How To Eliminate Entrepreneurial HUMP Day


It’s Mid-Week, Wednesday, AKA… Hump day!

Why Hump Day? You may wonder…

Because it alludes to the fact that Wednesday is the middle of the working week, meaning that once you’ve made it “over the hump” your well on your way to the weekend!

Whether you refer to Wednesday in this way or not, there are some helpful tips that can help you get over ANY hump in your working week, not just the mid-week slump!

Below we’ve written 4 top tips for snapping yourself out of that ‘funk’ that’s so easy to get stuck in, so you can continue to be as productive as possible

Super helpful for any entrepreneur

1. Refocus at the beginning of your day.

Take some time to recognise how you feel, maybe the slump in energy and enthusiasm has come from overwhelm or lack of clarity. Set aside some time to assess everything you have accomplished in the week already and then go over all the tasks that still need to be completed before the weekend. Make a detailed plan of action, break any big tasks down into small manageable chunks and make sure you add in some REWARDS for getting everything done!

2. Change your working environment.

If you always work in the same place, at the same time, surrounded by the same things, it’s going to soak up your inspiration and enthusiasm. If you have the ability to leave your usual working space, take your work and move to another location, coffee shop, park, garden even just another room. Somewhere bright and airy, clutter-free and quiet are usually the best kinds of work environment. The change in scenery alone can help boost your productivity and get your creative juices flowing again.

3. Save the fun tasks for your hump day.

Many of us do all the easy tasks first and leave the worst until last, try swapping this around. So when you’re full of motivation and energy at the beginning of the week, smash out the difficult tasks with ease, so when you get to the middle/ end of the week and your energy levels aren’t quite where you would like them to be. You’ll only have the fun/ easy tasks left to do. Be kind to yourself, if you know this is something you repeatedly struggle with, switch it around and thank yourself later

4. Something to look forward to on Hump day.

If you struggle to be productive or find energy/ enthusiasm on a certain day, this is a great opportunity to mix things up. If you are able to, plan something nice for the day, something to look forward to, maybe add in an afternoon/ evening activity like a walk or trip. Plan a lunch meeting with a friend. Use the day for events. It will give you a nice little break from your usual packed day-to-day workload and help you feel ready to work again on Thursday.

If you find the middle of the week is where you regularly feel a bit burnt out after starting the week off super-productive. And you struggle to cope with the slump. Try these 4 top tips to help get you through hump day and make for an overall productive week.

Give it a go!

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