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ready to change your life?

Change Lives from Anywhere in The World by Becoming a Fully Qualified & Accredited Online Coach!

You Will Be Working Online From Anywhere In The World From
The Comfort Of Your Own Home.



Our Coaching Training Is Accredited By The International Authority For Professional Coaching & Mentoring To A Level 4 Equivalent;

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The Coaching Masters 12 Week Accredited Online Training Course!

Start Your Own Business

You Will Start Your Own Business, Pick Your Own Hours And Control Your Income.

Work From Anywhere

You Will Be Working Online From Anywhere In The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Become A Boss

You Will Be Your Own Boss And Make Your Own Decisions.

Care Free Life

You Won’t Need To Hold Any Stock, Have An Office, Or Manage Any Staff.

Become Respected

You Will Become Respected And Admired For Making A Contribution To The World.

100% Legal Coach

And The Best Part? You Will You Be A Legally Qualified & Accredited Coach!

No Stock Holding

You Won’t Need To Hold Any Stock, Have An Office, Or Manage Any Staff.


What Exactly Do You Get?


12 Weeks of Deep Dive Training ($3997 Value)

Two hours of in-depth training every single week for 12 weeks to provide you with ALL the coaching tools and techniques to thrive and get GREAT results for your clients every single session.

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12 Weeks of Live Interactive Workshops ($4997 Value)

Weekly two-hour interactive workshops with Lewis and Liam to practice your coaching skills, get expert feedback, remove every single doubt or insecurity, and build your confidence until you’re in the best possible place to get clients, and help them achieve life-changing results.


1:2:1 Coaching Buddy ($497 Value)

Not only will you have us at your side, but you’ll also have your very own coaching buddy to practice with and to keep you accountable on your path to becoming a successful online coach.

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Weekly Live Demos with Liam ($1497 Value)

Not only will you get to hone your own coaching skills, but Liam will also perform real-life coaching demos every week to show you exactly how to put what you learn into practice with your clients so you can help them get massive results every single session. No guesswork and a massive confidence builder!


Printed Accredited Coaching Certificate (Priceless Value)

You’ll get your very own coaching certificate sent to you in the post, showing that you are now a legally, fully qualified, and internationally recognised coach which you can frame, post online, and add to your website for maximum credibility.

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Weekly Worksheet & Printable (Priceless Value)

Each week you’ll get access to all the downloadable and printable worksheets for quick reference, as well as helping you to keep your newly learned coaching techniques front of mind.

What Days Are The Workshops?

Your Weekly Training: Training, Worksheets, Slides, & Demonstrations Will be Released into Your Members Area
Every Friday For You to Study at a Time That Suits You.

Your Live 2-Hour Workshop: Live Workshop, feedback, & Practice Session Can be Selected from Two Times That Fit Your Time Zone:

12:00pm GMT
07:00pm GMT
04:00am PST
11:00am PST
07:00am EST
02:00pm EST
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Instant Access

When Do You Get Started?

You Get Instant Access to Week One’s Training as Soon as You Sign Up & We Get Started with Your 12x Weekly Workshops, Next Monday!

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Love it or Leave Guarantee:

If you’re 14 days in and you don’t completely love it, let us know and we’ll refund you your entire investment. No questions asked.


The Breakthrough Guarantee:

If you have applied the training and haven’t given someone a powerful breakthrough that changes someone’s life, send us the recording of the session, and we will personally critique it for you!


The Upgrade Guarantee

If you are still yet to give your clients amazing breakthroughs using these techniques after 6 months, our team will get on a 1:2:1 session with you and help you until you can!

Instant Access

What Is Covered Each Week On This Life Changing Coaching Accreditation?

Introduction to Coaching

  • Transformation: The Definition of Coaching & more specifically how you can use it online to transform lives whilst making money
  • Style: The different types of therapy, coaching styles & approaches to discover where you sit in the industry once you’re accredited!
  • Mastery: How to become a Coaching Master! (Which is where the real magic happens!)

Analysing Your Clients

  • Analyse: Expertly analyse your clients by understanding whether they are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic processers. So incredibly powerful in coaching and everyday life!
  • Measure: Discover what matters to your client to professional standard with The Wheel of Life. A classic model that has stood the test of time within the coaching industry.
  • Explore: With ‘The 13 Questions’ you will get to know your client better than they know themselves!

Problem Solving & Goal Setting

  • Solutions: Discover how changing your language will put your client into a solution focused mindset from the very start.
  • Questions: You will begin to master what we call Solution Focused Questions. These questions are designed to drive your client forward and are incredibly effective.
  • GROW: Combine those Solution Focused Questions with an age-old coaching model called GROW, and you have the perfect combination of tools to solve ANY problem!

Exploring Change

  • Change: Why is change important? One of the most vital questions you will explore as a Coaching Master in training. Without change, coaching doesn’t exist!
  • Neurological: The 6 Neurological Levels of Change. Wow! One of the most incredible coaching techniques in existence! That’s a huge statement and so true, just you wait.
  • Purpose: One of the biggest questions (and sometimes difficult to answer). Learn how to drill down to your client’s true motivation for wanting change in their life. Powerful!

Shifting Prospective

  • Perception: One of the most vital parts of transformation in life. Learn how to shift your client’s perspective so that their problems no longer exist!
  • Reframing: We do this by a series of powerful techniques that are called Reframes. When you learn how to reframe like a champion, you will be changing lives all day.
  • Life-Changing: If you can change someone’s perspective then you can change their life because perspective is everything. Very exciting!


  • Power: Discover the true power of beliefs and learn how they hold us back when they limit us. Limiting Beliefs are the number one reason why people don’t succeed.
  • Challenge: The first step in this two-step process is all about challenging the limiting belief! This will start to break it down and can be totally lifechanging on it’s own.
  • Belief: Step two shows you how to get your clients off of a negative Belief Cycle and onto a Positive one. This two-step process will allow you to change your clients life forever.

Powerful Questions

  • Map: Learn how The 9 Question structure will always keep you on track and will allow you to deliver a powerful coaching session 100% of the time.
  • Magic: The 4 Magic Questions will have your clients getting in touch with their intuition and their inner selves to uncover some deep-rooted answers.
  • Shock: The 6 Shocking Questions will leave your client jaw dropped and temporarily speechless. This is vital in order to keep them in touch with the coaching process.

Overcoming Fear

  • Defences: Gain a deep understanding of fear. What it is and where it comes from. This is vital if you want to help your clients overcome fear. Which is a MUST in coaching!
  • F.E.A.R: Learn how to master the F.E.A.R Model. This 4-stage process will allow your clients to move through even the most deeply rooted fears that are holding them back.
  • Action: Allow your clients to go on a process that will stop them from trying to fight the fear. Instead they will learn how to feel the fear and take action anyway!

Confidence Masterclass

  • Confidence: This week you will learn how there is no such thing as an unconfident person. Everyone has the ability to feel amazingly confident and you will learn how!
  • Natural: Discover the power of what we call Natural Confidence. This is a type of confidence that is available to everyone and can be developed over time.
  • Inner: Then combine that with the skilful art of Inner Confidence. This type of confidence can be called upon in any moment. Almost like having a Super Power!


  • Launchpad: This information will give you the perfect launchpad into the world of NLP. An incredibly effective style of coaching that really digs down into your client’s subconscious.
  • Bedrock: During this special NLP focused week you will be looking at the bedrock of NLP. It’s a model called The NLP Communication model and it can be used to change your entire life!
  • Brain: Deletion. Distortion. Generalisation. These are 3 of the ways that all humans process information. You will learn how to master these 3 things and therefore control how you view the world!

Goal Setting

  • 10X: You are about to learn the way that true Coaching Masters set goals. Understanding that traditional goal setting is weak, we take it to the next level!
  • Targets: A Coaching Masters understands that goals are targets and in order for a target to be hit, it has to be clear, specific & detailed. Learn how to do the same with your goals.
  • 7 Stages: This is where you’ll master the 7 stages of Well Formed Outcomes. A 7 stage process that will allow you to define your goals so much that it will be impossible not to hit them!

Overview & Reflection

  • Magic: It’s been a long 12 weeks and totally packed with value. We re-cap the 12-week process in order to remember just how magic these techniques are!
  • Hybrid: Now that you possess the tools of a full-blown Coaching Master, we must also look at what other skills you can use to create the biggest impact for your clients.
  • Advanced Coaching: A Coaching Master has the confidence and creativity to develop their own questions and frameworks. Let’s learn how to think on our feet and create instant transformation.

ready for change?

The Alternative

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We understand that moving in a new direction can be daunting. A lot of people fear failure, rejection, embarrassment and disappointment… or maybe all four. But here’s the thing… What do you risk if you don’t take risks? You risk looking back on your life with a deep sense of regret.

Regret that you didn’t

Take That Opportunity.

Live Fast

Become the best Version of Yourself.

Help that Person.

Push Past Fear.

Change the World In
Your Own Little Way.

….and I think you deserve that. In fact, I think everyone deserves that.

Which is why, not only can YOU become the best version of yourself right now, but you can also become the kind of person who will help OTHERS to become the best version of themselves!

All whilst earning an online income and having complete and utter freedom to work whenever and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop or smart phone. 

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Your Question, Answered

Of course there is a price to pay for this course, however, consider this:

Your time is far more valuable than money. You’ve only got a limited amount of time and you cannot earn any more, no matter how hard you work.
Money, however, comes and goes.
You can always make more money if you want to.
Compared to time, money is considerably less valuable.

Every single day you’re ‘spending’ lots of your very valuable time at work. At a job that you hate, which makes you feel trapped. In exchange for less valuable money.

So, you could either continue to do that.
Or you could spend a very small amount of that money on becoming a coach and building your own online Coaching business.
And finally find the freedom you’ve been looking for!

So you have to ask yourself.
Can you afford not to change the course of your life?

Not in coaching you don’t, that’s what the programme is for! However, life experience of overcoming adversity can be extremely valuable to your clients.

Nope. Again, that is what we are here to help you with.

It’s definitely helpful, but not essential as at the end of the programme we offer an intensive masterclass to get you started with launching your business!

We estimate that you will need around 4 hours per week to complete the training and qualification with us.

Then you can take advantage of our no quibble money back guarantee. Don’t worry, we only want to work with Coaches who are really ready to become powerful transformational coaches.

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Coaching Certification

Total Training Hours: 5 hours