How To Get Paid Speaking Gigs As A Coach


You may be wondering how you can get paid speaking gigs as a coach…

Speaking can be very, very highly paid and it’s also a desirable way of making money.

Once you’ve learnt powerful coaching tools and techniques, you can go and deliver them at keynote conferences and be the keynote speaker

Or entertainment events, it can be all sorts of different events where people will be looking for inspirational motivation or valuable speakers to come and deliver value to their audience.

As a coach, you get to travel, maybe you might be an international speaker.

We’ve [Lewis & Liam] spoken on stages in Barcelona and Santorini and you can’t really get much better than being paid to speak in beautiful locations.

That’s got to be one of the pinnacles of doing what we do,

Getting to get on a plane, go for a couple of hours, enjoy the event, speak and get paid for it.

But of course, like everything, you have to have that value to offer,

Or you have to have that significant story of overcoming adversity or achieving something or being inspiring or something that’s going to resonate with the audience

It doesn’t always necessarily need to be educational training.

It could just be sharing a personal experience of yours that was going to add value or create some sort of epiphany for the audience.

Speaking is probably one of the most exciting and also scary parts of the coaching industry, for me [Lewis] anyway

Because the idea of being a speaker seems like such a prestigious thing.

You may think WOW I can get to that stage where I’m standing up there on stage talking in front of even 100, 200, 300 up to a thousand people seems like a very prestigious thing,

But in actual fact, getting speaking engagements is easier than you think.

For the most part you can simply ask, that’s what a lot of people don’t do.

They don’t seek out people who are running events and introduce themselves and ask, can I speak at your event?

How often does that happen? Hardly ever

A lot of the time people have it in their head that they need the invite

In which case you need to have already made a gigantic impact.

Speaking up on stage is one of the ways of making an impact.

And one of the ways that you get up on that stage is find out who’s organizing that stage and ask them, can I come and speak at your event?

This is what I’ve been through.

This is the value I can offer.

This is what I can teach.

This is my story.

I know I can do a great speech.

I know I can do a good talk.

I know I can motivate people.

So get asking!

But before you ask, think what is it that you’re going to talk about?

What value are you going to hand over?

What story are you going to tell?

Do the groundwork first

And once you’ve got all of that stuff prepared

Go and find some events and go and ask if you can talk at those events.

Maybe it’s a work conference, at the end of the year and you just position it in a way that adds value to that audience.

So you say,

I know it’s the end of the year…

Obviously January is coming new targets, new year, new goals, new objectives.

I want to come in, I want to deliver a speech that’s going to motivate and empower your workforce.

You need to give them a reason to want to say yes.

Another thing to do is start getting your story out there.

It’s not all about story,  sometimes it can be education or something else.

But a story, is very emotive and it’s very powerful and it’s very enjoyable to listen to.

And people just typically like consuming stories and they get a lot of value for them as well.

A good way to get speaking engagements is by sharing your story online, because if someone listens to it and resonates with it and likes it

They may think…

Ooh, that’d be great for the annual conference or all that would be great for the Christmas party, do you know what if my team heard that, do you know what I reckon?

I’d get at least 10% better productivity out of them.

So you got to put yourself out there

And you’ve got to share either

The reason why you’d be good to speak at the event

Or show them why by sharing that story and that journey with people,

It is easier than ever to demonstrate to people the power you can bring to an event right now.

We [Lewis & Liam] have a lot of experience talking up on a physical stage

It’s so funny, isn’t it

In this world, this COVID-19 world.

And some of you might be reading this one year on two years on who knows what’s going on with that crazy thing at the moment.

But at the moment is we’re right in the middle of this Pandemic

And we’re talking about events, but having to reference them as physical events with physical stages.

Whereas once upon a time it was just an event

But a physical event, like actually being in the same room as people and being in a stadium, we’ve got a lot of experience with that.

And we’ve also got a lot of experience with doing Online Events.

Recently we organized an online event, fire up – virtual fire up. And that was fantastic.

You know, Lewis took people through this journey of thoughts and transformation.

It was almost like a type of moving meditation.

I had people in tears with the talk that I was doing.

We can take that footage if we wanted to,

We could send that to an event organizer.

And show that’s the sort of impact we can make ONLINE, through a computer screen

So could you imagine the sort of impact we could make offline, on a physical stage, directly with other people

So use those online events,

Even organize an online event

And if you want to go out there and no one’s hiring you and no one’s putting you up on stage,

Go and organize an online event of your own

Which can be done entirely through zoom,

Get a few people to turn up,

Pick a topic,

Deliver a speech that just bears your soul

And then use that footage,

Send to organizer and say,

This is what I’m capable of put me on your stage.

Speaking is being a speaker at somebody else’s event.

However, the best way to become a speaker is to create your own event.

Create your own stage for yourself and position yourself right at the top

Where the star should be,

Make yourself the pinnacle,

Put yourself amongst these other stars and these other speakers and build your own authority.

You don’t have to wait for anybody to give that to you.

And for anyone who’s thinking,

How would I put on an event?

Our next blog about creating your own events is coming very soon! …

This was taken directly from – The Coaching Masters Podcast – If you would like to hear the full episode where we dive deeper into the subject of ‘13 Ways To Become A Millionaire Coach – Part 2’ –Click here now!

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