How To Show Up As Your Authentic Self In Your Business


Just be you!

Possibly the best piece of advice anyone can give in business.

Be authentic. Be genuine. Be true to who you are and work to ensure your business embodies and reflects this. Authenticity is the thing that can make or break your business.

Stop trying to be someone else or who you think you should be, simply focus on you, where you are at, what you’ve been through, how far you’ve come and show up authentically as YOU for your audience.

It’s the best marketing tool you have.

And one that will get you a lot further than most who aren’t willing to do the same!

Here’s how to do it…

Don’t Obsess Over Money

Making a profit has to come second behind establishing good business practices and customer rapport. Remember, people come to you for a product or service, but the experience is what brings them back.

Making money is on the mind of every business owner, as it should be. But for the truly successful small businesses that have stood the test of time, profit is never the number one goal. If you operate with integrity, put the customer first, add value to other peoples lives, do a decent job, and stay true to who you are, the profits will come.

Show that you genuinely care about the customer and about the product/service you provide time and time again.

Share How Much You Love What You Do

If you’re in business just for the money, it’ll show. And you won’t be in business long. Passion shines through. You can see it. You can feel it. You can sense it whenever you are around someone who has it. As a business owner, if you don’t love what you are doing, you may want to consider alternate employment.

It’s so important you continuously allow your passion for your craft to show. Take extra time and care to show your customers that you’re not just out for a quick buck.

Establish core values and stick to them

Your mission and vision should articulate who you are and what you believe. They don’t need to be catchy, erudite, or full of words that have no real meaning. Sounding good and being good are two different things. People are smart enough to quickly spot the difference.

Establish who you are as a business. Determine what you believe, how you will operate, and say exactly that. No fluff, no sleazy catchphrases. Just open, honest, and direct communication. Cute and corny may attract customers, but it won’t keep them. Trends will come and go, but who you are at your core shouldn’t change.

As your business grows, you may find yourself drifting in a direction that isn’t you. When this happens (and it will), stop, regroup, and rechart your course. The key that underpins your success in business and in life is to be genuine and remain authentic.

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