performance.

What good is the body of your dreams if you don’t have the energy to perform in it? We have the tools to give you the best of BOTH worlds

A healthy lifestyle is not just insurance for your business, but it allows you to DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!

If you’re ready to finally achieve work-life balance, then you’ve found the right people to help you to…

… have so much energy that everything in your life feels vibrant and abundant

… get more done in less time and finally having the capacity to implement your business strategies to make more money

… feel 4 times stronger and 4 times more confident than you do right now

WITHOUT sacrificing your important work, dieting, or spending countless hours at the gym!

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Amy Payne 

Qualified BSc nutritionist, online coach and personal trainer.

Amy is passionate about being more than just a coach.

She believes it’s not just about supporting your goals but also your mindset too when making a changes for life.

She supports her clients with their health and fitness goals, both inside and outside the gym in all areas of their lives including:

routine, habits and day to day struggles and stresses that can sometimes hold them back or cause a lack of motivation.

Amy works closely with all of her clients to provide professional and sustainable nutrition and exercise programs

designed to help them reach and maintain their health and fitness goals. She is passionate about plans being balanced and individualised.

She is now on a mission to give back through her own knowledge and experiences.

Amy believes she thrives on being more than just a trainer, but a coach who understands all aspects of her clients lives.

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Cecelia Rollen

Wellness coach, Nutrition and Holistic lifestyle Coach, Personal trainer

Cecelia helps people of all ages fall in love with themselves through movement, nutrition and mindset.

Her passion? To keep learning throughout life about the things that make us happier, healthier and ultimately saner!

In her twenties she was diagnosed with PCOS and was at first put on lots of preventative medicines but she found another approach to combat the effects of her condition, one of eating well, moving and being mindful, which brought her cycle back into regularity and her mood swings back to normality.

After graduating university she began taking her first steps into the health and fitness world by enrolling as a Pilates Teacher student.

Fast forward a few years she’s gone on to deepen her knowledge by studying all over the world -from Nutrition Coaching in London, Holistic Lifestyle coaching in Miami, to Personal Training with Equinox in New York.

Cecelia’s mission is to help others create a life that they love, a body that moves well and a mind that is free of negative thoughts.

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Ashlee McCartney

Personal trainer, mental wellness coach & self-love advocate.

Ashlee’s mission is to give people the power to fall in love with their body through movement, exercise and mindfulness.

Health, fitness and community are her passions. By following these passions, she has helped hundreds of clients both online and face to face discover their happiest and healthiest lives.

Her journey into wellness began at the age of 25 when she became a carer to her mother, who sadly was diagnosed with a very rare and fast-acting form of dementia.

A time where exercise became her therapy, it saved her in so many ways. It went from being something that she did for aesthetics or to punish herself for something she ate,

To something that soothed her soul in times of struggle and helped quiet her mind in the height of anxiety.

She learned that by prioritizing her own wellbeing meant that she could give more to the people she loves.

Now, Ashlee dedicates her life to helping others find their happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

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Maddie Roberts

Wellness Coach

Maddie is immensely passionate about health wellness!

It’s her mission to help, guide, mentor and support as many people as she can

3 years ago she started getting sick. She was told she had a severe poly pharmacy problem and was on 17-18 different drugs all to combat different problems.

She spiralled into a deep dark depression and a sense of panic and doom with nothing to lift her out. It was a rock bottom in her life.

BUT, amazingly she got off ALL her meds. Switched her diet to anti-inflammatory, did lots of healing protocols, detoxed her internal organs and did the inner work necessary.

3 years later she has never been healthier and on the road to a full recovery, putting everything that plagued her body into full remission.

Maddie believes healing is possible for those who BELIEVE it’s possible and is now dedicated to helping people find their purpose and be passionate about what they do, all while finding a healthy balance in life.

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