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The Coaching Masters Professional Boundaries

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The welfare of our community is of the upmost importance to us. It is, however, important to note our professional boundaries. We’d like to kindly ask you to take the following points into consideration to ensure everyone in the community’s wellbeing is respected at all times.

Lines of Communication

If you need help with your payment plans, to access a training, or anything Finance, Customer Service or Administration related, please do not contact any of the TCM trainers, management, Lewis & Liam, or even the customer service team directly on social media.

We need to track and respond to your query properly, and are unable to do this if your message is lost in people’s inbox. Please direct all Customer Service, Finance or Admin queries to our approved methods of communication which can be found at www.thecoachingmasters.com/contact

This is Training, Not Therapy

We, of course, are with you every step of the way inside the community, and encourage you to ask for help and share you challenges with others; however, it is important for us to state that this is not a private coaching experience. We are here to train you to become coaches or to build your business, this isn’t any form of therapy, counselling or personal coaching.

If you need any other form of professional help, outside our coaching and business training, we recommend you contact your GP or local mental health hotline. More information can be found here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/

No 1:2:1 Service Provided

All courses and products are either on-demand video content, group-training, or group workshops. The two-hour workshops are designed to answer any questions, practice, get feedback and interact with our TCM trainers. If you have further questions, you can post them into The Coaching Masters Community Facebook group. Outside of this, there are no 1:2:1 coaching, messenger support, or any other form of 1:2:1 service provided by any of TCM’s trainers or management.

If you require the premium 1:2:1 support of our TCM trainers, we would kindly ask you to respect their time, and purchase a course upgrade package. This is a completely optional service, and only there for people who feel they require additional support on a 1:2:1 basis. You can find the details to our upgrade packages here: www.thecoachingmasters.com/course-upgrade.

We Love You

Remember, we love you and are here to help you at all times; however, we must keep the boundaries in our community tight to ensure we are looking after the wellbeing of everyone, including our trainers and management. Coaching and training all day can be tough, then having to answer hundreds of messages of things that fall outside job descriptions, working-hours, or sometimes even professional capabilities, can be very difficult to handle.

We’d like to please ask you to respect the boundaries listed above and hope you have an amazing experience here at The Coaching Masters. If at any time you require any help or support and are unsure who or where to go to, please contact us using our approved communication channels found by following the button below.

Thank you for your co-operation.