Time To Embrace Change


One of the most important things to me in life is having the ability to embrace change.

Over the years and especially more recently I’ve learnt to accept that change, no matter how drastic the change might be, is a necessary and beautiful part of every day life.

Change can be a scary prospect to some, and even become something that we see as negative.

But actually change is something that breathes life into our existence no matter what shape or form it comes in.

One change in myself which made my life very different came at the start of this year where I made a transition into a completely new mindset, outlook, and life due to the challenges I was facing.

As a result I reprioritised everything and saw life from a very different perspective where I wanted to cut the shit and actually start using the influence I had to start making an impact on people’s lives.

Regrettably, at some point along the way in the storm from this crazy year, I lost sight of the messages I wanted to spread and somewhat sunk back into the more comfortable, superficial position I was once in.

And that’s why change is so important,

it gives you the perspective and reference you need in order to reflect, see where you went wrong and then begin back on the journey of improvement once again.

And that’s why I’m always massively grateful for the constant change and variation my life throws at me!

So, here’s the much needed reality check, and accountability I needed to give myself.

Amongst all the money talk, business bravado and flashy bullshit, I’m actually a deeply caring and sensitive human with genuine, kind and authentic intentions for the impact I want to make in the world.

And above is an example of the real me when I’m at my happiest.

No mask on,

No walls up,

No image to maintain,

Just me enjoying life, doing some fun, random shit with people (and animals) I care about.

Happy, and with the best intentions on making a positive change in the world.

And ultimately that’s what’s really important to me.

Life is just a series of natural and spontaneous changes.

Time to embrace change!

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