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lisa theunissen

Hi everyone! Very nice to meet you. As this is my first guest blog for The Coaching Masters, so exciting, I’ll shortly introduce myself.

My name is Lisa Theunissen, 24 years young and currently living in The Netherlands. Very recently I became an officially Certified Coach at The Coaching Masters and I’m so thrilled to receive this opportunity to spread my positive energy with you all. Because positive energy, that’s what I believe in.

My expertise is Happiness Coaching. YES. Simply anything that I can support you with in order to find and live your happiest life. Sounds great, right?

You might think, how is that even possible? Well, let me tell you this. Happiness is in all of YOU. Just inside yourself. Not in the world around us. You, and only you, are the one that is able to create your own happiness and additionally, the happiest version of your life.

As a Happiness Coach I am here to guide you in discovering your true happiness. Way too often people live their life as something that just needs to be lived. But guess what, there is no fun in that! So, why should you live a life that does not fulfil you the most? Doesn’t make any sense if you put it like this, hey?

Please think of the life you’ve always dreamed of. What does it look like? Is it similar to the life you’re currently living or not at all? Why is that? Are there things holding you back or getting in the way?

Unfortunately, many people do not live the life they’ve imagined. Mostly because people are stuck in habits, limited beliefs or just because they are living the life they think that is expected from them.

But again, YOU are the only one that can decide on what makes you happy, and there is no one else you need to make you truly happy but yourself.

Of course, there will be other important persons in your life such as family and friends but think about it. When you’re at your best, you are able to give your best in return. Win-win!

In order to be truly happy, you have to start living your happiest life. Just the way you want it to be in your own UNIQUE way. Literally nowhere is it written down that you should live your life just like your parents, or just like your neighbours, even though it might feel like that sometimes. Don’t worry. You got this! You are your own Superhero!

For example, my dream life includes a lot of exploring. Travelling all over the world while earning a stable and decent income. One way to look at this is like: “Hm, that doesn’t sound very easy to accomplish. Maybe I should just stick to a 9-to-5 job.” But is that what would make me truly happy? No! Absolutely not. So, why would I live my life in a way that does not suit me and my desires? It does not make sense at all.

Another way to look at it is like: “Hmm okay, how am I going to make that happen?” and create a creative plan in order to achieve my goal and start living my dream life. Sounds like an easy choice to me! And of course, I’m not saying it will be easy. But it’s at least worth trying as it will possibly lead you to your dream life. And if it does not, there will be another way.

Don’t give up. It’s a trial-and-error process that will take time. But it is definitely worth it if it will bring you the happiest version of your life right? Because what is more important than that?!

That’s why I became part of The Coaching Masters and why I’m planning to coach my way to freedom.

Besides, I do have my own business as an All-round Marketing Manager which hands me the opportunity to work wherever and whenever I want, and do whatever I want. This summer I’ll start working as a location manager at a beautiful site in Sauerland, Germany. Before this corona crisis I went to Venice, Italy for another job as project manager and someday, I’ll probably leave to Spain or Ibiza to work at a wedding agency. In the meantime I’m also a hostess and content creator. And of course, Happiness Coach!

As you can see my own all-round business is definitely another step contributing to my freedom and therefore my true happiness! And again, this did not happen overnight. First, I got my BBA, specialized in the Creative Industry. Afterwards, I got my MSc Marketing Management. And during the years I gained a lot of experience due to various projects. But remember, you can do this too!

Be creative and don’t let anything hold you back. Find the motivation inside yourself and make it happen.

I truly believe that you can achieve anything in life, as long as you keep faith and confidence in yourself.

And ok, be a little creative from time to time. The world is full of opportunities, so have a look at them and take the ones that will contribute to your happiness. And if there is no such thing yet, create your own! Be creative. You might come up with a brilliant idea.

Always remember that you are the one deciding the rhythm of your life.

If you feel like doing something? Do it. If you don’t feel like doing something? Then don’t do it. No one will judge you but yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Something important to realise is that everything happens for a reason (at least that’s what I truly believe based on my own experiences).

If you feel like you should take a step back, your body and mental wellbeing is giving you a sign, and it will be for your best. And most likely for your creative process as well! Watch and see. I’m always blown away afterwards when I see everything falls into place, even though you didn’t expect it up front.

See the beauty in everything and your life will look (and feel) a lot prettier.

At the same time, you will create awareness that there is already a lot to be Grateful for in your life. Once you’ve received that state of mind, you’re already doing really well! At times you feel super energized with a thousand of new ideas, go for it! Do whatever feels right for you. Just YOU.

You’ll see that once you have found your rhythm, your energy- and confidence level will grow enormously!

As a result, this will give you new power in order to surpass yourself, again and again. Do you get it now? You are your own Superhero! And you truly can achieve anything as long as you keep believing. Be a believer. Focus on all the things in the world that you actually CAN instead of focusing on things you cannot. And by the way, are you sure you can’t? Or did you just never tried them? Think about that..

Start trying new things! And if they do not succeed the way you planned or hoped for, that’s no big deal. At least you tried and you know a little more now than you did before. And that is very valuable information my friend.

To close it off for now, did this already give you a giant energy boost? Well, GOOD! Because there are more blogs from me to come, on a monthly basis. From now on, we’ll dive a little deeper into a subject each time. So if you have any suggestions, request and/or questions? Please let me know! I’m here for you.

Hopefully you already get a little why I’d love to share my experiences with you and inspire you to follow your own journey to your true happiness.
Be inspired!

If you feel more like a personal coaching session, you can contact me directly or find me via The Coaching Masters. Looking forward to meeting you.
Love, Lisa

About the author:

Lisa Theunissen is an inspirational woman with a very positive spirit. She became a Happiness Coach to use her personal power and experiences to support others in finding (and start living) their own unique journey to their true happiness.

Follow Lisa’s journey on @lisatheunissen (Instagram)

check out her website: ​​.

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