Matthew Cornet, From Credit Crunch Disaster to Coaching Master

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London, England – The most remarkable coaches in today’s life-coach community are those whose experiences have organically guided them toward helping others. They are driven to guide and provide the answers and solutions to problems that as coaches they have learned through tumultuous experiences, life lessons, or trial and error. 

Matthew Cornet is one of those coaches who has lived through these experiences that inspire so many to follow the career path that they truly thrive in. Inspiring others with his hard-earned knowledge and experience, Matthew’s purpose lies in helping new entrepreneurs and business owners to gain the confidence that they need to overcome their limiting beliefs and normalise success. 

Matthew’s first business, Pipeline Business Generation was focused on lead generation and had a successful 5-year run during which he helped small to medium-sized companies expand their customer base by generating high-quality leads and appointments. While running his business the skills that he shared with clients included copywriting and content creation, formulating marketing strategies, business development, account management, and client relationship management. This business flourished until 2009 when the credit crunch saw 90% of his clients pull their business overnight. 

Matthew spent 10 years working in London in some of the most deprived boroughs guiding and working with some of the country’s most challenging children. This chapter of his life taught him the skills that he needed to mold his approach to coaching and mentoring. Working with the children Matthew was able to encourage their creativity and expression and poured passion into inspiring them and encouraging positivity in their lives primarily using music and drama to increase their confidence and improve their engagement during lessons.

Transitioning from teaching children to coaching adults and peers, Matthew infuses his years of experience into his coaching which he sees as a powerful medium to impact the lives of the many. As part of The Coaching Masters, Matthew has harnessed the lessons of the credit crunch disaster that brought his business to its knees to mentor new entrepreneurs to begin their business journeys. To be a coaching master means to disrupt the lifestyle norms that people have been taught they should expect to live.  Becoming a coaching master gave Matthew the power and ability to not only free his mind but also the minds of the people he reaches through his work.

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