How To Let Go Of Relationships That No Longer Serve You


One day you are going to realize that you are not the same person anymore!

You become a new, better version of you because you have done “your work,” and you are not going to put up with bulls**t anymore.

When it comes to relationships, you will be able to recognize if things are going well, not so good, or completely wrong.

You are not going to hope and wait for things to get better anymore. You will be able to recognize that sometimes you need to let go of things that don’t serve you.

It’s not time to try harder or be sad that you are not getting back what you deserve.

You can’t create balance on your own. It’s not going to work that way.

Connection is slipping away, and you’re tempted to hold on to it because it hurts to let go.

You don’t want to let it go, because you put so much time and energy in this connection.

I feel you. It makes you sad, and you had many sleepless nights…

It’s affecting your mood, your work, your everyday life because you can’t think about anything else.

But then one day you wake up, and you know! It’s time to let go even if you don’t have all answers from the other side.

You simply stop waiting for answers from the other side. You opened your eyes and saw that your answers were there all this time. You just didn’t want to admit it.

Answers are not in words. They are in action. And you have been watching and observing long enough.

You know things should not be that hard. Dating should be fun, not making you feel sad.

At this point, it’s time to choose 𝗬𝗢𝗨 over him. Choose YOU to show yourself love and respect.

You should know he is giving you a favor by leaving you out in the cold and not giving you back the same way as you give to him.

He just made a space for someone better. And maybe you make a space for someone better for him because you both deserve the best.

It’s time to celebrate, not to cry because you just past the test! You learned your lesson.

Well done, girl! You should be proud of yourself now. 

Wipe your tears. I know it’s hard. You wanted to give him your heart, but he didn’t want to take it.

Guess what? There is someone out there who will want to give you HIS heart, so get ready for it.

While you are waiting, make sure you are having fun with YOU.

Dress that beautiful body, take it out for a little date, just YOU and YOU. Get comfortable being with yourself on your own.

You are the only person you need to make you happy.

Have you even look at yourself lately? How great you look?

How SPECIAL are you?

Anyone would be lucky to have you!

So have some fun with yourself, because you are amazing.

Show that gorgeous smile, shake that sexy booty in that dress you having in your wardrobe for ages, and keeping it for special occasion.

This is your special occasion! This is your special day! You finally put yourself first.

You choose YOU. Because you should never let yourself down again, you trust yourself, and no matter what, you protect yourself.

No one can ever hurt you the way you were hurt before because you only let people who will respect you in your life now.

So are you ready for new adventures??!!

I am 💃💗

Love, Lucie.


Lucie Hanzlickova
Accredited Toxic Relationship and Empowerment Coach for Women.

Lucie is a survivor of a toxic and abusive relationship and found her purpose in supporting other women on their journey to recovery. Her mission is to help women healing from a toxic relationship, rebuilding their confidence, and taking back control of their life by guiding them through a proven system.
She believes that every single woman has power and enormous potential to awake their inner warrior and have the ability to create a life they always wanted.

You can find her and connect with her on:


You can also join her Facebook group:
My Pain My Gain, supporting women, healing and recovering from toxic relationships:

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