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Coach Your Way to


how we help people change their life

by becoming an online life coach

Even if you're brand new & have no idea where to start!

100% free instant masterclass

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100% Free Instant Masterclass ↓↓


how we help people change their life

by becoming an online life coach

Even if you're brand new & have no idea where to start!

Learn How We Are Reshaping The Coaching Industry


You’ve followed life by the book and did what was suggested, only to look 10 years ahead of you to realise it wasn’t what you thought you’d signed up for… 

Life became a matter of existing rather than living and that inner-itch that you’re here for more has been getting stronger every year that passes. 

If you’re ready to completely change the trajectory of your future, as well as the lives of every person that you come into contact with then listen very carefully to what we are about to share with you… 

If you want that missing piece, to satisfy the itch & fulfil your potential as an individual, then you absolutely must master one, very simple, yet powerful, thing…

"How can you add more value to other people's lives!"

Adding value to other people’s lives is the key to true fulfilment and it’s also the key to having an extremely profitable life-changing service to offer people. A life-changing service that will create freedom for you in ways you may not even be able to comprehend right now…

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Travelling the world?

No Problem

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Home in the South of France?

100% Possible

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Better future for your family?

This is a Must!

Adventures around the world?

No Problem

Home in the South of France?

100% Possible

Better future for your family?

This is a Must!


Well, there is NO BETTER WAY to add value to people’s lives than becoming a…

Life Coach!

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...But more importantly, an Online Life Coach.

...But more importantly,
an Online Life Coach.

Due to the world moving into a digital era, you have an opportunity to start your own online life coaching business and pivot into an entirely digitally-based career!

Introducing Coachflix!

The world’s ONLY total-solution for starting your own online coaching business. Get absolutely everything you could ever need to develop your mindset, get legally qualified as a coach, and then get full to the brim with online coaching clients – all for just $9.99 per month!

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Education & Training Awards Winner 2021

We are extremely proud to receive the well respected, Corporate Vision ‘Best Online International Life Coaching Business’ award.

Giving testament to our overall vision of being the best coach training community in the world


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Whether you want to deliver the immense value you have to offer by running retreats in Santorini?

…or simply open your laptop from home and deliver a handful of online coaching sessions online?

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The Spectrum Of Opportunity With Coaching Is Endless!​

How Can We Help You?

First, we’ll provide you with the most powerful coaching tools, techniques and frameworks on the internet, that will not just entirely transform your own life, but give you an extremely valuable life-changing service to offer to others. 

These tools & techniques aren’t just learned from a book, they come from real-life personal transformations, as well as being Accredited to a Level 4 Standard by IAPCM & CMA.

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We don’t just leave you with a qualification, we then provide you with the most powerful marketing training, tools and strategies to enable you to build your very own freedom based coaching business; and again, We do this entirely online. 

This is the Missing Piece
You’ve Been Looking For…

What's Next?

We’ve put together a completely free introduction to coaching training that will show you the power of coaching techniques and how to use them on your future clients! You can watch now instantly by following the link below.

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I want you to imagine for a second that you’re a fully-qualified online Life Coach, specialising in an area that you’re truly passionate about.

You open your laptop and deliver powerful transformations in people’s lives, and you do this online from anywhere in the world.

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You close your laptop at the end of the day, whether it’s Starbucks down the road or your villa in Bali, and you smile to yourself because...
  • You’re free from the location restrictions, controlling employment and the financial limitations.
  • You’ve finally allowed yourself to grasp the missing piece you’ve been searching for.
  • You know you’re making a difference in the world because you’ve…

Coached Your Way To Freedom

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