How To Strenghten Your Emotional Resilience


Emotional resilience is a powerful tool to have under your belt

It equips you with the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardships, preventing you from falling apart or getting overwhelmed easily.

You can easily add it in to a self-care routine

And once you’ve learnt the skill it will help you to remain happy overall in life and rise above challenges even under immense pressure

So how do you learn this skill?

Below are 5 easy steps to strengthen your emotional resilience:

1. Practice Mindfulness Regularly
Meditation is a great technique to use to become fully present and aware of your surroundings, to connect in with your true feelings. Many people use meditation as a tool to avoid overwhelm as it encourages a deep state of peace and relaxation, which is a fundamental stepping stone towards achieving emotional resilience.

2. Prioritise Your Self-care
Self-care can mean lots of things to many people, but ultimately it is looking after yourself so you can be the best version of you. This may include putting in place control measures to reduce overwhelm at work, to ensure you make time for yourself in your day or maybe its to seek help from a coach to help you go from strength to strength, personally and professionally.
It’s important to stay committed to a self-care routine, be ready to tackle anything that doesn’t help your emotional strength and make sure you are prioritising your health first and foremost.

3. Remove Negative Energy And Toxic People
It is important for your emotional resilience that you tackle head-on any problems and unhelpful situations that arise. Removing yourself as much as possible from negative energy and toxic people, resilience is far easier when you are involved in a strong and reliable support system.
Find sources of inspiration within communities of people who challenge you to be a better version of yourself and focus on how to tackle problems and make helpful changes rather than resigning to fate.

4. Exercise
Exercise has many benefits, both physically and psychologically.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, stuck changing your physical state by exercising can divert your negative energy and thoughts it’s proven to actually suppress negative emotions.
Try yoga, dance or running for example when you’re struggling or to prevent it from happening in the first place.

5. Clarify Your Purpose In Life
Your purpose in life is incredibly important, if you are unsure what yours is, it can be a very challenging place to be in mentally.
The feeling of self-pity and unworthiness can weigh you down if your direction in life if not clear.
Never underestimate the importance of understanding your ‘why’, what you live for and strive for daily.
Emotional resilience comes from being at peace with knowing you are on the right path, doing what you love day in day out. And finding happiness that comes with being fully aligned with your purpose.

Emotional resilience is powerful, it gives you the mental strength to tackle challenges head-on, be knowledgeable enough to know when you mentally need a break, to hold the spark within you to never lose hope and to remain focus on continuously striving for success.
When you are emotionally resilient, you are able to lead a more stable and happy life By having a heightened awareness of both your emotional and mental health.

Give these steps a go and start your journey to a more emotionally resilient life today.

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