Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness

“I wanted to say how grateful I am to have met you, Lewis. From the very first call my gut feeling told me you were the right coach to pick and it was absolutely right. You truly are an inspiring person. You’ve been on an epic journey which has inspired myself and so many more. You’ve turned something bad into something amazing! And your journey continues which brings a real human element to you which makes me admire you even more. For me, the appeal is that you are like the lad you meet in the pub, cheeky and funny but also so smart and switched on and with a genuine heart. It also helps that you are easy on the eye…  You’ve brought together a wonderful group of people, all of whom have enriched my life. Chelsea is just brilliant and exactly what I need and I feel I have made lifelong friends in Chanelle and Knut. My life is unrecognizable since we first met, for the better and that’s all down to you and your team.”

Natalie Shaul


Nikki Tapley


“I would like to thank Lewis Raymond Taylor for his patience, encouragement and persistence in pushing me to challenge myself whilst working with me as my coach and as part of the Social Masters.

I have experienced an unprecedented level of business growth and can’t quite believe how quickly I became fully booked with clients, before we’d even finished working together.

Thanks to his commitment to challenging me to step outside of my comfort zone, and see what I couldn’t previously see about myself, I have achieved so much more than I had expected when I first approached Lewis to work together.

I had been looking for help to create a personal brand, but I have come out with so, so much more than that! Lewis been instrumental in me taking the leap to charge for my coaching and mentoring services outside of my employed work. His coaching, support, encouragement and the online branding work delivered as part of the Social Masters program, has enabled me to be confident in my brand, and in my ability to deliver a quality, professional service and become fully booked with high-ticket clients.

I now have a waiting list! I am delighted to say that I have already achieved a 100% return on investment too. That’s something I am delighted with and although Lewis had said I would achieve this, I hadn’t truly believed it! It’s been hard work, but worth it, and I would not be where I am now without him – for that I am very grateful.

Lewis has challenged my mindset, opened my mind to new possibilities and overcome those limiting beliefs that were holding me back! Now I find myself doing the same for others and seeing incredible results in my clients who are all superstar clients who I love working with. So thanks to you, Lewis, if you’re reading this, for playing a huge part in this step of my business journey, I wouldn’t be where I am now without you!”

“This is the both easiest and most difficult recommendation I’ve ever had to write!! Difficult because I’m not sure I’m eloquent enough to put exactly into words just how inspirational Liam is, but I’m going to do my best, because I’ve never met anyone quite like him. When I travelled to London to listen to him speak about his upcoming course, I’d already decided that I wasn’t going to do the course, as I already had enough on my plate (I’d signed up to 3 courses already!), yet sitting there listening to his passion and energy for life, NLP & coaching changed my mind, and I knew meeting him would change my life forever!
The course was incredible, and I feel blessed to have been part of it.
Since finishing the course, he has been there to help guide me, because he truly cares, and helps you believe in yourself. The content you learn is just the beginning, you gain a community, even a kind of family.
I am still in touch with other attendees, and feel extremely fortunate to call Liam a friend now.
I think, by reading all of the above you can work out for yourself why it was the easiest recommendation I’ve ever had to write.
I just hope I’ve done him justice!!
Big love”

Mike Roi

Eliza Heslop

“Over the past few years, Liam has helped me countless times as I’ve created the foundation to start my career. Whenever I have a bump in the road and need some guidance I know I can count on this team! Liam’s enthusiasm for life and success can only be described as contagious! Keep up the great work.”

“Lewis Raymond Taylor my knight in shining armour…but he didn’t rescue me, he empowered me to save myself.

I put my in trust him, when I couldn’t trust anyone. It was a complete gamble to be honest, but I was tip toeing around rock bottom and needed a push to get me down there so that I could rebuild myself back up again.

And my god, didn’t he just do that.

I used spend my days living in a dressing gown, feeling sad, trapped and frustrated all the time. I was constantly finding ways to distract and run from myself, was surrounded by negativity and stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

All of this contributed to money blocks too which was holding me back in fulfilling my business and life goals.

With Lewis’ push all these things have flipped. This man has guided me to dig deep, get vulnerable and discover who I am today. He has pulled me up and challenged me on the little things I would say which would uncover the big stuff to move forward.

He showed me my worth and how valuable I am with his kind words and understanding.

He has been the first and only person to truly listen and get me to a place where I can fully accept who I am.

Lewis has completely changed my mindset and has guided me to find the confidence to love myself, which I think is the greatest thing anyone can do for someone. He has also facilitated an amazing online community of support, which I am incredibly grateful for. I have made and met such a beautiful bunch of like-minded friends who are genuinely supportive and love watching you become the best version of you.

This has all happened through the Hunger Start Accelerator! That little spontaneous gamble I took. I cannot recommend Lewis enough, his friendly smile and kind eyes will always give comfort to anyone he works with. Thankyou Lewis, so much.”

Jess Rose

Intuitive Life Coach

Tom Harris


How I made £50k extra profit in 12 weeks working with Lewis. 

Before I started working with Lewis, I had a coaching business that wasn’t making any money and had very little presence. I was lost, stuck and didn’t know what I needed to do to finally realise my dream of running my own business. Lewis helped me narrow down and clarify my target audience and completely pulled apart my business model. He left no stone untouched and helped me create a strategy that completely transformed my business. My social media following grew by over 6k across LinkedIn and Instagram, I have over 200 profile views a day and the strategy enabled me to land over £50k in new contracts and clients. I can’t thank Lewis enough for his drive, passion and experience in taking my business to the next level.”

“Momentous & powerful…” Working with Lewis has been a momentous and powerful experience. I walked away from each session with a clear (easy to implement) strategy that made my life and business better. Before working with Lewis, feeling stuck in my head and was struggling with my sales strategy and figuring out a schedule that was more manageable with my demanding life. He gave me a simple (yet powerful) strategy that helped me increase my confidence in booking discovery sessions with potential clients using social media. Plus, he helped me simplify my weekly schedule so now I’m 100x’s more productive and less stressed. Because of Lewis’s guidance, I feel confident I am capable of building a high earning business without sacrificing what matters most to me. If you’re feeling stuck in the muck like I was, I highly recommend working with Lewis. He will give you just the jolt you need to kick your life and business into high gear!

Kenya Halliburton

Digital Marketer

Daniel Disney

Founder, The Daily Sales

“The big problem I had was, I was an entrepreneur, my own business, and everything to try and do and achieve whilst also having two kids and a wife and a lot of responsibilities.

There are all other coaches out there, I’ve met plenty of them myself, but finding someone that you genuinely can connect with, who actually listens to you and can help you through the challenges you have personally. Its not easy to find someone like that. I’ve had various conversations with other coaches before where, you know, they just wasn’t really going to be much benefit, but Lewis has a very unique ability to help.

Being coached by Lewis has had a huge impact in my life. He has really helped me kind of realise A: What I want to achieve, and B: How I can achieve it, and one of the first things we did when we started the coaching was literally mapped out on a white board everything that I was aiming to and aspiring for, and then all of the sessions since then have been about how we can achieve those things and what’s stopping me from achieving them. And what’s quite scary is that there are a lot of things stopping me from being the best I can be, all internal things like fear and various other emotional challenges that it would be impossible for me to solve it myself.

Lewis really helped me increase in the content I’ve put out, the things I’m doing with my customers, I think it’s been a key to the success I’ve achieved so far and I certainly believed that it’ll be the key in the future success I achieve.

With the help of Lewis, it sort of opened a far bigger picture, I’ve entered a lot more of opportunities and been able to grow my business quite significantly which I genuinely wouldn’t think I would have done if it just be me on my own.”

“When I came to HSA I was worried about my progression as an entrepreneur. I felt a little bit lost if I’m honest and without direction or motivation. This was the main reason for starting HSA. It was like I had too many things on my plate and not enough room/time to conquer them all. When I joined Lewis and his team I was amazed about the community, support and content provided for the price. The HSA provides great content for the value. Very quickly I was able to prioritise my workload better. Which was so helpful when it came to getting small but important things done. Since the HSA I have almost completed my PT course, I have better time management skills, I feel more equipped to take on the day, I have met some amazing people, I have learnt about social media engagement, vlogging, accountability, and most of all I feel supported.. I’m grateful to have been a part of something so great. Thank you ♥️”

Lauren Sandford

Network marketer & personal trainer

Vanessa Osborne

Life coach

“I would like to express my gratitude today. 🙏

I am part of an online coaching community Hunger Start Accelerator, run by an the formidable Lewis Raymond Taylor.

Since joining this group

– I have been challenged and grown in confidence and self-belief.
– I am breaking down the limiting beliefs and facing fear.
– I have made some lifelong friends.

I am embracing this weeks goal of 7 Facebook Lives.

Before I did my 1st one I was so nervous that I didn’t sleep. Each day is getting easier and I’m now more relaxed and starting to enjoying this.

Why am I doing this?

I want to become a Lifecoach because and I want you to get to know the real me.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and watched me grow so far and I hope you will continue to watch my journey. 😊

Finally, if you have a desire to change your life or have a dream then go for it! Don’t let fear hold you back!”

“Liam has helped me regain my motivation to better myself! After years of spinning my wheels going nowhere, Liam has got me back on track again! I couldn’t have done it without the correct direction. I would highly recommend if you’re serious about making a change in your life or career.”

Martin McEvoy

Jinny-Marie Lee

“Liam is just a great coach and trainer. When he coaches you, you feel that your aspirations matter to him and the confidence that he inspires is permanent. He brings an energy and focus to coaching that lights a fire.
Last year, I was lucky enough to take part in a group coaching event led by Liam which involved an 40ft aerial obstacle course. Just being asked to participate made me wonder if I could do it – and it was a challenge.
Over 1 year later, I am still exhilarated by having achieved it and I draw on the experience whenever I face something that makes me want to cry with fear. The same freshness can be strongly felt in his training seminars & courses – put simply, he empowers participants to get out there and meet life head on.”

“When I met Lewis I was in a place where my own thought patterns were wrecking my relationships, affecting my job and in general stopping me progressing or taking action – I suffered paralysis through analysis, overthinking and negative thoughts got me to a place that I couldn’t get out of. Lewis helped me realise that I could break through these self imposed barriers and beliefs, in the time that I have been working with him I’ve closed off old relationships, started a new one, am pursuing a number of my own business ideas, developed self awareness around my mind and thought patterns which help me address things before the spiral out of control. Coaching is one of the best investments I’ve made, I’d recommend it to anyone and I’d recommend Lewis if you want to breakdown those barriers and start achieving your full potential.”

Jon Taylor


Rob Sanders

“Liam is an Amazing coach. He has helped me unlock my potential both personally and with my business aspirations. The coaching I received has made me realise there’s no limit to where I can go with my business and I look forward to working with Liam again and again.”

“Thank you Liam! For years you’ve been motivating me and challenging me to work harder to get where I am now. True inspiration!”

Frans Isotalo

Beth Symons

“Liam really is a fantastic coach, he has worked wonders for me personally and for my career. I have worked with Liam numerous times and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues.”