How To Succeed In Business & Life Without Trying So Damn Hard.


Achieving success in the business is a lot similar to trying to get an orgasm!

What??!!..Well, let me try to explain.

My whole life, I always wanted to achieve success, and with my current business, it’s more important to me than ever before. And orgasms? Who doesn’t want them, right?

When it comes to building a business, we set our mind on achieving the destination, our goal, outcome, something that brings us closer to what we want.

Raise your hand if you sometimes get carried away with a focus on the final result rather than on the journey.

When we focus on the final part, it’s because we can not wait to get there. I get it. You have a clear idea of what you want, and you want it now.

I am sure we all have been there at some point. We are trying so hard in the business, juggling with so many things in our lives, and more we trying our achievement becomes more distant!

What I am about to tell may not going to resonate with everyone and all the “big” speakers and motivators screaming action from all their content will probably shoot me right now.

But you don’t have to work so hard until your eyeballs bleed to achieve what you want.

You don’t have to spend every single minute of your life obsessing with what needs to be done and what more you can do to get there.

When I started my online business year and a half ago, I was doing everything I suppose to be doing and what I have been told it will bring me success.

I was working on self-development, I put every single spare time into my business, I have done all trainings, I show up on every single call, I was active in the community, I was reading, listening podcast, networking, creating posts, ads, reaching out to people…if you are in the business you got me, you know what it takes.

But even though I was doing everything, I couldn’t get any visible results. I wanted to succeed so badly, and because I couldn’t see results, I was trying even harder.

I thought maybe I don’t do enough even though I was up late nights and went all in.

I got in point when I got utterly burn out, and I felt like the biggest loser in the world.

Now let me come back to orgasms. It’s my favourite topic anyway! (I am laughing here 😆)

So, have you ever been in the situation you have been trying to get an orgasm, but you just couldn’t get there? You feel so close like it’s going to happen now, but you couldn’t get yourself over the edge?

I was in such a situation many times and let me tell you it wasn’t a situation when my sexual partner or I was doing anything wrong, or there would be a missing connection or something like that!

It was other way around! Connection was great, the chemistry was great, all “buttons” were pressed precisely the way they should, so success was nearly guaranteed if…

Ones I start focusing on that final part that outcome I couldn’t even wait to get there, I was so getting there that I could feel it, but…

I felt eagerness, my mind was faster than my body and more my mind wanted to get there more my body star refusing to get me there.

I got so frustrated. I could almost cry or scream from anger.

My body was all sweating, and instead of having pleasure, it become an orgasm hunt. Good calorie burner yes, there is nothing better than sexercise, but when I am done I want to feel satisfied, not pissed off!

I am pretty sure we all experience this least ones.

You focus on the outcome.
You want to get there.
You are getting there.
You feel you are nearly there, but…
You want it too fast, so fast that you focus on the orgasm and totally forgat pleasure from what you are doing.

So what is the best solution in this situation?

Stop trying so damn hard!
Just stop and breath it out.
Stop pushing to exhaustion until the body gives up anyway.

Calm down, take a break, have a drink or even shower to get rid of red flashes in front of the eyes.

It’s like waking up your self from trans.

After you take a break and come back to it, you know you have to take it slow and enjoy every single moment, everything that is happening to your body.

And then when you started feeling all the pleasure at the present moment, all feelings without trying to get on top, it just happens. Naturally, somewhere on the way without even trying so damn hard.

Just like that.

I may talk about orgasm a little bit longer than I should, but I wasn’t really talking just about that.

It’s exactly the same with business or life in general. We hustle and struggle, pushing ourselves over the limits and sometimes forget that journey is probably more important than the destination.

Journey can be manipulated while the destination can’t. You somehow has to reach the same destination, but you can choose how the journey should be.

And journey should be something that brings us joy.

That beautiful journey where we learn new things and exploring, learning, developing, challenging ourselves and getting rewards.

Make sense?

Sometimes we just need to chill out and let things flow if we don’t see results straight away. Do best we can and celebrate every little win.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. There is no magic bean that would speed up the process.

Work on our goals is essential, but it’s even more important to feel connected with what we are doing, have faith and let things flow naturally.

Imagine you planting seeds, and you need to give them time to germinate, provide them with enough water, love and time to grow before you can harvest.

For a long time, you might don’t see anything happening, but you are not going to get angry at seeds and scream that they don’t grow fast enough, are you?!

Everything has their own time, and it’s important that we feel connected with what we do.

If you feel stressed out it will reflect into your communication you are putting out there. The whole vibe will be affected, and your potential customers will feel your pressure.

Being desperate didn’t bring any success to anyone in business or personal life.

Try to remember this.
Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.

So if you don’t see your results the way you wish it doesn’t mean you are not making any progress. Be patient.

Just a few points that I found helpful.

1.Do Not Compare Your Journey To Anyone Else’s 

I am a single mom, and my time is limited, so obviously, I can’t compare myself to a person who has no kids and has more time to put into their work. We all have different life circumstances and have to deal with various obstacles.

2. Listen To Your Body And Give Yourself A Break

Work hard; play hard. There must be life balance. Make space for things that make you happy and help you switch off and recharge (orgasm is a good one, of course 😆). If you feel tired, take a break, no quilt.

3. Don’t Put Too Many Tasks On Your List

Stick with 3-5 a day and make sure you have them done. Putting too much on your shoulders will make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

4. Celebrate Every Little Win

It’s important to remind yourself how far you came. How much money you make is not the only measure of your success.
Look at your self at the beginning of your journey and look at yourself now. If you are a completely different person, you have done some good work on your self. Keep going, don’t give up, because one day you will harvest what you have planted.

5. Let Go Of Control

Give yourself time to grow and trust the universe that everything happens in divine timing. If that doesn’t happen yet, it doesn’t mean it never will. Let things flow, and you will be surprised how much your overall energy will change.

Right, I think I pretty much covered everything. Wish you all a lot of success and a lot of juicy orgasms!

Have fun.

Love, Lucie

About The Author

Lucie Hanzlickova ~ Accredited Empowerment Coach for Women and an Online Marketer

Lucie found her purpose in supporting other women. Her mission is to help women to unlock their female power to create the life they deserve by giving them the tools and clarity to change their mindset.
She believes that everyone has a huge potential to thrive in life or business, and she’s empowering individuals to create a freedom lifestyle.

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