How To Learn From Experts You Can Trust


One of the fundamentals about learning from others and trusting they will help you get what you want, is this…

Only ever learn from experts who can actually show you RESULTS!

This is something which everybody needs to know,

Here at The Coaching Masters, the knowledge we give out is stuff that we have done time and time and time again,

We have got experience, vast amounts of experience of getting results out of life

We’ve got huge amounts of experience shifting from problem focused mindset, to solution focused mindset.

We’ve got a gigantic amount of experience stepping out of our comfort zone, which we do on a daily basis within our lives and in our business.

The techniques we talk about, we use them, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY

So the fact is this…

Don’t ever listen to anyone who talks about them and doesn’t use them.

You need to be learning from people that use this stuff on a daily basis, the coaching techniques, the NLP techniques, everything that we talk about

You absolutely have to listen and learn from people who have done it, gained the experience and then say to you

“Right guys, this is what I did and this is what I learned and this is what I recommend you do.”

Based on my experience, not…

“This is what I read, this is what I learned on this course and I’m going to tell you what I learned on this course, but haven’t bothered doing myself!”

Because think about it this way, your life is serious, right?

So take it seriously.

For example:

If you were about to go swimming for the first time ever in your life, and you’d never learned how to swim,

Would you prefer someone who’s in the swimming pool saying,

“Look, I’ve learned how to swim and if you get in with me, what I’m going to do is hold you and I’m going to show you the strokes and I’ll teach you”

Or would you rather learn from someone who said,

“Look, I’ve read everything there is to read about swimming and because I’ve read it, I’m going to tell you what I’ve read and I’m going to throw you in the swimming pool.”

I know for a fact, I would prefer to be learning from that person who’s in it the pool

Who’s has learned from jumping in the water, swimming around and figuring it out for themselves

Saying, “Come on in, I’m going to show you what I’ve learned”

Instead of the person that read the book, the one that’s dry outside, unprepared to step into the water.

You must look at the person and think, if I’m going to listen to their opinion…

Have they got what I want?

Are they demonstrating and practicing the things that I want?

Because if not, there’s no proof, absolutely no proof they can get you what you want!

Just because someone says they can help you doesn’t mean that they can, you want to be looking at someone and watching if they demonstrate that.

Because the proof’s in the pudding, results speak for themselves.

And if they knew what to do, then they would be practicing it.

And you want to be able to see that, rather than someone just telling you, they’re good at what they do and saying they can help you.

You want them to be showing you.

And that’s exactly what you want to be doing for your clients too.

It’s amazing how many different types of coaches aren’t demonstrate their ability,

For example:

A confidence coach, who doesn’t show up on Facebook lives who doesn’t ooze confidence out to their audience, to the point where they know the audience is going, wow. I want to be like that, I want a bit of that energy. I want to be more like that. Charisma and confidence. Yes, please.

They are a ‘Confidence Coach’ but they’re not showing it.

How many people actually demonstrate that they’re living the life that they say they can help people with?… Very few!

And it’s not necessarily always down to the fact that they can’t, they just aren’t showing up!.

It’s actually quite hard to communicate and articulate your ability.

But at bare minimum, if you are a lifestyle coach, you have to be showing your audience that you have a good lifestyle!

If you’re a personal trainer, you’ve got to be showing that you you’re in the gym regularly

And it’s the same with all professions, you’ve just got to be demonstrating that you’ve got what they want and building the confidence and the trust that the person looking at you can go…

“Right, there’s no doubt in my mind, I am completely certain that this person knows what they’re talking about because I can see it with my own eyes.”

There has been a huge amount of research that has gone into looking at the effectiveness of the three different types of teaching

Number one, telling people what to do

Number two, showing them what to do

And number three, getting them to do it whilst you’re doing it at the same time

The third option is by far the best

That’s what you want to be like and that is the person you want to learn from.

You want that person who has done it.

And more importantly, who has got it, who has got the thing that you want and who shows you that they will take you on the journey with them whilst they show you how it’s done.

Because it’s very, very easy to just tell someone, this is what you do, putting it into action is a little bit more difficult

But the reason why most people don’t do that is because in order to do the third one, you need to have what the other person wants.

And if you don’t have what the other person wants, you shouldn’t be coaching on it in the first place because you’ve got to have what it is they want.

You gotta be able to demonstrate that you’ve got it and you’re going to help them reach the same level and get to the same place.

And it happens all too often.

The main point with that is be very, very careful when it comes to who you’re listening to,

Because you absolutely want to be listening to those people that DO 100% have what you want, as opposed to the ones that just say it to look good!

You’ve got to be very protective over who you listen to.

You’ve got to be very protective of who you invest your time into it.

You’ve got to be very protective of who you invest your money into.

So always make sure you look at people who you want to invest in

and ask yourself…

Am I confident that they’ve got what I want?

Do they have a life that I aspire to have?

If the answer is no, then regardless of how good, accurate, professional or authoritative they are, it’s still not going to lead you where you want to be.

Results are key!

Only trust results you can see for yourself.

Results is what it is all about!

This was taken directly from – The Coaching Masters Podcast – If you would like to hear the full episode where we dive deeper into the subject of ‘Do these things and you will never be successful’ – Click here now!

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