How To Change A Fixed Mindset Into A Growth Mindset

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Successful people are focused on growth

Within their businesses but importantly in themselves too

They understand that their mindset is an incredibly valuable tool

Because how they think controls the things that they do

So when it comes to being successful

Their mindset must be on their side

Striving for growth and success, not holding them back

And for people who aspire to be highly successful

It’s vital they understand the difference between helpful or unhelpful mindsets

Also known as FIXED or GROWTH mindsets

And how they can adapt to this way of thinking to really see the benefits…

Those who have a fixed mindset tend to:

  • Avoid challenges
  • Give up easily
  • See effort as pointless
  • View useful feedback as negative
  • Feel threatened by other people’s success

Those who have a growth mindset tend to:

  • Perceive mistakes as lessons
  • Have a positive mindset
  • View challenges as opportunities to grow
  • Take charge and go after their own happiness

A person’s mindset is one of the things that sets a successful person apart from an unsuccessful one.

If you can interpret challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism and the success of others in a way that benefits you rather than hinders you

You are far more likely to be successful.

So where are people with a fixed mindset going wrong and what can they do to change into a growth mindset?

We’ve listed 5 signs below to AVOID when it comes to your mindset

And ways you can change into a more growth focused style of thinking.

1) Having an unhelpful & negative mindset

Having an unhelpful and deeply negative mindset helps no one.

In fact negative emotions have links to being harmful to your health

Fixed mindset:

  • It holds you back from achieving the things you want to in life because you are always so critical of situations
  • It makes you critical of others
  • And clouds your ability to identify positive possibilities and opportunities

It’s completely unhelpful for a person who wants to be successful in life

For a growth mindset:

  • Think more positively about situations
  • Look on the bright side and make an effort to do so
  • Get into the habit of noting all the good in a situation instead of solely focusing on a bad
  • Bring your awareness to your negative thoughts and snap out of it quickly

Keep in mind that positive opportunities will come into your life

If you don’t want to stay where you are in life, then you must take positive action and do something about it.

2) Listening to your inner critique

We all have had doubts about ourselves from time to time.

When we look back and assess our work or when we take on a challenge and wonder if we are up to it.

But it’s when self-criticism becomes a bad habit and overwhelmingly toxic that it’s an issue.

Fixed mindset:

  • Put too much thought into what others think of you
  • Listening to your inner critique which holds you back from taking on challenges
  • Having incredibly low self esteem which stops you progressing in life or steeping out of your comfort zone

For a growth mindset:

  • Avoid putting too much attention on your negative inner voice.
  • Understanding that your inner critique may not be correct, challenge the hurtful thoughts, are they really true?
  • Take on more challenges, even if you think you won’t be able to complete them, everything you do complete will boost your confidence and prove your inner critique wrong.
  • Your mind can be both your best friend or your worst enemy.

To make it work with you not against you – you must train it.

So from now on instead of “Can I do it?” say “I will do it as best as I can”.

3) Being fearful of failing

Failure happens

But it’s how you interpret failure that is important

Fixed mindset:

  • Fail, think negatively about the situation and feel down for a long time afterwards
  • Do everything that can to avoid failing again,
  • Don’t take risks, don’t step out of their comfort zone, don’t seize or recognise opportunities

For a growth mindset:

  • See failing as an inevitable part of life
  • Learn from their mistakes and do better the next time
  • Take on challenge after challenge, step out of their comfort zone because they know they will grow into a better more successful person by doing so.

4) Waiting for a miracle

Whether you believe a miracle will happen or not.

The lack of action that comes with a fixed mindset will not be helpful in life.

Fixed mindset:

  • get used to waiting for something to happen instead of getting things done,
  • Holding themselves back Instead of taking advantage of opportunities
  • Feel regretful about inaction and get stuck in a negative cycle

For a growth mindset:

  • Don’t wait for miracles to happen or for things to be handed to them
  • Take action everyday to work towards their goals and achieve great things
  • Are determined to make the most out of every situation and say yes to opportunity after opportunity

5) Avoiding change

For some people change is terrifying

And they do everything they can to ensure things stay as steady and comfortable as possible

Fixed mindset:

  • Avoid changing anything big in their lives
  • Stay safe in their comfort zones and fear anything that might change this for them
  • Feel very stressed if something is taken out of their control

For a growth mindset:

  • Understand that change is inevitable
  • Adapt, stay flexible and encourage change into their lives so they can progress to bigger and better things
  • Intentionally go out of their way to step out of their comfort zones and grow and a more confident and successful person

Now you have an in depth awareness of the two different mindsets, its clear to see why many successful people take on a growth mindset

You must train your mind to get into healthy habits that benefit you instead of hinder you

Now you have everything you need to know to move forward into a growth mindset and become successful

Help your mind work with you not against you.

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