How To Run Your Own Retreats As A Coach

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Full confession…

We’ve never actually run our own retreats here at The Coaching Masters.

But we have got it planned for March 2021

It’s going to be in Bali and it’s going to be absolutely amazing!

We’re going to have a water purification ceremony, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, float tanks. We’re going to have training, massages, fires on the beach.

It’s going to be absolutely insane!

This may sound kind of hypocritical, but we are convinced it will be the easiest thing to sell.


Most people think it’s the hardest.

Because they think,

“Oh my God doing business in a different country, wow, it’s going to be so expensive. So it would have to be so amazing”

They feel overwhelmed with fear and worry

But, retreats are the easiest thing in the world to sell because they’re going to be in a great location, which means no matter what happens, they’re going to have a good time.

If you take someone for a week in Bali, you could literally just chat with them for a week and they’re still going to have a great time. Because they’re in Bali!

So it is an Airbnb that you rent out and bring some people together and co-create an event

You bring a masseuse one day, you bring a yoga trainer the other day and you deliver some training / workshops on another day

You pull it all together and put a little bow on top

You bring some great people together that ended up having a great experience and connection with each other, sharing emotions.

And it ends up being one of the most profound experiences of their lives

It’s possible all you did was call up a couple of your mates, put some food on and rented out an Airbnb.

If you were to go and do some training, coaching or you were going to speak up on stage, one of the first things you might consider is…

What can I do that adds value?

What is the audience like that will come to listen to me, how am I going to add value to their lives?

As long as you’ve got that in your mind, and you’re thinking…

By the end of this retreat, I’m going to have been able to add value to these people’s lives, by doing X, Y, and Z.

That’s all you are doing, just in a really, really nice place

Thinking this way, makes it much easier.

And takes the pressure off because you don’t have to be the one that’s adding value all week.

You get masseuses, get yoga instructors, get water purification guides, you get all of these different experts in all of these different fields.

And all you need to do is hire them, make sure they’re good and make sure they turn up on time.

And then the part you play is adding the value.

That could happen over one day or two days

And don’t forget, when you run retreats, you don’t organize people’s flights.

That’s another thing people worry about

How can I do that? How could I organize flights for like 20 people?

People sort out their own flights

They can even sort their own food and everything as well.

A lot of retreats are like that

There could be a few days where you’ve organized a few meals, maybe a few lunches, so you organize the structure

But people mostly look after themselves, they’re big boys and girls that turn up to these retreats.

You’re not having to hold their hand the whole time.

Adding an extra valuable asset to your experience of delivering coaching by having it in a different country, makes it even more desirable.

It also makes it more likely that someone’s going to allow themselves to take that for themselves

Because for a lot of people to justify a holiday for themselves may feel selfish, but if they can couple it with getting trained, they feel more deserving and allow themselves to accept it.

So you’re doing someone a favour as well by allowing them to experience a holiday and an experience abroad with other people and enjoy themselves whilst delivering your coaching.

So it’s valuable in that way too

If you’ve not considered doing retreats yet in your coaching business, we hope this has given you a spark of excitement and a realisation that it really is possible!

This was taken directly from – The Coaching Masters Podcast – If you would like to hear the full episode where we dive deeper into the subject of ‘13 Ways To Become A Millionaire Coach – Part 2’ –Click here now!

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