Putting Yourself First Isn’t Selfish

Putting Yourself First

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish!

I hear this a lot. Like, a LOT.

We pick up beliefs throughout our life; messages we’ve been given, things we’ve seen, heard, felt or experienced.

From a young age, one of them is usually to share, help other people, be kind, give to others, etc…

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

However, a lot of people get this skewed.

They end up helping others so much, that they start to neglect themselves…

They start to believe that by doing things for themselves, means that they can’t serve others…

And if they did do something for themselves, they’d be selfish.

Not true!

Selfishness is simply a lack of consideration for someone else.

Now answer me this:

Does it have to be at your detriment to consider someone else?


Here’s the thing:

It’s okay to put yourself first!

There isn’t just space for one person in that position! You, and everybody else, can be treated in the same way.

Actually, by prioritising yourself, you’re in a stronger position to be able to help other people.

Yes! By prioritising yourself, you benefit others.

So remember, be a bit ‘selfish’ today.

You’ll be able to help more people.

And besides…

You deserve just as much as anybody else.









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