How To Defrag Your Mind & Move Forward With Clarity


I thought it would be really useful to share this thing I’ve been doing for around 70 days…I know, it’s about the only thing that I can seem to stick to, even though some days I absolutely resent it!

So, what is it & why am I doing it…!?

…it’s something called Morning Pages!

It one of the main ‘tools’ born out of the book ‘The Artists Way’ by @juliacameron.

It’s a ‘for your eyes only’ writing exercise which involves scribing three sides of A4 paper (in long hand, no abbreviations!) from your conscious thought stream (that’s literally what’s going through your mind in ‘live’ time at any one second)

So why do it…!?

•For me it’s an insight into what’s really going on within me.
•It gives a stage to that stuff that sits in the unconscious & seems to be able to ‘undo’ our mood, to stub a toe, drop a plate, have a shit day etc..
•Morning pages enables you to clear your mind.
•When you write off the top of your head first thing in the morning, the words & feelings that spill out onto the blank page no longer take up space in your brain, and you can approach the rest of the day with more clarity.
•They assist in provoking & clarifying your thoughts…bringing comfort, sometimes even giggles.
•They help to prioritise and synchronise your day.
•They give rise to a clearer mind, better ideas & less anxiety.

How to do it..!?

•”There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages,” Cameron says.
•Its best first thing in the morning, before our ego’s defences, gets a chance to ‘kick in’.
•Complete three sides of A4.
•Of course you can get a coffee or a brew before you start or even do it in bed. It’s totally up to you.
•Stop after three pages too, this avoids the self-absorption or narcissism of the ego taking hold.

What do you even write…!?

•Honestly you’d be surprised…
•Feelings, frustrations… ’why am I even doing this…why did I start this…I really need to google…need coffee… this kinda thing… ‘all the feels’ as my sister in law would say! Keep going with it & just see what comes.
•You’ll soon realise, that you can’t actually write three pages about nothing! (that’s the key).
•Refrain from making it a gratitude list or a ‘to-do list’, although if these feature organically, let them come.
•Don’t over-think Morning Pages, simply put three pages of anything on the paper.

What do I do with them..!?

•Burn them if you need to – Joking aside, they are for you and keeping them private is more important than keeping them for reference. It’s like your personal sacrosanctity, so do whatever you need to do to keep it that way.

My invitation to you…
•Simply – give it a go!
•You might be surprised…so much so, that people (myself included) find it hard to stop!

About The Author

Emma’s current offerings are an evolution of her response to an industry in which she has worked in for some years as a hairdresser, makeup artist & skin therapist. Emma recognised the intrinsic link & therefore need to treat the body, mind, spirit and skin as a whole.

In an industry that focuses on self-loathing, self-hatred and struggling with who we are, rather than accepting ourselves with the same love and kindness we extend to those around us, Emma believes that beauty is literally only skin deep and true beauty should always be about self-love, self-care and self-acceptance!

Emma believes that it starts with you & it always has…

Emma is proud to add talking therapies based around a combination of NLP & coaching techniques to her current work (which is why she’s here on the TCM journey).

Her services include combinations of the following:
Holistic Organic Facials
Gua Sha Massage
Gua Sha and Skin Ritual Workshops
Therapeutic Sound Healing
Ancient Therapeutic Healing Techniques
Talking Therapies
Kirtan – the yoga of devotional chanting
Meditation Facilitation
Women’s Circles

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