How To Use Visualisations To Attract Your Deepest Desires

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After discovering this simple technique,

It may well become the most powerful 10 minutes of your day!

As an entrepreneur, striving for success, it’s important to use your time very wisely

To achieve as much as possible as quickly as possible

One highly beneficial habit to form which can be extremely valuable on your entrepreneurial journey is …

Daily Visualisations!

Everything we do begins as a thought

And having an ability to see our goals and desires before they actually happen

Enables us to feel motivated to pursue our dreams and ultimately achieve them

Some VERY Successful people use this method in their lives,

As it’s quick and simple, but POWERFUL!

So, what exactly are daily visualisations?

It consists of using the power of your mind to flood your thoughts with what you truly desire

You can use it as a motivational tool to:

> Achieve your goals

> To calm anxiety

> For the law of attraction

> To re-affirm the life you’re striving for

Visualisations harness the power of your subconscious mind

And by visualising what you truly want in your life

It creates a conflicting situation in your mind, between where you are now and where you want to be

Your mind naturally tries to resolve these conflicts and works on creating ways to make the visualisation a reality

It also motivates you to work harder, to create solutions, take action and ultimately gets you closer to success

The benefits of daily visualisations

> If you battle with your inner critique, the little voice in the back of your mind which holds you back, visualising what you truly desire, making it seem real and achievable and will help to quieten this negative inner voice.

> It activates the law of attraction and draws the people, resources and circumstances into your life which you need to achieve your goals

> It builds up your internal motivation and empowers you to take the necessary actions to achieve your dreams

Worth 10 minutes of your day? HELL YEAH!


Here are the steps to take for powerful visualisations:

1) Ensure you are sitting comfortably, relaxed, in a quiet and safe environment

2) Close your eyes

3) Use the power of your imagination to visualise the main goal you desire. Something you would love to become a reality, which you are working towards achieving and truly desire

4) Imagine it in as much detail as possible

5) It’s important to see the image through your own eyes, as if you are living it, there seeing it for yourself, as you would in reality

6) Clarify the detail, the colours, each part of it, as if you could literally reach out and touch it

7) Confirm what you’re seeing is exactly what you want

8) When it looks the same, move on to imagining how it sounds and importantly how it feels for this to be almost like reality for you

9) Sit with the feeling and the image of it all for a good while, to really take it all in

10) Slowly open your eyes and come back into the present


It’s important to not quickly go back to your busy lifestyle

But to calmly reflect on the visualisation experience,

How you now feel in the present

And then you can begin to work on what you will do next.

To see the best results, get into the helpful habit of visualising every day

It is recommended you do them as you wake up and as you go to sleep,

To re affirm what you’re striving for in life at the beginning and end of each day, to be really clear

Like with anything in entrepreneurship, you must always put theory into action

And invest time into yourself to put this valuable tool into practice.

Visualising may well turn out to be the most powerful 10 minutes of your day!


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