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“HUNGER, That Creates More Money, Freedom, And Fulfilment For YOU!”

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discover the three secrets

secret 1 tcm

How To Create A Constant Source Of Motivation That Will Keep You Moving Forward Even On Days You Don’t Feel Like It!

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How To Stay In A Constant State Of Entrepreneurial Growth So You Can Tackle Any Challenge That Comes Your Way!

secret 3 tcm

How Entrepreneurs Like You Are Developing Their Business, Kept Accountable, Stay On Track And Ensure They Absolutely Smash Their Goals!

only 20 spaces available!

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is this you?

Like most entrepreneurs, you dream of building a better life and a strong, thriving business, making lots of money, and creating true freedom and fulfilment…

yet ‘something’ is keeping you stuck.

There’s a little voice in your head which keeps telling you it can’t be done.

Some days you’re unstoppable. You wake up, bursting with ideas, motivation and drive, smashing through any obstacle which comes your way.

Then a couple of weeks later you’re struggling to find the motivation to even open your laptop, with lack of energy and focus, wondering whether the whole ‘entrepreneur thing’ was such a good idea in the first place.

You try to be optimistic… however, you’re then dragged down by the negative opinions of those around you.

Even the ones closest to you. You know, the ones who are SUPPOSED to support you?

Those days where tasks pile on top of you are happening more and more.

Procrastination, fear, self-doubt, and over-thinking is starting to overpower your positive drive.

You consider packing it all in.

“Maybe I should just get a 9-5” or “Maybe it is just a silly idea anyway”

However, you keep going… putting the work in, keeping the dream alive.

You start looking for answers…

You read all the self-help books and listen to all the podcasts from self-proclaimed gurus.

But they don’t work. You STILL feel stuck and demotivated.

You scroll through your Facebook feed and it seems like everyone has a massive bank account, bounds of energy and a big cheesy grin on their face.

They make it look so easy!

The only thing you can think of is how much you’d like to wipe this cheesy grin off their face…

You think “why can’t I be like them?”

“How do they do it?”

Firstly, let me just say this isn’t your fault. You can change.

You’ve simply been set up to fail. Yep, this is right. I said it.

You’re stuck in a place where you keep doing the same chores and expecting a different result.

You are surrounded by the same toxic people who don’t want to see you win.

You don’t have access to a strong support network which is necessary to achieve success.

But what if you could be in a constant state of motivation and increase your productivity… without changing who you are or working 18-hour days?

What if you could actually fulfil the goals and dreams you set for yourself?

And what if you could build a thriving business and tackle any challenge which comes your way… even if right now you are struggling with your purpose and drive?

I know this may seem impossible…

Yet, when you read this letter all the way ‘til the end, I’ll show you the ONE secret hundreds of entrepreneurs are using to turn this dream into a reality.

Now, before I do this… let me reveal to you a bit about my own story…

A few short years ago, I was sat in a prison cell wondering how I was going to cope with life outside of prison without drugs or alcohol. It wasn’t my first time in prison. My life has been chaotic from a young age. I had an ASBO at 14, I was expelled from school at 15, and was in a young offender’s institution by the age of 18.

I have since spent multiple times in prison, battled with addition, trauma, mental health; and basically, lived a life of limitations. After a sudden moment of clarity and the support from a community of people, I stumbled upon the formula which created a constant source of motivation which drove me back to education, into college, university and travel the world, get clean from drugs and alcohol, beat mental illness, and into the world of entrepreneurship.

Within 18 months of having the courage to go ALL IN, I had launched four online businesses, a combined social media following of thirty thousand people, making a six-figure income, and living in Bali in Asia! Now I have a community of entrepreneurs and coaches, who help others like you do the same! We all help each other sort our heads out and make things happen!

I want you to know something very important! I am no different to you. I still have to overcome challenges, I am still as guilty as the next person when it comes to being too hard on myself, and I am still a long-term sufferer of shiny object syndrome. This is why I have a Coach. Somebody to support me, hold me accountable, keep me focused, and keep pushing me forward!

Because you are a direct reflection of the people you hang around with! Surround yourself with losers, haters, and people with a negative ‘It can’t be done’ attitude, and guess what? You’ll also be a loser, hater and have a ‘it can’t be done’ attitude!


How different do you think your life would be when you could consistently harness the power of hunger?

What would your business look like when you knew with absolute certainty you’d have more “on” days than “off”?

We’ve all had those times where you can feel the fire of hunger burning within you.

On those days, you are unstoppable!

Nothing gets in your way.

Signing up 5 new clients? No problem.

Hiring new recruits into your downline? Piece of cake.

Writing a month’s worth of social media content? Effortless.

You wake up early, knowing exactly what you need to do, and bloody excited to do it!

This is the power of hunger

IMG 2181

And imagine having your own Mindset Coach?!

Someone to help you to sort your head out and make things happen!

One of the secrets of successful people is their ability to set and achieve goals. External and internal.

Transforming your mindset, enables you to reap the rewards of success; motivate you from where you are now to where you want to be; and leave you feeling more fulfilled, satisfied and content.

The truth is; your finances, fitness, business, work life, social life, relationships, and everything in-between, starts with YOU!

Just picture it…

You wake up every morning excited and ready to tackle the day… you are constantly motivated and feel a burning passion in your heart which drives your business forward…

You’re optimistic about the future for the first time in years. And you’re confident and certain you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

You see, a powerful coaching conversation has the ability to create this burning desire inside you.

Unlock your hunger.

Unleash your talents.

Reveal every single part of you to the world!

Nothing will get you where you need to be in a quicker time frame.

Over the last 4 years I’ve had over $50,000 worth of education, personal development, therapy and coaching!

I’ve been coached by people from all over the world,

and I’ve coached people from all over the world.

The results?


Here are some of the entrepreneurs who have Coached me


Dan Meredith

Social Entrepreneur


Shari D Teigman

Mindset Coach


David Raybould

Business Strategist


Helen Packham

Leadership Coach


Thierry G Carter

Online Internet Coach


Will Polston

Mindset Strategist


Helen Prichard

Marketing Coach

And here are some of the entrepreneurs I’ve coached

What I’m about to share with you, is the solution entrepreneurs like you have been looking for, for a long time.

Coaching on Steroids…

That anybody can afford.

You can now explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment.

You can cross-examine other like-minded entrepreneur’s ideas and aspirations.

You can follow the footsteps of others and learn from their mistakes.

You can feel supported on the days you’re feeling the struggle of entrepreneurship in the comfort of being surrounded by people who get you.

You will be surrounded only by people who are invested in your journey, and want to see you WIN!

This is exactly what we do here at Hunger Start; we support people until they win.

Hunger Start Is the Largest Growing Online Motivational Group-Coaching Community for Entrepreneurs In The World!

A place to get a loving kick up the backside, to go out there and take what you deserve!

image252 1

And it’s not just motivation we are going to help you with…

We are going to attack your stagnancy and demotivation from ALL angles.

Some of our subjects?

We are going to attack your stagnancy and demotivation from ALL angles.

Some of our topics?

Because all successful entrepreneurs know:

When you want to move forward, you need to

hit it from all angles
IMG 2717

imagine you with

What would that do for your life?


What do you think this will allow you to achieve?

Yes, more action to go out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Look, before we go any further: if the thought of being part of a supportive and POSITIVE diverse set of entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and aspiring entrepreneurs, who support and HELP each other doesn’t excite you…

… then there is no need for you to read on, the Hunger Start Accelerator isn’t for you.

However, when you are someone who is ready to develop yourself, and help other people?

we want to help you create a solid mindset.

I want to give you all the tools you need to grow your business.
I want to give you somewhere you hang out which feels comfortable and safe!

And when you let me, and take a giant leap with me, and join me. This is exactly what I will do. I’m ready; are you?

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Who Is The Hunger Start Accelerator For?

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Jess Rose


“Lewis Raymond Taylor is my knight in shining armour…but he didn’t rescue me, he empowered me to save myself.

I put my in trust him, when I couldn’t trust anyone. It was a complete gamble to be honest, but I was tip toeing around rock bottom and needed a push to get me down there so that I could rebuild myself back up again.

And my god, didn’t he just do that.

I used spend my days living in a dressing gown, feeling sad, trapped and frustrated all the time. I was constantly finding ways to distract and run from myself, was surrounded by negativity and stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

All of this contributed to money blocks too which was holding me back in fulfilling my business and life goals.

With Lewis’ push all these things have flipped. This man has guided me to dig deep, get vulnerable and discover who I am today. He has pulled me up and challenged me on the little things I would say which would uncover the big stuff to move forward.

He showed me my worth and how valuable I am with his kind words and understanding.

He has been the first and only person to truly listen and get me to a place where I can fully accept who I am.

Lewis has completely changed my mindset and has guided me to find the confidence to love myself, which I think is the greatest thing anyone can do for someone. He has also facilitated an amazing online community of support, which I am incredibly grateful for. I have made and met such a beautiful bunch of like-minded friends who are genuinely supportive and love watching you become the best version of you.

This has all happened through the Hunger Start Accelerator! That little spontaneous gamble I took. I cannot recommend Lewis enough, his friendly smile and kind eyes will always give comfort to anyone he works with. Thankyou Lewis, so much.”

“I am part of an online coaching community Hunger Start and since I have joined in such a short time, I have:

– I have been challenged and grown in confidence and self-belief.
– I am breaking down the limiting beliefs and facing fear.
– I have made some lifelong friends.

I am embracing this weeks goal of 7 Facebook Lives.

Before I did my 1st one I was so nervous that I didn’t sleep. Each day is getting easier and I’m now more relaxed and starting to enjoying this.

Why am I doing this?

I want to become a Lifecoach because and I want you to get to know the real me.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and watched me grow so far and I hope you will continue to watch my journey. 😊

Finally, if you have a desire to change your life or have a dream then go for it! Don’t let fear hold you back!””

Vanessa Osborne

Vanessa Osborne​

Self-Esteem Coach

Here’s What You’ll get every single week in Hunger Start LIVE!

Sunday – Live Zoom Accountability Session

Sunday, right before the start of the week, you will jump on a live with the entire community and publicly declare your goals for the week.

You will have the chance to speak your goals out loud, and be held accountable by everyone! We also celebrate with claps and cheers. Believe me, they feel better than you think too!

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Tuesday – Live Zoom Turbo Coaching Session

On Tuesday, you have the chance to be coached by me personally, a qualified and accredited Mindset Coach. You will have the opportunity to declare your number one obstacle that is affecting your results that week.

I will use challenging and though provoking questioning to allow you to uncover the answer yourself, I will give you my strategic guidance, or I will open it up the rest of the community to help get you where you need to be!

Wednesday – New Training Session

Wednesday, we have a new live training in our community group. We have Specialist experts from all parts of the entrepreneurial world, offering training on various topics such as mindset, business, relationships, leadership, sales, the list goes on!

tnl tnl

Thursday – Motivational or Inspirational Speaker

On Thursday, you can be motivated and inspired by one of our Hunger Start guests.

You will hear people’s stories about jumping into the world of entrepreneurship and achieving success, people who have overcome extreme adversity in some way, or someone with a motivational story that will inspire you take more action in your life and business!

Nicola Chadbourn

Nicola Chadbourn

Owner & Lean Queens

I struggle to put into words just how much Lewis and the Hunger Start Community has helped me to turn my life around.

I’ve been a member of the group for over a year now and have also met with Lewis for one-to-one sessions. I initially approached the idea with more than a touch of cynicism, thinking that I was beyond help but good luck trying. However I quickly realised that the power of positivity is more than just a myth. With the help of Lewis and the fabulous Hunger Starters, I am now waking up each morning with a whole new outlook on life. The group is full of such inspirational people from all walks of life, a few minutes of scrolling through the posts will make you feel like you can take on the world!

Anybody that feels like they need a push in the right direction, this is the place for you. I’ll be forever grateful for the impact its had on my life.

I freaking increased my business, relationships and more in 3 months! And now by another 50+ percent! Lewis’ mindset coaching WORKS!!! Take action. Trust me. My goal when I started was 100 meals a week. I’m now maintaining 450 AND I raised prices!!!!


Julie Zwart

Business Owner & Keto Coach

Here's What Else You Get

bonus one: Video Training Series Mindset & Motivation 7-Step Blueprint From Lewis! How to Create a Constant Source Of Motivation So You Can Guarantee You Achieve ANYTHING You Want To!

Value $997

product mockup

bonus two: Online Business Development Training from Lewis! Discover the Online Business Development Tactics Internet Entrepreneurs Are Using the Create More Money & Freedom In Their Business!

Value $997

How to develop a personal brand.

How to gain customers on social media.

How to build confidence and close more sales.

confinence personal brand 1
Charlotte Hollands

Charlotte Hollands

Owner & Teacher of Turtle Tots & Turtle Tums East Surrey

Being a part of HSA was a great experience, the support and community feel from Lewis and all of the members was way above what I ever imagined.

The weekly calls are very productive and motivating and the regular training sessions are fantastic!

I would def recommend HSA 😊

Oh, There’s More!

Specialist Trainings from Entrepreneurial Experts!


Lewis Raymond Taylor

Mindset Specialist


Neil Jordan

Meditation Specialist


Denis Brzozowski

Creative & Branding Specialist


Helen Packham

Leadership Specialist


Kelvin Uchemefune

Motivation Specialist


Richard Winterbourne



Angela Ramel

Holistic Empowerment Coach


Virag Gulyas

Branding Coach


Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

Sales Trainer


and many more

Come and get guidance from a range of Hunger Start specialist coaches, mentors and consultants. People who not only have the qualifications… they have been there too!

You’re bored of ‘experts’ that have all the books, badges and certificates but have never done it.

You’re sick of people telling you what to do when they don’t have a clue what it’s like to feel how you do.

That’s why we are different…

We haven’t just read this stuff; we’ve lived it!

We understand you and we CAN HELP YOU.

Every single Hunger Start specialist has overcome adversity and created a POWERFULLY fulfilling life.

Someone can only take you to the depths that they’ve been themselves.

We have been to those depths, we can still feel the struggle, and we know the way out!

That’s why we know for a fact that what we share with you WORKS!

Who is The Coaching Masters University For?


“When I came to TCM I was worried about my progression as an entrepreneur. I felt a little bit lost if I’m honest and without direction or motivation. This was the main reason for starting HSA. It was like I had too many things on my plate and not enough room/time to conquer them all. When I joined Lewis and his team I was amazed about the community, support and content provided for the price. 

The HSA provides great content for the value. Very quickly I was able to prioritise my workload better. Which was so helpful when it came to getting small but important things done. Since the HSA I have almost completed my PT course, I have better time management skills, I feel more equipped to take on the day, I have met some amazing people, I have learnt about social media engagement, vlogging, accountability, and most of all I feel supported.. I’m grateful to have been a part of something so great. Thank you ♥️”

Lauren Sandford

Lauren Sandford

Lifestyle Coach

but wait, there's more!

Close Facebook Community & Group Chat

Screenshot at Jul 09 13 50 12

The hub of our community is on Facebook. You will have the opportunity to socialise and network with other entrepreneurs, share your wins, and ask questions to a range of entrepreneurs, from pretty much every industry. You will also be able to find me there, and I can answer any questions for you, and hang out with you guys!

The Accelerator News

acceler 1

Once per week, we send you a COMPLETE breakdown via email of everything that has happened in the community, all the trainings you may have missed and everything coming up so you are always up to date!

Accountability Buddy


You will have your own buddy to hold you accountable. You will be given a list of people to pair up with and ensure you are given a swift kick up the bum to take action and make sure you make the most out of what is to offer in Hunger Start Accelerator!



Yup, it’s time to push yourself. Some of the ones we’ve run so far are: 3L Water challenge, 6am Club, 15-Minute Fitness & 5-Minute Meditation!

Support from Lewis

phone lewis

Ensuring you get a mega-level value of support, you will have access to Lewis’s email address and social media accounts – meaning that between sessions and trainings, you can continue to explore, develop and grow.

How Much Does It Cost?

You’re thinking you’re about to re-mortgage your house, aren’t you? Well, good news. Group coaching means you all share the cost of life-changing coaching, expert training and everything else, meaning you only end up paying the cost of a round of drinks.

Here’s what everything would usually cost.

4 x Live Zoom Accountability Session

Value $197

4 x Live Zoom Turbo Coaching Session

Value $197

4 x Live New Training Session

Value $197

4 x Live Motivational or Inspirational Speaker Sessions

Value $197

Video Training Series: Mindset & Motivation 7-Step Blueprint!

Value $997

Video Training Series: Online Business Development Training!

Value $997

How to motivate yourself to use fitness & nutrition to create more energy & productivity in your business

Value $97

How to use meditation to create more clarity and peace in your life and business!

Value $97

Total Value= $2,782

Now, this may seem like a hefty investment…

Yet, if all this program did was help you build a successful 6-figures a year business… would it be worth it?

If all you got from it was the ability to push through any business obstacle and be filled with motivation every day… would it be worth it?

If this program empowers you to finally make the dream lifestyle you desire a reality… would it be worth this price?

I’m guessing it would.

Luckily… you won’t pay $2,782… you won’t even pay half…

In fact, you won’t even pay 10% of that!

You can get full access to everything right now for just…

Dollars HS mockup

$97 per month!

(TCM Membership required)

No contract. No extra fees. No minimum commitment.

TCM Hunger Start white gold

No contract. No extra fees. No minimum commitment.

You pay your $97 get access to EVERYTHING, and see what you think for the next month!

Our guess is you will stick around 😉

If it’s not for you? You can leave at any time.

This is less than the price of a Starbucks coffee a day.

Look, I could sell the access to this group at $500 and it would still be a bargain… however, I’m not doing this for the money.

I want to help entrepreneurs like you get free from the anxiety, the overwhelm, and the fear.

And I want to replace it with hunger, vision, and drive.

We’ve done the math. And right after 20 new guests, the personal treatment and the information you receive starts to dilute and it won’t have the same effect.

So, in order to give you the best experience possible, I decided to limit the number to just 20 new guests.

If you are number 21… I’m sorry you won’t qualify.

As of writing this, we already have 39 on the waiting list. 

We are accepting


into our community
When we open the doors back up on

18th October 2019


If you try to sign up after these places have been taken, you will not be accepted.

TCM Hunger Start full color

100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!​

Yes! Guaranteed results!

I know from personal experience what works.

These insider secrets changed my life.

I’m so confident…

Up to 7 days into joining Hunger Start Accelerator, if you’re not entirely satisfied…

Then you can have 100% of your money back!

TCM Hunger Start white gold
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Julie Zwart

Julie Zwart

Business Owner & Keto Coach

I freaking increased my business, relationships and more in 3 months! And now by another 50+ percent! Lewis’ mindset coaching WORKS!!! Take action. Trust me. My goal when I started was 100 meals a week. I’m now maintaining 450 AND I raised prices!!!!

Since being part of Hunger Start I’ve been guided into becoming a health coach and having my own business as distributor of nutritional products which im still currently developing. Once i achieved starting this business up I decided i still wanted more out of life and again i was inspired by Hunger Start to follow my dream of becoming a motivational speaker. I’ve had the opportunity to do talks about my life story on 1 occasion in front of two people which was nerve wracking but after having my confidence built up through help from Hunger Start i went ahead and done it anyway. 

I celebrated being two years clean on 1st of Jan and I decided I wanted to search for a young boy who gave me some water and money when i was begging in a shop door while i was in the grips of addiction. I wanted to repay the boy for his kindness that day as it made me feel sorry for myself that much i decided enough was enough i couldn’t live that life anymore and seeked help by going to rehab. 

Hunger Start helped me search for the boy via social media and only after 2 weeks of searching ive found the boy and also done an interview with bbc radio station, been on the front page of a local newspaper, been in two national newspapers, and had two itv tv shows wanting me to appear on the shows to share my life story. I’m forever greatful to Hunger Start as I now look forward to waking up each day.


Ben Hornsby

Wellbeing Coach


… lack of clarity and BAD energy infecting your life.

You no longer want to let procrastination and self-doubt stop you from becoming the successful entrepreneur you know you are destined to be!

You want to have access to the right tools and the right knowledge to be able to grow your business!

I know what this is like, because I’ve been there before.

And I know our Hunger Start Accelerator
can help you solve this HUGE problem


I would love to see you in these live sessions
I would love to see you take part in our training videos
I would love to see you part of our powerful community

I can’t wait to witness your NEW energy, and your NEW winning perspective on life.

Most of all?

I can’t wait to watch you come alive.

For you to feel a new sense of POWER over YOUR LIFE.

Where you are in the driver’s seat.

So, you can go out there and…


With a gleam in your eye which has people around you to say:


You won’t just be a driven entrepreneur…

You’ll radiate positivity and make the
world a better place simply by being more YOU.


and I’ll see you on the inside.

The Alternative

You go back to what you’re doing and continue feeling:

and unfulfilled.

You spend the small investment you could have made in yourself, on food, a round of drinks, or another couple of books you never take action on.

If you’re still wondering if it’s the right time to change your life?

Then it probably is.

If you’re still wondering if you’re the ‘right person’ for online coaching?

Then why not find out?

Don’t allow yourself to fall back into the same trap you’ve done previously…

Try and see past the stories you may be saying to yourself about how “it won’t work” or “you’ll do it one day”.

You’ll never know until you try, and ‘one day’ may never come!

When you want something you’ve never had?

You must be willing to do something you’ve never done!

Let me start by giving you one free powerful coaching question which could change your life forever…

What could your life of business look like when you start taking action right now?

Go with your gut, and try something NEW!

This is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Do not miss out.

Because some will.

Don’t let this be you.

You deserve more.

TCM Hunger Start white gold

Your Questions, Answered:

If you don’t make the time, then nothing will change. And you don’t have to dedicate 3 hours a day to this… just start small and implement what you discover. You’ll quickly see how more work starts coming OFF your plate.

Then you’ll miss out, won’t you! Only messing! Firstly, you can catch all the live trainings on replay in the Accelerator Facebook Group. Secondly, all of our trainings are also added to our membership area on our website, where you can access with your person log in details. Finally, if you miss all of that, we also have a newsletter we send out once per week with all the latest from the Accelerator and links to all the things you may have missed!

Not at all. We’ll help you in all areas of your life, like: Mindset. Motivation. Fitness & Nutrition. Meditation. Leadership. Spiritualism. Branding. Marketing. Sales.

We aren’t giving you information you can find in a book… we’re offering you a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will push you to become better. We’re giving you guidance and a connection you won’t find anywhere else. This is coaching on steroids.

As soon as you make the investment, you’ll be added to the group straight away, along with an introduction email sequence explaining everything that you need to know. Lewis will also be available to answer any questions you have, as well as Bonne – the Hunger Start Accelerator Community Manager.
Yes! Everyone is welcome here… all you need is a passion for creating the dream lifestyle you know you deserve.

Yes, we do. So you’re either jumping up and down excited because you’ll finally get out of the rut you’ve been in… or we give you a full refund fast. No questions asked.

Sunday 2:00PM and 7:00 PM, Tuesday 2:00PM and 7:00 PM, Wednesday 7:00PM and Thursday 7:00 PM, all in UK time.

P.S. When you want to see what hundreds of entrepreneurs are doing every day to build thriving businesses…

… create the lifestyle they and their partner deserve…

… and finally, be free from the entrepreneurial “hamster wheel” of despair… then make sure you join us and check what the Hunger Start Accelerator has to offer!

TCM Hunger Start full color



Coaching Certification

Total Training Hours: 5 hours