How To Put On Powerful Events As A Coach


In our last blog ‘How To Get Paid Speaking Gigs As A Coach’ we said one of the BEST ways to get speaking gigs it to build your own stage and create your own event!

Try not to get stuck in the thought process that you have to wait for others to give you that opportunity

Be proactive and go out there and build it yourself!

And if you’re thinking…

Where on earth would I start with putting on my own event?

This is how…

Firstly, don’t get overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of organising your own event

It really is possible

For example, we created an event in London called Fire Up

And we did a virtual one recently because of COVID, but before that we did a real-life event,

It was called fire up and it was to get entrepreneurs motivated

And we created this concept, which was walking on fire

We got a firewalk team to come

Organised an after-party.

Thought of some speakers we could pull together, got the concept and then launched it.

And that’s the key!

You launch it before creating it because then you get the money from the ticket sales

Then you’ve proved the concept actually works rather than putting on a massive event and realising no one wants to do it

Then you simply go and put it together

That’s all we did.

And I [Lewis] actually created that event with a few other people we’ve collaborated with on a WhatsApp group.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be this big drawn-out complicated plan.

Just ask yourself…

Who can I add value to?

Where are they?

What can I offer them?

Sell it,

Get the money,

Create it,

Deliver it,

Put yourself right at the top of the speakers’ list, that star position

There you go, you’ve just created a speaking gig and you’ve also put on your own event which hopefully you’ve made some money out of

So it doesn’t need to be as complicated it may look from the outside

Also, if developing an event where you get a group of people to actually attend in a room is too much of a step for you

You can take it one step before that and organize an online event that doesn’t actually cost ANYTHING!

You could get a group of speakers together that are willing to talk at your event for nothing.

You talk for nothing.

You could use your social media in any way that you can to promote the event, do a build-up, do a launch.

And what you’re doing is you’re asking people to click on a zoom link and attend a zoom meeting and that’s your event

Record the event, use it in the future to build even more authority

We are proof it works

We built our own stages in many different ways.

That’s one thing we will always encourage coaches to do,  be proactive.

Don’t wait for the phone to ring.

Don’t wait for just a whole bunch of clients to come knocking on your door.

Don’t wait for someone else to invite you as a speaker to their event.

You’ve got to be proactive rather than being reactive.

Proactive wins every single time without a shadow of a doubt, proactive versus reactive.

If you’re reactive and you’re just reacting to what is going on around you, you’re at the mercy of external forces.

If you’re proactive and you go out there and you build something, then you’re making the decisions.

You’re putting yourself on the poster.

You’re giving yourself the pride of place,

Go and build a stage, even if it’s a virtual online stage

It doesn’t need to be big.

But it will increase your chances of then going and getting speaking gigs

If you were to run your own event it is very possible you could make some decent money from doing so…

For example, if you charge £100 for a ticket, which you can charge anywhere up to a couple of thousand for a ticket.

Some of these exclusive like masterminds, charge like 10, 20 grand a ticket.

If you get, say 500 people in a room you’ve already made £50,000,

But you’ve got 500 people that are there that may also want to continue their journey.

At the end of that event, if their emotions have been evoked through the inspiration.

They’ve been around like-minded people, the energy is high

They’ve come to that event for a reason and they’ve taken a step in the right direction.

So they’re actually likely to be looking to invest in the next stage of their journey too.

So say for example, 20% of 500 people, which is a hundred people buy a course for say $3,000

Then you’ve made another 300,000

So that’s 350,000 that you can make from an event of 500 people.

Now, if you do three of those a year, that’s a million!!

If you want to create events

To stand on stage

Then put all your energy, all your resources, all your marketing into just those events.

And you could do that and you could make a million a year.

This was taken directly from The Coaching Masters Podcast – If you would like to hear the full episode where we dive deeper into the subject of ‘13 Ways To Become A Millionaire Coach – Part 2’ – Click here now!

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