How To Sign Consistent Clients To Scale Your Coaching Business


Have you ever wondered how some people make it look so easy online?

Well… the reason that is, is because they are strategic, they have a plan and they have the mindset to back that up!

Those steps… I’m about to share with you!


Your business foundation is vital to creating success in your coaching business, it is vital to sign your first clients AND to be signing consistent clients.

Who are you, The problem you solve, what do you actually do and help people do (you’ll be surprised how many are not clear on this, so double check on this, and make sure it’s actually a REAL problem), position yourself as an expert, I always say to my clients… you want high ticket clients, then you have to position yourself as one! (without this none of the other steps will work, no marketing, no website, no ads).


Everything you do online will come back to what your selling or it should do!

If you’re not filling one offer, don’t create 10! Focus on filling one offer, then create another, Your offer needs to be so irresistible to your ideal clients!

When you’re building your offer out, think about the transformation first and work backwards,

So often we say we want to run an 8-week course, a 3 month 1:1 program, an 8-week group program… without actually asking ourselves do this type and length of container actually fit the transformation we are saying we’ll provide.

Then before you head to market it…. Who is this offer actually for, your ideal client, what is the transformation it provides and the problem it solves

** Also key to note here that if you have different offers your ideal client will be different for each**

** Now that you have the foundational pieces in place, if you’re not signing clients or they aren’t consistent, there is something off in these next 3 steps, it could be one, it could be all three**


So now that you know what you’re selling and who your ideal client is for that offer it’s time to get leads! We can’t have sales without leads (and we need lots of them every single month if we want clients consistently)

Most people spread themselves too thin, Focus on 1-2 platforms before you try and be everywhere, really double down, create momentum and then add other platforms.

Growing your audience is something you have to do every day, it’s a money-making activity!

My favourite way when you’re just getting started or looking to really grow…

You leverage other peoples and you get to do it quickly!

There are other people out there who have spent a LOT of time and money building their audiences, and they are full of your ideal clients.

So where are your ideal clients??

My favourite way to do this is through other peoples Facebook groups,

But there are lots of other ways depending on where you’re clients hang out, the platform you’re on, this can look like…

:: Being a guest on other peoples podcasts
:: Guest blogging
:: Instagram takeovers
:: Collaborations
:: Utilise hashtags on Instagram
:: Facebook groups
:: Challenges

Here are some for you to look at, but my biggest piece of advice here is to stop spending time doing things, being places where your ideal clients are not!


Nurturing and connecting with your ideal clients is absolutely key to converting to sales and it’s something you have to be doing daily!

There are so many ways to do this, from your daily content, your lives, your stories, you need to be visible saying the right things to the right people.

Launching is My favourite way to nurture and convert your audience, that completely speeds up the whole process of a stranger to paying client.

Is through a launch by a free challenge/course!

^^ This will do ALL steps in one, grow your audience, it nurtures your audience and it converts to clients in a short time frame.


Sales are one of those things that can make people feel really sleazy!

I look at sales as simply an invitation for those who are ready to take the next step.

We don’t need to do cold messaging, sleazy, pressured, convincing someone to work with you type of sales.

I don’t recommend that at all!

But one of the key problems I see when my clients come to me, it that they simply aren’t selling enough.

Or they aren’t asking people to take steps closer to them every single day.

This is something that you also want to do daily,

Inviting to a call, engaging with you, signing up for a freebie, actually saying that you have spots open for clients.

You want people to be taking steps to you every single day!

Now… go get those clients!

Steffi X

About The Author:

Steffi is an Accredited coach, bestselling author and business and mindset coach to female coaches.

Less than one year ago she left her 9-5 to take on her business full time (on part-time hours of course), She’s scaling her business to multiple five-figure months and is taking her clients with her.

She works with women just like you, globally, to build and scale their coaching businesses.

It is her mission to help you make money, create freedom and make an impact in this world.

Need help getting clients? Come and join her free Facebook community here:

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