How To Turn Your Clients “I Don’t Knows” Into Powerful Breakthroughs!


“I Don’t Know”

How many times during a coaching session have we heard our clients respond with this?

Too many!

And it’s not their fault, they’ve probably never been asked these questions before

Or there could be a deeper underlying issue preventing them from giving the real answer

For example…

  • Fear of being truthful
  • Acknowledging something in their life isn’t quite right
  • Fearful of needing to change
  • Lack of trust between coach and client
  • Worrying about the response to the truth
  • Judgemental of themselves
  • Unsure about being honest out loud for the first time

The list could go on and on!

But we know, as professional coaches, the majority of the time when clients say they ‘don’t know’…

They actually do!

And we fully understand that if our clients hold back on truthful answers it will only block them from moving forwards.

Therefore we must use our vast skill set to really encourage our clients to be as honest and open as possible and able to experience breakthroughs…

That’s where the real MAGIC happens!

So how do we challenge “I don’t knows” with our clients?

Here Are 10 Responses To Turn Your Clients “I Don’t knows” Into Powerful Breakthroughs!

1) “This is a great place to start. Let’s relax for a moment into your ‘don’t know’ place, and gain some more clarity”

2) “How would you respond if you secretly knew the answer?”

3) “Remember, you answering does not mean you must do anything about it.”

4) “I feel like that too sometimes. Take a moment to sit with the question, let me know when you’ve thought of something”

5) “So, is there something behind the ‘I don’t know?’ Maybe something you are avoiding?”

6) “How does it feel to not know?”

7) “OK, so how about giving an approximate answer or a range?”

8) Use silence. Don’t respond, let the client search for the answer in their mind. Don’t feel the need to fill the silence. Wait calmly.

9) “Hmm. Try taking a deep breath and letting your unconscious mind create the answer as a picture instead, can you describe it for me?”

10) “Imagine you’re in a helicopter flying over the map of your life. What do you notice from way up there? Looking down with your new perspective, how would you answer the question?”

Never get caught out with “I don’t know” replies again!

Be inspired by these responses

  • Print them off
  • Keep them on hand during coaching sessions
  • Make a mental note of your favourites

They will get you valuable answers and ensure your clients experience BREAKTHROUGH after BREAKTHROUGH!

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