How To Leverage Masterminds As A Money Making Machine

Team Unity Friends Meeting Partnership Concept

We all know that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving a problem

And a problem shared is a problem halved

But imagine having a whole group of people all putting their heads together

To help each other solve issues in their business or even come up with new ideas

THIS is what masterminds are all about

And as a coach, running your own mastermind is certainly something you can leverage.

The traditional way of holding mastermind is charging for a place at a dinner table,

However now with technology, masterminds don’t have to be held face to face,

A zoom call where you can all share each other’s skills, experiences and wisdom is all you need

So they are even easier to organise!

Essentially what happens is, one person will say a challenge that they are experiencing in their business or maybe even a challenge with their mindset

Then everybody else within that mastermind helps them with that

This is where the magic happens!

Because you get to utilize all of the experiences of people within that mastermind

Not only will the person with the problem benefit from advice but the whole group benefits from hearing it too

The brilliant thing about this is if you’re the person that co-created that and brought those people together, you’re leveraging the skills and abilities of others.

And it’s still equally as valuable for everybody who’s in that place because you’re the one that brought them together, but you’re the one getting paid for it.

And you get to be a part of that mastermind as well.

It’s a very good way to make extra income as a coach

Some people charge five grand each to be in their mastermind.

If you get 10 people that’s 50 grand you’ve made,

But you’ve also just bought yourself a seat as well.

This is why we always stress the point…

Build your own stage

Because there’s some serious money to be made

So go out there and build your own mastermind, leverage other people, leverage other people’s expertise, leverage other countries,Ā  leverage your time and people and places

Be more strategic and make more money

By doing this you could be well on your way to becoming a millionaire coach

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