How To Help Your Clients Feel Happy!


We all have days when we feel discouraged.

Our clients could have simply woken up on the wrong side of the bed, or perhaps they’ve experienced a setback in reaching a personal or professional goal.

But do you know how to help them feel better?

Here’s how to help them feel better about themselves, starting right now!


The number one way to feel better is to recognize that you are in charge of your emotions. The next time your client feels sad or upset, get them to follow these three steps. They will feel more positive and empowered.


Happiness is a state of mind that acts as our centre – we always come back to it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel anything else. In fact, allowing your client to acknowledge, feel and work through other emotions is a big part of emotional fitness. Identify what they’re feeling and get them to ask themself why they feel that way.


Humans have emotions for a reason. Emotions are here to teach us lessons and help us grow. Encourage your client to be thankful for them – and practice gratitude in all other aspects of their life as well. When we adopt an abundance mindset, we’ll focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have. And that’s one of the best lessons on how to feel better.


It’s important to let your client feel, but don’t dwell on their feelings. Encourage your climes to find the lesson in them instead. Then, they can change their mindset by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Instead of being sad, remember good times. Instead of being upset about a setback at work, focus on how they can improve in the future. “Where focus goes, energy flows,” so make sure your client’s energy is going in the right direction.

For me, taking my gorgeous daughter for a walk whilst thinking about all of the reasons I have to be grateful…
… that makes me pretty damn happy! 😍

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