How To View Money As Love


‘In my lifetime, it won’t make a difference how much money I had, what kind of car I drove, or what clothes I wore. What matters most is that I made a difference in the life of my children and they remember a mother that raised them right and loved them unconditionally’.

I’ve always had this belief. Something so true.

I’m a firm believer that money is unable to buy love. It doesn’t dictate who we are or our worth, it doesn’t even buy manners or a kind heart.

When we have money we love it, when we have no money we hate it.

Truth is, we all want money. It keeps bills paid and up to date, the roof over our head, the car on the road, holidays booked, food on the table and the essentials of life.

And let’s be honest, money is not the answer to everything but what a stress reliever it is when we have it!

For the majority the toughest mindset to shift is around money. It’s an everyday essential. When I’ve struggled I find myself thinking about it constantly. Most days I was afraid to look at my bank account. I’d close my eyes, take a deep breath and hope for a large amount to be there. Instead it was usually a minus which was not just frustrating but also embarrassing.

I couldn’t even discuss money openly, it was completely off topic. Asking for help made me feel like a failure and money was a completely forbidden subject for me.

I wanted to understand why I had this relationship and belief around money.

In time I noticed that some of my beliefs around money were not only mine, it was what I saw and felt growing up including the arguments I heard, the discussions and the emotions portrayed onto me.

The most obvious negative experience for me that I found triggered me was a past situation.

After my parents split I lived with my father for a short space of time. He would openly discuss to the 10 year old me how money was a struggle for rent, food, bills and clothes to name a few.

Sometimes my father’s discussions around money with me were so in depth that all the negative emotions my father portrayed I felt. It hit me harder emotionally when my dad would cry on the phone to his mother to borrow money. Years later my father became bankrupt.

Looking back on this now, I can understand the lengths my father went through just to keep his head above the water, food on the table and a safe place to sleep. My heart goes out to him for everything he did. Especially now being a parent myself, It hurts a lot and I have much gratitude for him for keeping me alive and safe through all of his money struggles.

My dad’s attitude towards money and his open discussions was all done with Innocence. He wasn’t to know that it would scar my money mindset.

I created these statements that I believed to be true for far too long;

“I don’t deserve money”

“Money doesn’t exist”

“We never have money”

“There’s not enough money”

And the frequently used statement – “I need money”

Honestly it felt like a curse for years.

The assumptions around money were stopping me from receiving it. It was like money was an illusion and didn’t exist because it was gone quicker than you can count it!

I would assume money is only for spending on essentials and even when I did I’d feel an overwhelming amount of guilt when I spent it.

These negative patterns associated with what happened to me growing up were subconsciously blocking my flow to be happy and receive it.

Everyday I would feel stressed, worried, unhappy, frustrated, disappointed, embarrassed and fearful. Fear of losing everything I had and the possibility that large amounts of money wouldn’t feel “normal” because I wasn’t used to it in my childhood environment.

How did I break this cycle of the negative money mindset that felt like a curse on the family?

First, I had to understand and fully accept that we are pure energy just like money. And that energy of money is an energy of love.

I had to banish – “Money is the root of all evil”

When used with good intentions money is good. Just think of all the charity investments that make a big impact on the welfare of others and the planet. The feeling of satisfaction when you help out a friend or family member in need. All the donations that changed a life. All the money spent to make a loved one better.

“Money can’t buy happiness”

An arguable statement because you could be a millionaire but be lacking in love. You’ll keep spending trying to fill that ‘void hole’ inside of you until there’s recognition that you will be incomplete and unhappy until you find love. So for this it’s true.

But it can also bring adventure, opportunities, the ability to help others and it’s a definite stress reliever!

And who isn’t happier when they’re not stressed?

Majority of the time you’re unable to travel without money. You’re unable to invest in a business without money. You’re unable to pay the bills without money and you’re unable to invest in your desired future without money.

So with it can bring you joy!

“Money can’t buy love”

Never been a statement so true to my heart!

It may not be able to buy love but it can make love.

You love money and money loves you. It brings you joy and it wants you to be happy. It’s just an energy of love.

A positive way to look at it is when you spend, you’re giving in more than just one way. You may feel like you’re losing money when paying for a bill for example but really it goes further than you think.

Be it a business, a person or your gas and electricity company, without your money they’d go out of business and wouldn’t be able to provide you with a good service or be able to pay for the employers that are helping you. Even stretching as far as the employee who’s been saving up.

So think of money as an energy of love and remember to spread that money energy of love – the more love you give, the more love you receive back. I deserve love and therefore, I am deserving of money. I show up with love.

I love money, it allows me to give to charities, treat a stranger, a friend or family without falling myself short of its presence. It keeps a roof over my head and allows me to travel and nourish my soul.

‘I love money, and money loves me’ Money is love. Money is an energy of love and I am deserving of love.

So when you can give the love to others and accept self love, money will follow.

Concentrate on love. It is one of the strongest frequencies on the planet.

So when asked – can money make you happy? The answer is YES!

Tell me, do you not feel happy after having the exact amount to pay for something, the opportunities to travel, helping those who need it and knowing you’re keeping a business in business?

I know reminding myself of this is helping me to diminish my limiting beliefs around money and it helps me to form a new perspective on money and how far it goes when you give money.

So repeat after me ‘Money is love. I make love. I give love and receive love. I am deserving of love and I am love.’


About The Author

Rebecca, Holistic Spiritual Life Coach and a Mother of one.

Her mission is encouraging others to recognize their own self worth and discover their true authentic power within.

Motivating others to change the perspective of life’s challenges and keeping a positive mindset to start living.

Banishing negative behaviours and procrastination.

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