NLP Mastery – NLP Practitioner Qualification


  • Are you a coach that feels like you could be delivering more value during your coaching sessions?
  • Do you feel there is something deeper that you just can’t quite help your clients with?
  • Do you feel like having more powerful skills will help increase your confidence?
Taking The Coaching Masters first ever live NLP Practitioner Course is going to give you more confidence, more new tools and more value for your clients.
...and remember, the more value you add, the more money you earn 😉

What actually is NLP?


Refers to our neurological thought processes. This defines the way we think.


Refers to the way that language directly affects this neurological thought process. As well as our feelings and our subjective experience.


Refers to the programming that we have developed since birth. Programming that all too often keeps us stuck in a negative cycle. We learn how to break this programming and re-build it using NLP.

It’s safe to say, becoming an NLP Practitioner and learning all of these advanced NLP tools and frameworks, you’ll be able to call yourself an expert

What exactly is an NLP Practitioner?

An NLP Practitioner is a very powerful, advanced level coach that has a specific set of skills

  • Imagine a coach that not only knows what questions to ask, but also knows how to understand the complex internal thought process of their clients.
  • Imagine a coach that can help people change the way they feel by manipulation and reconstructing images and memories in their mind
  • Imagine a coach that understands language so skillfully that you can almost read the mind of your client!

Your NLP Trainer...

You will be trained by the Coach who taught one of Co-Founders of The Coaching Masters everything he knows!

… and someone who was trained by BOTH of the co-creators of NLP.

The master of masters!

And all round, badass:

Denise Collins! Aka Liam’s Mum!

Denise is a qualified and accredited NLP Trainer, having over 20 years experience, as well as a degree in psychology, a masters in Coaching and qualifications in counselling and hypnotherapy.

Denise has been delivering courses for 18 years however, this time, she’s partnered with TCM to deliver the most epic course she has ever put together!

12 weeks of solid training and workshops where you will become a qualified NLP Practitioner.

If you thought the coaching accreditation was good, this is another level of brain-fucking!

Here’s Just Some of The Things You’ll Learn!

  • How to master The NLP Communication Model
  • How to drastically change someone’s state
  • How to use hypnosis to positively affect someone’s mind
  • How to understand someone’s thoughts and feelings using submodalities
  • How to use your own timeline as a way of changing your future and your past
  • How to build rapport like an expert
  • How to use language to completely shift someone’s mindset
  • How to anchor and call upon strong positive emotions
  • How to master the true power of reframing
  • And a lot more!

Will you be fully qualified?


Over the past 6 months we have been putting together an incredible 12-Week NLP Practitioner Course that we really hope will gain accreditation from the ANLP.

Please Note: Our Course is NOT yet Accredited by the ANLP. This is something that we are currently working towards.

To increase our chances of gaining the Accreditation, we need a cohort of people for a beta programme.

We will then be able to show the ANLP just how powerful our process is, and hopefully it will go a long way towards us becoming the first ever online course they have accredited.

This doesn’t effect your professional status as a NLP Practitioner at all.

You WILL STILL become a fully qualified NLP Practitioner with this beta programme, under Denise Collins training.

She is a fully qualified NLP Trainer and therefore anyone who trains under her can become a Fully Qualified NLP Practitioner. As long as they complete the course and prove to demonstrate a high enough standard of NLP based coaching.

This training will be world class, and the fact we will use it as evidence whilst trying to gain our accredited trainer status means you’ll certainly get even more value and support during this programme.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because it’s the first one, we wanted to offer a special discount…

The price for the NLP programme will usually be £1,297 (This isn’t an inflated price, this is the exact price we will sell the programme for.

However, you’ll get this whole 12 week programme, including the qualification, trained LIVE by Denise Collins herself for..

Just £897.

3 & 6 month payment plans available.

When does it start?

  • Training will be on Tuesday 8-10pm UK time.
  • Workshops will be held twice on a Thursday
    3 pm - 5pm & 8 pm - 10pm
    You only need to attend one Workshop on a Thursday
  • Starting Tuesday 4th February 2020.

It’s worth mentioning that this will be the only EVER live training with Denise, future cohorts will be recorded – so this is an amazing offer and opportunity to say you’ve been trained live by someone who was taught by the co-creator of NLP.

If you’re ready to become an expert by adding Neuro Linguistic to your coaching master’s tool belt…

And being trained live by a Coaching Master’s Master…

Your thoughts create your reality

Your life is completely determined by your thoughts, feelings, language, actions, habits, memories and everything else that makes you who you are.

Imagine what your life will be like when you are able to fully understand these things.

Not only understand them, but control them.

Now imagine what your life will be like when you not only improve your own life, but you’re also qualified and trained to also help others when they need it the most.

Imagine what it will be like when you are the reason that someone is able to improve their life completely.

100% Money Back guarantee!

If before the first month is over, you have participated in all the sessions and you don’t feel like you have been given excellent value, you can request a refund, and you’ll get it straight away – no questions asked.

Your Questions, Answered:

The price has been discounted from an already extremely competitive £1,297 all the way down to £897 as it is the first one we are running via The Coaching Masters.

Also, 3 & 6 month payment plans are available. Possibly making this the most affordable, 12 week NLP Practitioner Qualification in the world

By the end of this 12 week course you will be very experienced in NLP, but you don’t need any experience before hand.

No. You will gain your NLP Practitioner Qualification throughout the 12 weeks of this course, you don’t need any qualifications to begin.

Training sessions will take up only 4 hours a week which are split into two separate 2 hour sessions. We also recommend you spend at least 1 hour per week delivering two 30 minute practice sessions. Which is still only a total of 5 hours per week.

Then you can take advantage of our full money back guarantee. Please see above for details.