to not start exploring the possibilities of working online and creating a life of freedom because everything we are ‘selling’ below is COMPLETELY free:

Come and join a community of freedom-seekers just like you, from all over the world, in the coaching master’s community free facebook group!

Why Should You Join Our Free Facebook Community?

There is 1 thing we HIGHLY recommend when you decide you want more from life…

There is 1 thing that stands out above EVERYTHING else.

There is 1 thing that you absolutely MUST do if you want to stand ANY chance of success.

And that's:

Because when you try to complete a mission by yourself, it’s not impossible, but it’s so much easier and so much more enjoyable with people that want to help you, and understand you…

Plus, when you have GOOD people around you, it makes all the other negative, energy vampires seem less irritating.

And luckily for you we have just the community!

meet THE coaching masters...

I’m Lewis. Just 3.5 years ago, I was in prison, suffering with substance misuse problems, trauma, mental illness, tons of debt, and basically living a life of limitations. Now, after just 2 years in business, I am teetotal, happy, healthy, online coach, earning a multiple 6 figure income, with the luxury of being able to work wherever I want in the world!

I’m Liam, only 3.5 years ago I was a postman. No motivation, no direction and no clarity in what direction I wanted to move in. Through a powerful journey of coaching and personal transformation I have gone on to become an international success coach for high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities. I’ve continued to evolve regardless of surviving a terror attack & losing my Dad to suicide within the same year.

“I wanted to say how grateful I am to have met you, Lewis. From the very first call my gut feeling told me you were the right coach to pick and it was absolutely right. You truly are an inspiring person. You’ve been on an epic journey which has inspired myself and so many more.

You’ve turned something bad into something amazing! And your journey continues which brings a real human element to you which makes me admire you even more. For me, the appeal is that you are like the lad you meet in the pub, cheeky and funny but also so smart and switched on and with a genuine heart. It also helps that you are easy on the eye…  

You’ve brought together a wonderful group of people, all of whom have enriched my life. Chelsea is just brilliant and exactly what I need and I feel I have made lifelong friends in Chanelle and Knut. My life is unrecognizable since we first met, for the better and that’s all down to you and your team.”

Natalie Shaul


How I made £50k extra profit in 12 weeks working with Lewis.

Before I started working with Lewis, I had a coaching business that wasn’t making any money and had very little presence. I was lost, stuck and didn’t know what I needed to do to finally realise my dream of running my own business. Lewis helped me narrow down and clarify my target audience and completely pulled apart my business model. 

He left no stone untouched and helped me create a strategy that completely transformed my business. My social media following grew by over 6k across LinkedIn and Instagram, I have over 200 profile views a day and the strategy enabled me to land over £50k in new contracts and clients. I can’t thank Lewis enough for his drive, passion and experience in taking my business to the next level.”

Tom Harris​


Why Should You Join Our Free Facebook Community?

Our community is for:

  • Sharing success stories
  • Free training
  • Business opportunities
  • Supporting each other
  • Networking
  • And a bit of fun too!

Who is The Coaching Masters community For?

  • If you want to learn how to grow an online business
  • If you want to break away from your 9-5
  • If you want to learn from other online entrepreneurs
  • If you want to grow your network
  • If you care about helping others
  • If you want advice and support from other online business owners
  • If you can’t stand the morning commute anymore!
  • If you want something more from life
  • If your current circle of friends is not supporting you and your vision
  • If you want to be around like-minded people to share ideas with and support
  • If you want to learn how to live the laptop lifestyle
  • If you want to learn how you can work and travel at the same time

You could of course try to go it alone…

But like we said before, we wouldn’t recommend that.

If you did decide to go it alone, there is a very high chance that you will fall into bad habits and eventually going back to the 9-5.

That’s assuming that you get to the point of quitting your job at all.

Most people just stay stuck. Constantly going round and round the hamster wheel of life, never getting off to pursue something more meaningful.

So, the alternative is that you stay exactly where you are. Feeling those Sunday Blues every single week and waiting for the weekend to begin just so you can have a very tiny break from a very unfulfilling Monday to Friday.

And for those of you that have already taken that leap of faith and left your job to start an online business.

You could continue to see your savings slowly dwindling as you make no progress and the days seem to be shooting past.

Your rent or mortgage payments keep coming round and round again and you seriously consider getting another job.

Or you could join a community of people who are going to support you on this journey and share with you their experience, network and guidance.

I know which one I would pick!