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If you’re ready to start earning an online income whilst changing the world at the same time!


Introducing: The Coaching Masters Academy, Ultimate 3 Month Online Coaching Accreditation Programme.



Is this you?
  • Do you feel trapped, working for somebody else, knowing that you could be doing so much more!

  • Do you secretly crave a purpose to your life that would give you a true sense of contribution and fulfillment?

  • Do you find yourself earning far less than you deserve?

  • Do you have powerful experiences that could be shared with others?

  • Do you dream of the freedom to work from anywhere in the world?

  • Do you want to help others change their lives and increase your income at the same time?

We get it...

You were told to spend £30k on a degree, get a job, work hard, buy a home, pay your bills and… Not much else!

You slowly realised that you wanted more than this…

You looked at others and felt different in some way, you wanted to push against the grain, create impact in some way, and feel like you're contributing to something other than just somebody else’s bank balance.

You want more.

more adventure

more excitement

more fulfillment

more freedom

more money

But you don’t have a clue how to achieve it.

Fear and lack of clarity paralyses you from taking advantage of opportunities…

And you see others online, smiling, making money, traveling the world and you feel somehow that you may be different.

But here’s the thing… You’re not!

You Are Just like US!


I’m Lewis. Just 3.5 years ago, I was in prison, suffering with substance misuse problems, trauma, mental illness, tons of debt, and basically living a life of limitations. Now, after just 2 years in business, I am teetotal, happy, healthy, online coach, earning a multiple 6 figure income, with the luxury of being able to work wherever I want in the world!


I’m Liam, only 3 years ago I was a postman. No motivation, no direction and no clarity in what direction I wanted to move in. Through a powerful journey of coaching and personal transformation I have gone on to become an international success coach for high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities. I’ve continued to evolve regardless of surviving a terror attack & losing my Dad to suicide within the same year.

What is online transformational coaching?

Online transformational coaching, is like having a coach that you take with you virtually instead of meeting in person. You find a time to meet virtually with your client, and then use powerful methods, frameworks, techniques and systems to allow the individual to make long-lasting positive transformation in their lives.

Can you actually make money from helping people?

Damn right you can! Take it from a postman and a prisoner! The coaching industry is BOOMING! Due to the rise of social media and online opportunities, more people are not only taking to the internet to make an income, but more people are wanting to invest in their own personal growth to become the best version of themselves in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

How much money can you make?

I personally made a 6-figure income within 8 months, whilst in full-time education & spending the summer traveling south-east Asia! Due to the transformational results and goals that people are able to achieve through coaching, the average hourly rate for coaching is anywhere between $80-$190. But can rise to up to $500-$1,000 per hour, for more established coaches. And that’s not to mention, writing books, selling courses, selling-out events, and affiliate commission from YouTube and all sorts of other opportunities that you will get from developing a powerful online transformational coaching brand.

What will you learn with the Coaching Masters Academy?

  • How to make a huge positive impact with simple questions
  • How to take action & create a success cycle
  • How to build an advanced repertoire of coaching skills
  • How to give positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • How to communicate to get what you want
  • How to improve the quality of your life
  • How to engage others effectively
  • How to utilise precise language to influence people’s thinking
  • How to improve your powers of communication
  • How to create dramatic change in yourself and others
  • How to stop thinking like a victim
  • How to inspire & motivate
  • And most importantly… How to deliver all of the above to a coaching client ONLINE!

topics Covered

Week 1

• What is the definition of coaching & more specifically how can you use it online to transform lives.

• The 3 BE’s that will maximise your experience throughout this course!

• The 4 stages of learning.

• 9 Simple Questions to create a VERY Powerful Coaching Session every single time!

Week 2

• The 9 Direct Questions to Create Well-formed Outcomes

• The official criteria for a ‘well-formed’ outcome (Extremely powerful!)

• The power of Outcome Based Questions ( take ANY client from Problem to Solution / Victim to

Week 3

• Mastering the 6 Neurological Levels of Change

• 5 questions to help your client climb the levels and change their life

(This will be one of the most powerful things you can use to change ANY client’s life)

Week 4

• Listening made fun, so you know exactly how to help every client that sees you for an online
transformational session.

• OSCAR & The Hole (an incredible coaching frameworks that has been adapted and improved
by Liam in order to create a journey of change in ANY client!)

Week 5

• Three Techniques to shift your client’s perspective & get them out of a slump

• The STIR Model (Use this model to create an instant solution that will completely change your
clients perspective)

Week 6

• The 4 Magic Questions that will get you to the heart of any problem EVERY TIME!

Week 7

• The NLP Meta Model (Language masterclass Pt 1)

(Discover how the power of SPECIFIC language can challenge your clients in a way they will change their thinking)

Week 8

• The NLP Milton Model (Language masterclass Pt 2)

(Discover how the power of VAGUE language can challenge your clients in a way they will change their thinking)

Week 9

• Perceptual positions

(When your client’s problem is another person. This is the magic exercise that will allow them to break free, heal relationships and create long lasting change)

Week 10

• The power of reframing (Discover how a well constructed re-frame can change your clients
perspective so much that it will completely transform their lives!)

• Plus, learn about the Perfect 5 People to Reframe EVERY single problem situation!

Week 11

• Timeline based techniques
Allow your client to discover things about their own personal timeline that they didn’t even know existed!
If anything can create Change, Growth & Progression…. this is it!

Week 12

• The power of Sub-modalities
Discover how your client processes internal obstacles that are holding them back. And more importantly, discover how to change them!

• The power of Representational Systems
Discover how your client processes information and therefore how they think. With this skill you will be able to seriously change lives.

Will you be a legally-qualified, Coach?

Yes! With the Coaching Masters Academy Ultimate Three Month Online Coaching Accreditation Programme, you will be a fully-qualified, Coach. Both the Trainers and The Coaching Masters Academy are qualified and accredited by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. You will be certified as a professionally recognized Coach, and eligible for accreditation by the IAPCM. For more information regarding our accreditation see:

The Benefits of this intensive online programme!

You will start your own business, pick your own hours and control your income.

You will be working online from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

You will be your own boss and make your own decisions.

You won’t need to hold any stock, have an office, or manage any staff.

You will be able to create powerful transformations in people’s lives.

You will become respected and admired for making a contribution to the world.

What’s Included?

Weekly 90-minute online training with Lewis & Liam

Weekly 90-minute online interactive workshop

One monthly written 1,000-word assignment

• Assigned Accountability Coaching Buddy to practice techniques

4 hours of recorded observational coaching session submission

What you get…

• 18 hours of powerful NLP and coaching training

• 18 Hours of Interactive Workshops to practice techniques

• Coaching Qualification Certification

• 12 Month Coaching Accreditation with The International Authority of professional coaches 

• Client background questions (The best questions to ask EVERY new client) 

• Horizontal and Vertical questioning (31 Masterful questions that instantly shift perspective)

• The Perfect Coaching Session blueprint 

• 90 Minute Online Coaching Business Launch Intensive Masterclass from Lewis Raymond Taylor 

• Private closed Facebook community of other transformational coaches 

• 12 weeks of messenger and email support directly from Lewis & Liam 

What's next...

If you’re ready to become someone who makes an impact on the world, The Coaching Masters are currently offering complimentary discovery sessions!

We will have a conversation online via video call about your current situation, discuss if becoming a coach would be the right fit for your goals and aspirations, and we’ll then assess if you will be the right fit for our programme!

This next step could be the one that changes thousands of other people’s lives…

Including your own!

Click the link below and select a time for us to speak now.



You will be blown away with what you’re learning here. Not only will you be able to transformation other’s lives, but applying this training to your life will be invaluable!

However, if you feel it’s not worth at least double what you’ve invested, and you’re not happy in ANY WAY…

You can have 100% of your money back! That’s our word.


Monday 13th May 2019 will be your first live session!!
Weekly calls will be on Monday and Wednesday between 8:00PM-9:30PM UK time.

The Alternative....

We understand that moving in a new direction can be daunting. A lot of people fear failure, rejection, embarrassment and disappointment… or maybe all four. But here’s the thing… What do you risk if you don’t take risks?

You risk looking back on your life with a deep sense of regret.

Regret that you didn’t:

  • Take that opportunity.
  • Help that person.
  • Push past fear.
  • Live fast.
  • Become the best version of yourself.
  • Change the world in your own little way.

….and I think you deserve that. In fact, I think everyone deserves that.

Which is why, not only can YOU become the best version of yourself right now, but you can also become the kind of person who will help OTHERS to become the best version of themselves! 

All whilst earning a huge income, and having complete and utter freedom to work whenever and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop or smart phone.

This could be you in 3 months?

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Myth Buster Q & A

At just £7.74 a day, this course costs the same as a coffee and muffin a day from Starbucks. However, a coffee and a muffin will not give you the opportunity to help others and create freedom in your life.

Not in coaching you don’t, that’s what the programme is for! However, life experience of overcoming adversity can be extremely valuable to your clients.

Nope. Again, that is what we are here to help you with.

It’s definitely helpful, but not essential as at the end of the programme we offer an intensive masterclass to get you started with launching your business!

We estimate that you will need around 4 hours per week to complete the training and qualification with us.

Then you can take advantage of our no quibble money back guarantee. Don’t worry, we only want to work with Coaches who are really ready to become powerful transformational coaches.