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Welcome to my first Blog for the Coaching Masters!

When I was invited to write this, there was no set criteria or guidelines apart from the word count.

I wanted to offer something different, something captivating, something you will not find in a book or have read before….

…. So the next morning, I woke up, ready to be struck with inspiration, I drank my glass of water, listened to my morning meditation, wrote my journal, went and had my morning cup of tea and breakfast. And ….


So, I continued my day, as normal, I did my exercises, had my shower, cleaned my teeth and put my contact lenses in.

Then as I stood there about to scoop the hair product out the pot to sculpt my hair, in the same style; after I had put my deodorant on of course ….

Then it hit me, so far, all I had done was carry out routine after routine that I do on a daily basis, on a conscious and unconscious level.

I went back downstairs and flicked the kettle back on…. As usual!

And pondered about this for a little longer.

What is a routine? According to the Collins Dictionary, a routine is the usual series of things that you do at a particular time.

It is the practice of regularly doing things in a fixed order.

These routines can become so ingrained that they become your learned response, meaning you don’t even think about doing them.

I thought about the routines I have and what happens to me if I am unable to carry them out in the set order.

I find it can be quite disconcerting and disruptive to your day.

I mean, have you ever found yourself on the way to work and all of a sudden a mass panic sweeps over you because you cannot remember if you sprayed your armpits this morning because you go interrupted from your pattern ???

I have, and until I thought about it, I was fine and then I started sweating profusely!

Or have you ever driven to work, parked your car and then after a busy day come out in the evening to where you normally park and discovered your car had been stolen?

Only to remember you parked round the corner. Yeah me too!

So now you might expect me to provide some textbook examples of routines, why we have them and what it does for us but I thought that might be a little boring.

Instead, rather than a blog of theory around habits and routines, I thought I would share an insight into other people’s lives and their views about routines.

I asked a handful of successful people of varying ages in different occupations, the same specific question to see how different the responses were.

What two things do you consider essential to your daily routine and how do they affect your day?

Not everybody responded with two things and I left the question very open without any emphasis on work or personal life. I hope you find it interesting and useful to see what they picked and how and when that fits into their day.

Chris – Online Body Transformation Coach – Dream Fitness
“Making my bed is essential. It starts my day off in a productive way and sets me up for the day. No matter what happens during the day, I can end the day getting into a bed that is made.”

Sophie – Global Head of Brands and Commercial Programmes – Alcon
“During the week, I start my day every morning with a cup of tea, that my other half brings me in bed (It is my turn at weekends). I use this time to catch up with the news headlines in the UK and around the World.

More recently, as my work involves a lot of travel and working with different countries, I have started regularly checking on the effects of COVID 19; the Corona tracker app has become my choice to understand how the virus is affecting different countries around the world.

I prefer actual data rather than reported figures in the news that differ from channel to channel. This also helps me feel more in control, as I can check it two or three times a day from a consistent source, so I feel informed about what is going on.”

“My other constant is cooking; baking at the weekends; but cooking dinner for the family during the week is my wind down at the end of the day. I am finding it more important than ever during lockdown; With three semi nocturnal teenagers, dinner is often the only point in the day where we spend time together!”

“As my job involves a lot of work with America, I occasionally have calls in the evening. I get frustrated when I have to skip dinner with the kids, or I haven’t had time to cook a proper meal for them. Even though they are all teenagers and I’m working full time, I still feel my ridiculous self-imposed duty as Mum to feed them! It is a constant juggle.”

Paul – Managing Director and Founder – Sonin Mobile App Development
“I have set family time before work in the morning. I do this to try and create a relaxed start to the day and spend quality time with my family before getting focussed on work.”

“As MD of the Company, I try to be flexible in my approach because things can change without warning.

However, during my working day, I have set times for certain meetings that I stick too closely.

This allows me to maintain a regular framework to my day, so whatever happens, there are consistent points where I can reset/re-evaluate my day.

Having these points in my day allows me to have a fluid approach to the rest of my day to adapt to any unexpected events that arise.”

Denise – NLP Trainer – The Coaching Masters
“For me, routine is the anti-thesis of freedom; and why would I impose any restrictions on my own freedom? So, I don’t have any set routine.”

“Every day, I just want to work out what I want to do, and I do it. If there is something I must do, I work out a way to want to do it.”

James – Paralympic Athlete – Transformation Coach for fellow amputees who would like to lose 10 pounds plus
“I don’t have a set routine as such, but I do have two things that I set my day by and they are:

Positivity breeds Positivity.

Have gratitude and pay it forward.”

Carole – Rapid Transformation Coach, Arbonne, Entrepreneur, Marketeer
“For me it is essential to start the day effectively and the two things I do on a daily basis to achieve this are:

1) Getting up early.

2) Morning meditation and Exercise, this helps me with mood and confidence.

By consistently getting up early you are making a commitment and starting your day off well. Doing what you said you would do, is essential for maintaining discipline and strong mindset and great for confidence.”

Matthew – Experiential Marketeer – Toy Industry – Magformers
“Having a positive mental attitude and being prepared.”

“Being positive in face to face sales is essential; as even a glimmer of doubt, desperation or apathy will show.

You will receive the same emotions in return from your clients or customers as they mirror your behaviour. Be positive and your clients will be positive in return.”

“Be prepared, don’t ever think that you can just busk a situation. So much of what I do has been rehearsed and practised so that when it is done, it looks so easy.

Making it easy is the opposite of overcomplicating a situation – keep things simple.”

“So, for me, be prepared and be positive; not ground-breaking in anyway but highly effective.”

Nicola – HR Director /Consultant
“I have a personal routine where I spend time in the morning walking with my dog before I go to work.

I like the fresh air to blow the cobwebs out of my head. I like to talk to my dog; she gives me oodles of positivity and love.”

“When I am working, I create a quarterly plan with my team; I review what is on the agenda in the morning and again at the end of the day, to check all my priorities are met.

I also have time with all my direct reports, so they are able to air any queries and enable them to do their role.”

“Communication, whether formal or informal helps set others up for their day.”

Lewis – CEO – The Coaching Masters
“The two things for me would be:

1) Doing things that move me closer to the things I want in life.

2) Avoiding the things that pull me away from the things I want from life.

As long as I do that it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished the day.”

So, there it is, I brief but interesting insight into how different people from differing backgrounds view daily routines and the effect it has on the way they function.

Has this got you thinking?

What regular routines do you have?

And how have these changed over the past few weeks during lock down?

This may even inspire you to develop some new routines that will enhance you daily life!

About The Author:

Chris Brown joined the Coaching Masters community in November 2019.

He is an Accredited Fulfilment Coach and NLP Practitioner.

He is currently studying to become a qualified trained counsellor.

Chris helps his clients to rediscover their purpose and reignite that spark to take action and live a more impactful and fulfilled life.

To find out more about Chris and download a copy of his FREE E-book – How to take action and start your path to fulfilment – please visit:

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