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Here are some of our Coaching Masters' Online Businesses

large TCM Mockups Lauren Sandford

Lauren Sandford

Lifestyle Coach

UL 4 Mockup Natoyah Egan

Natoyah Egan

Confidence Coach

TCM Mockups Charlotte Mather

Charlotte Mather

Fulfilment Coach

TCM Mockups Jasmine Ross

Jasmine Ross

Resilience Coach

TCM Mockups Monika Pawlowicz

Monika Pawlowicz

International Mindset Coach

TCM Mockups Lee Ann De Leca

Lee-Ann De Leca

Fulfilment Coach

TCM Mockups Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers

Confidence Coach

TCM Mockups Ali Whelan

Ali Whelan

Career Coach

UL 4 Mockup Angelina Kanis

Angelina Bhelle

TCM Mockups Gary J Allman

Gary J Allman

Peak Performance Coach

TCM Mockups Charlotte Lewington

Charlotte Lewington

Empowerment Coach

TCM Mockups Shari Angelina 1

Shari Angelina

Fulfillment Coach

TCM Mockups Kelly Leanne Cox

Kelly Cox

Empowerment Coach

TCM Mockups Barbora Divisova

Barbora Divisova

Transformation Coach

TCM Mockups Catherine Daley

Catherine Daley

Purpose Coach

UL 3 Mockup Christen Gilchrist

Christen Gilchrist

Mindset Coach

UL 3 Mockup Helen Hannah

Helen Hannah


UL 3 Mockup Katy Curry

katy Curry


TCM Mockups JIll McGowan

Jill Mcgowan

Ideal Breath Coach

UL 3 Mockup Katy Sgouraditis

Katy Sgouraditis

Empowerment Coach

UL 3 Mockup Lilla Vig

Lilla Vig


UL 3 Mockup Nicola Pettitt

Nicola Pettitt

Empowerment Coach

UL 3 Mockup Ruth Dive

Ruth Dive


TCM Mockups Paris Vaughan

Paris Vaughan

Empowerment Coach

UL 4 Mockup Becca Brown

Becca Brown

Health and Well-being Coach

UL 4 Mockup Zarina Hossain

Zarina Grace

Women Empowerment Coach

UL 4 Mockup Tyanna Shama

Tyanna Shama

Transitional Life Coach

UL 4 Mockup Sam Clark

Sam Clark

MINDSET and Fulfillment Coach

UL 4 Mockup Louise Hynes

Lou Hynes

Life Coach

UL 4 Mockup Cinthya Lechat

Cinthya Lechat

Happiness Coach

Here's what some of our fire Up Attendees Have To say

Gosh where do I even begin?! The Coaching Masters have changed the game for me. I graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology but never really got to put it to use. I am currently coaching two clients and have only been graduated from the program for a few months. This program really helped me come out of my shell and break down limiting beliefs I had about myself. I feel more confident in being able to talk to others, coach them and it even helps me in sales! Absolutely loved the connections I made with the other coaches — everyone is so positive & kind. 100% recommended all the way!

CM CEO Round 1 Batch 1_Caitlin Tefft

Caitlin Tefft

Holistic Health & Hydration

UL IHMP Claire Pointer

Claire Louise Pointer

Mindset Coach

I I just wanted to share my love for how fantastic the Ultimate Launch is!! Over the last few weeks I have been updating my social media profiles and writing various content. 

I never thought I’d be able to find the right words to do it myself but with the structure and guidance from the programme I’m doing it, and feeling very pleased with myself! 

On this week’s training Lewis told us that we would start getting leads coming in from the content we would be posting. As expected, you are so right!  In just 24 hours I’ve had 3 people message me saying they would like to discuss working with me, and I’ve had numerous messages and comments from people saying they are loving my posts recently!Thank you so much Lewis and Liam for creating this amazing family and helping us all to make fantastic life changes! 🌟 Much love to you all 💓

TCM is such a powerful community that teaches you everything you need to know about this field. Each week you learn something more and more mind blowing. It not only teaches you on how to coach others but it also teaches you how to better yourself! By the end of this course you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought. The encouragement, positivity and drive that everybody brings to the table in this community is so amazing!


Stephanie N Dijols

Business & Confidence Coach

NLPT Lenka Kudjakova

Lenka Kudjakova

Self Belief Coach

I truly believe that everyone who is attracted to this community is because you are meant to be part of it.. What I really love about TCM is the connections and support you 100% receive from EVERYBODY. Because we all want to be our best versions of ourselves that’s why many members call it a family including myself. TCM truly made me believe I can be and do whatever the hell I want to if you are looking to ditch your old self and remerge as a new version of you are in the right hands ❤️

This accreditation program is high quality; I would have to say that only my ordained ministry training ranks close and that is mainly in interactivity but not nearly as fun and entertaining. Our coaches teach us a level of fun unlike anything else I have experienced and it’s contagious. I love these coaches and I love life even more thanks to them. This program is also very logical, so logical in fact that I have found my self wondering why I never thought of many of these teachings myself. But that is the beauty of this program – its simple. It’s real and it is down to earth!

CM CEO Round 1 Batch 2_Trudy Shines-Morgan

Trudy Shines-Morgan

Transformational-Mindset Coach

IAMU Vicky Lienna 1

Vicky Crozier

Enlightenment Coach

I have had some really nice comments feedback over the past 2 days and I just want to say there is absolutely no way I would of been able to move forward without the help of the people I am practicing with. Thank you so much for the support TCM family – all of you ❤️ It shows how much support and love is in this community and if you need help with anything someone will be there.

I never thought the accreditation would change my life, but my goodness me. I could not have predicted or anticipated the mindset shifts, the friendships and the transformative experience I had over those 12 weeks. Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

CM_Dani Britten

Dani Britten

Transition Coach

CMIT Debbie Louise Chambers

Debbie-Louise Chambers

Belief Coach

Can’t believe I am officially a coaching master and launching my coaching business on 29th March 2020! I’m sooo excited and absolutely love the support and continued love in this community! Best coaching business to join with and complete the accreditation!

Sending lots of love and success to you all 💖 Let’s make our journeys the best they can possibly be 🏆

AM SO SO GRATEFUL FOR TCM. And for this beautiful space where we can connect and support each other. Now more than ever! I have been speaking with some of my clients and their staff, and I’ve been thinking of the best ways to bring them some peace and love. Since experiencing the power of NLP, I’ve been wondering whether one of the methods could help people shift their perspective as well as reframing situation and being grateful, using breathing and meditation. But I’ve found that’s just the last thing on most people’s minds right now. Sending love and high energy to you all ❤️💛❤️

UL IHMP_anna bannister

Ania Bannister


CM Clare Reynolds

Clare Reynolds

Business Coach

This community is so full of love and support but personally I’ve seen and experienced first hand that it is a life line for when we are facing any challenges and I know that noone here is alone, if someone asks for help or reaches out for support there is always someone in here that would be there at the drop of a hat. Never have I seen that level of connection and desire to help others in an online community. I just want to send each and everyone of you so much love!

If you had told me a year ago an ex prisoner and a postman were my knights in shining armour…haha. BUT, these guys know their shit! And they’re so down to earth, entertaining, funny and not bad on the eye. They have created an empowering community of people that support and encourage each other. The team of trainers and staff Lewis and Liam have built are always ready to help you and celebrate with you. They all keep it 100% honest and have a wealth of skill and experience to tap into!

CM_Zoe Gould

Zoe Gould


NLPT Jill McGowan

Jill McGowan

Lifestyle Coach

I used to believe that I was not as good as many of my peers – my actions and professional respect said other wise but deep down I lacked in confidence UNTIL 

Monday 16th Dec I attended TCM session and one little part of that opened a blocked process in my brain a very old experience was relived and it has changed my understanding. I now believe and give my self permission to be more successful than I ever have and I will have the life I want and financial freedom that is there for me to take I AM AS GOOD AS ANY OF MY PEERS. have taught/mentored and counselled throughout my nursing career in various different areas but have never felt as comfortable and contented until I joined the TCM community and have the NLP course as the icing on the cake! I took imperfect action and have not looked back. It was bloody terrifying getting three paying clients in one fell swoop – I can tell you BUT I did it. You guys fucking ROCK! Thank you everyone in The Coaching Masters family.

Best money I’ve spent on any coaching/training EVER. TCM is the best decision I’ve made all year! Lewis & Liam were absolutely fantastic and the way the course is set up is the best course I’ve ever taken. The community is also a piece I wasn’t even expecting but they have created a supportive & loving community like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced. Just ALL. OF. IT. SO good, you won’t regret it.

CM_Vicky Lincoln

Vicky Lincoln

Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer

CMIT Jenny Hardman

Jenny Hardman


I have been a coach for a few years although every good coach understands the need for a coach. Someone to have your back, be in your corner when you need them and help to guide you along the way.

I came across TCM quite by accident although I am super glad that I did. I feel like I have found my tribe. Really authentic and good people, all supporting each other to be great! I have made some good friends, learnt a lot and actually been held accountable for my plans. Since joining TCM I have really focused my energies and my business has taken a turn in the right direction. On-boarding new clients, at the right price and delivering great value! I can’t wait for the Fire Up event!

Let’s just say “Best decision EVER! I don’t even know where to begin when talking about how awesome The Coaching Masters is. I knew from the first live training session this would change my outlook on life as I had spent the previous 5-6 years stuck in a rut and did not enjoy life. As the weeks went on with the training sessions and the interactive calls where the students became coaches to each other, I saw so many people face their fears and stomp on limiting beliefs right before my eyes. It gave me the tools and encouragement to face my own fears and pummel my limiting beliefs to take control of my own happiness and realize I am awesome and deserve better. My goal is to make the world a better place helping one person at a time whether it be a client, friend, family member, or stranger I meet. Thank you, TCM!

CM CEO Round 1 Batch 1_Kym Koyn

Kym Koyn

Mid-Life Happiness Coach

UL IHMP Scott Maxfield

Scott Maxfield


Working with Lewis and Liam was definitely worth it; they are very genuine, they truly care, they go over and beyond to make sure you achieve the results you need. They care for their clients as if they are their family and best friends; I can never forget the moment I received my t-shirt and certificate in the post This shows how much they care… On the other side, their method helped me become an accredited coach, helped me organize my day, business and family time, and I still use their method all the time . If you’re looking for the balance in life and work, family and business, if you feel overwhelmed, tired, and you need someone to take your hand and help you achieve your goal, then you definitely have to check them out . 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I became a qualified and accredited coaching master after completing the 12 week accreditation programme through the coaching masters. It’s a 12 week fully interactive learning experience and it has changed my life!!! It is without a doubt the best thing I could have invested in for myself. I am beyond grateful that I came across this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to take my new skills and help change lives one person at a time! If you’re still on the fence it’s time you step out of the comfort zone and take a chance and see what freedom looks like for you!

CMIT_Paris Vaughan

Paris Vaughan

Empowerment Coach

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Vicki Kerr


I first saw the Coaching Masters via a free webinar and thought who the heck are these two??? A prisoner & a postman??? 😂 I was intrigued and needed to know more! I did my research and signed up to the monthly membership, mainly for me to find ways to improve my own online business in another area….BUT I had a big breakthrough moment that wanted to be a coach!  I made the decision to get on the Coaching Masters Accreditation course, for me I like to know that I have all the tools & skills necessary to make my coaching business successful…they are certainly providing that!! I have 3 practise clients and am only 4 weeks into the training!! There’s members that are new and some that have already gained experience in coaching, but we are ALL there to support each other. I’ve not experienced this in any other community, it’s truly amazing to find your people. So, if you’re on the fence or dubious…honestly TAKE that risk!!! It’ll be worth it!!

This movement has without doubt totally changed my life! It continues too as well. 

I came here with no bright future on the horizon, a really nervous individual and confidence was on the floor at the beginning.  It is difficult to put the full impact this movement has had on my life in such a small review. The value on offer here, the positive buzz, the continual updated content, the personal development & business courses are astonishing, the amazing community vibe & encouraging spirit, I could go on but space is running out. I’m here for life, simple. This movement changes lives constantly & I’m here for the whole journey. A massive thank you To Lewis, Liam & the rest of the team, you are the best!


Jon Radcliffe

Life Coach

CMIT Irasema Pantoja

Irasema Pantoja


TCM! the place where you learn how to become a better version of yourself and teach others how to overcome the same fears you had. TCM helps you to be successful, to learn new skills and become financial freedom and gives you the opportunity to travel while working online! I love the decision that I made by joining The Coaching Masters!

I cannot begin to describe how much my life has been altered since working with the coaching masters. The only way I can describe it is being out in a desert alone with no food or water, then two strangers appear from nowhere and give you all the nourishment you need to bring you back to life! It really has been that dramatic for me and I cannot thank the coaching masters enough. All I ever wanted was to realise how great I can be and they have done that for me. I’ve escaped my job and can now live life on my own terms and there really is no feeling like it. If you’re not happy in your job and know you have more to give, reach out to the coaching masters and I promise you, your life will never be the same again!

CM_Gary Allman

Gary Allman

Peak Performance Coach

CMIT Chad DeWet

Chad de Wet

Life Coach

I don’t believe it is possible to write the coaching Masters a short testimonial. Best decision I have ever made. I am making more money than I did as a Yacht Captain! You guys have assisted me to turn my life and business into something I tried for years to accomplish in less than 12 weeks. I was amongst those that never believed that having an online business was possible until I signed up. You guys have opened my future and assisted me to become the authority when it comes to helping crew find jobs on yachts. Your methods, tools you equipped me with, community and support has helped me to achieve a goal I didn’t even have until I signed up. Your Ultimate Launch program has made such an impact on my portfolio that I have been headhunted by a leading Authority in the Maritime industry to fly and meet them. Thank you for exposing me to coaching and you have done as you promised.

Amazing experience training with these guys! I have done distance learning before but nothing like these guys deliver👩‍🎓!!! The virtual classroom 🖥 with people from all over the world! 🌍 in different time zones!! ⏱, The accountability buddy 👧👱🏼‍♂️system, The presentations and handouts plus the online practice with the videos 🎥 available to rewatch each training session and the members area plus the group all made this definitely the right choice for me. I have met amazing people on this journey and I look forward to staying part of TCM and the future courses 🖥 👩‍🎓

CM_Maisie Martini

Maisie Martini

Health & fitness Coach

CMIT Shari Angelina Petersen

Shari Petersen

Fulfillment Coach

I don’t even know how to describe the life changing experience with TCM. Liam, Lewis & the whole team created such a special community of love, support and an abundance of knowledge, the support and connection felt during any contact with the community or during the accreditation cannot be described and MUST be felt. I had been studying to become a health coach for 6 month before signing up for the accreditation and I can say without a doubt that I have learned more during the accreditation course than during any other course or training I have done before. It is only because of the accreditation that I can make use of what I had learned prior as they gave me the tools and confidence that I needed to become the coach. The abundance of value you are getting for the prices paid is out of this world and one of a kind. The only thing I would regret is to not have started taking their courses and being part of the community earlier. From me to you, be brave, invest in yourself, invest in TCM, there is nothing in the world I could recommend more.

When I look back at the person I was when I started The Coaching Masters Accreditation just 12 weeks ago, I’m completely shocked at the negativity oozing out of me without me even knowing it! Not only has the course given me invaluable tools to build a business helping others, but it has also completely transformed me on a deep level. My mindset, outlook and way I deal with factors in my life has changed hugely for the better, and for that alone I’ll always be grateful to have found The Coaching Masters. Thank you!

CM_Louise Dickson

Louise Dickson


UL IHMP jenny wheeler

Jenny Wheeler

Business and mindset coach

I can honestly say that The Coaching Masters changed my life! Before I found TCM I was lost, anxious and completely unfulfilled. The Coaching Masters Accreditation programme changed all of that! From the first moment I saw Lewis & Liam via instagram, I knew they were special, their enthusiasm for life was contagious. I wanted what they had!

I was shocked at how quickly my mindset changed and how incredible I felt! By the end of the 12 weeks everything was different. I was full of confidence, the happiest I’d ever felt and genuinely excited for the future. I had my passion for life back.

My life is unrecognisable from 6 months ago. All of this came from trusting two guys on the internet who I can never thank enough. Who knew an Instagram ad would change my life? …The Coaching Masters did! 💪💫

The Coaching Masters raised awareness in me and it has changed my life! Not only have I been able to find clarity in my life after years and years, I have been able to process and let go of the things that have been holding me back for so long! I have never felt so content and fulfilled with what I am doing. 

I never thought ANYTHING would come close to how acting made me feel, and this is everything and more. The course is extremely well structured, Liam and Lewis are absolutely amazing, so supportive, extremely knowledgeable and so easy to relate to. It’s like a little family! You are not just trained as a coaching master by expert professionals, you experience a pivotal moment of growth. 

You experience the true power of coaching, and what I experienced as, THE biggest shift of my life. That one phone call with Liam changed everything, because it led to this. That one phone call with Liam changed everything, because it led to this. THANK YOU, Lewis and Liam, from the bottom of my heart.

Elena Beth Reynolds

Elena Beth Reynolds

Empowerment Coach

CM Brennan Lagman

Brennan Lagman

Intuitive life coach

The power of this program extends far beyond my initial conception of a certification. The Coaching Masters taught me the real meaning of the phrase “it starts with you.”  By providing a platform and space in which I could be totally vulnerable and explore parts of my inner world in ways we are rarely afforded in society, alongside a massive group of others on a similar journey, they have enabled me to start this lifetime journey of impacting others by beginning with myself. This is more than just an accreditation: it is a personal journey to finding the most empowered you, and then taking those powers to go do the same for others. If you are looking to make a real impact in your world and others’, this is the place to be!

How I made £50k extra profit in 12 weeks working with Lewis.

Before I started working with Lewis, I had a coaching business that wasn’t making any money and had very little presence. I was lost, stuck and didn’t know what I needed to do to finally realise my dream of running my own business. Lewis helped me narrow down and clarify my target audience and completely pulled apart my business model. 

He left no stone untouched and helped me create a strategy that completely transformed my business. My social media following grew by over 6k across LinkedIn and Instagram, I have over 200 profile views a day and the strategy enabled me to land over £50k in new contracts and clients. I can’t thank Lewis enough for his drive, passion and experience in taking my business to the next level.”

Screenshot at Sep 11 09 02 30

Tom Harris​


Natalie Shaul

Natalie Shaul

lifestyle coach

I wanted to say how grateful I am to have met you, Lewis. From the very first call my gut feeling told me you were the right coach to pick and it was absolutely right. You truly are an inspiring person. You’ve been on an epic journey which has inspired myself and so many more. You’ve turned something bad into something amazing! And your journey continues which brings a real human element to you which makes me admire you even more. 

For me, the appeal is that you are like the lad you meet in the pub, cheeky and funny but also so smart and switched on and with a genuine heart. It also helps that you are easy on the eye… 😊 You’ve brought together a wonderful group of people, all of whom have enriched my life. Chelsea is just brilliant and exactly what I need and I feel I have made lifelong friends in Chanelle and Knut. My life is unrecognizable since we first met, for the better and that’s all down to you and your team.

Doing something I haven’t done before. I’ve been working on this for a while …..but honestly? I didn’t feel ready. Thanks to Lewis Raymond Taylor I have recently worked through why I felt like this and this is why I’m now taking the next step. 

Putting myself completely out there! It’s scary but when you have a story and have life experiences which put you in the position of potentially helping others going through similar issues, it would be wrong to hold back and not follow that purpose. Thank you, Lewis.

Ruth Miller-Anderson

Ruth Miller-Anderson


Gemma Jennings

Gemma Jennings

Freedom Coach

“I have been so pleased with the work of my VA Liza, it has made such a difference to my business. Liza has created and organised systems to manage the work-flow in my business and is able to work confidently on her own initiative. Liza often shares information that she has found regarding social media and marketing and has been able to come up with ideas proactively. She has been able to create pages on websites and update information, designing these herself with little guidance.

I can sometimes have a chaotic approach and Liza has bought calm and organisation to my businesses. She is able to work quickly and efficiently and has been a real asset to me, Liza has quickly generated infographics and advertising material on social media that would have taken me ages!. Liza has a great work ethic and will chase me up when needed to make sure the business runs smoothly, she is able to identify with clients needs and wants and change her style of communication to suit for the different businesses. 

Liza has a really systematic approach to her work and having this organisation has considerably reduced the overwhelm I was feeling, she has come up with more efficient ways of running things, saving me time.

Having a VA has made such a difference to my business and has enabled me to move from working in the business to working on the business, a point where so many entrepreneurs get stuck! I now feel able to grow my businesses and have time with my children and can’t thank Liza enough for all she has done.”

When I signed up to train with Lewis and Liam on The Coaching Master’s course, I didn’t really know what to expect.I was apprehensive as I’ve never been on an online group training session. They made me feel at ease and we had an awesome group of talented coaches to practice with too. 

The coaching knowledge these guys offer is out of this world! They know the answer to every question you could possibly fathom. They’re funny, insightful and professional and have made the course entertaining. It’s been fun and I shall miss it. The course itself has been orchestrated very well. 

It’s simple to follow and the frameworks are fantastic. These two gentlemen have helped me to change my own mindset. I’m doing things that I only ever dreamed of. Thank you both so much guys. I’ll be forever grateful to you both and am proud to be a Coaching Master trained under your care. You’ve brought impeccable value to my life! I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about the best training available. This is it!


Victoria Thorpe

Happiness Coach

Lauren Sandford

Lauren Sandford

Lifestyle Coach

“When I came to HSA I was worried about my progression as an entrepreneur. I felt a little bit lost if I’m honest and without direction or motivation. This was the main reason for starting HSA. It was like I had too many things on my plate and not enough room/time to conquer them all. When I joined Lewis and his team I was amazed about the community, support and content provided for the price. 

The HSA provides great content for the value. Very quickly I was able to prioritise my workload better. Which was so helpful when it came to getting small but important things done. Since the HSA I have almost completed my PT course, I have better time management skills, I feel more equipped to take on the day, I have met some amazing people, I have learnt about social media engagement, vlogging, accountability, and most of all I feel supported.. I’m grateful to have been a part of something so great. Thank you ♥️”

I AM A COACHING MASTER! WOW! What an amazing life changing journey, I am not the same person I was 12 weeks ago and last night I cried with happy tears and I am so proud of myself. I reached out to Lewis mid way through and said I can not do this, why would anyone work with me if people don’t like me! I now know it was me who didn’t like me as I wasn’t able to see the good that’s inside of me! Now I do! Thanks to you both guys, you have saved my life!

UL IHMP_chris (linzi) dagnall

Linzi Dagnall

Empowerment Coach

CM CEO Round 1 Batch 2 Gemma Pearson

Gemma Pearson

Lifestyle Coach

Child Development, Community Outreach, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities, Teaching, Psychology Lecturer…A snapshot of my past careers.

This week I graduated from an intensive 3 month coaching accreditation course and can honestly say I’ve learnt more about how to actively help people on a personal level and make a serious impact on their lives in the past 3 months than I did during the best part of a decade at university, including a masters degree in psychology.

I can’t thank everyone in TCM enough for their effort, passion, energy and talent in delivering this course and will be forever grateful TCM came into my life!



Coaching Certification

Total Training Hours: 5 hours