How To Build A Loyal Tribe For Your Online Business

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“Your tribe is your vibe.” But, what exactly is a tribe and why is it so important in business?

With online business just like a physical business

You need friends, family and but mainly customers to support you as you follow your dream of entrepreneurship.

You need to build that special trust that brings people back time and time again and gets them to follow you and consider you their “go to” person.

When that trust cements itself, these same people will resonate so strongly with you that they will have your back, no matter what.

They will support your message and share it to a multitude of people.

And when this finally happens…

You have successfully created your tribe!

Sounds wonderful right?

But you may be wondering how do you do this?

If you want to build a tribe, you must first understand that, who you are and what you stand for matters.

And sharing your personal message is KEY for others to connect with and trust you

Below are some tips for building your online tribe

1. Speak from the heart with passion

Talk about relevant topics that your tribe are interested in, always choose topics that you are passionate about, this is the key. Make sure your message it put out there clearly and coherently.
This is why it’s always best to plan your week ahead to add the most value to your tribe

2. Pick your platform thoughtfully

Understand what social media platform your message will resonate better with, and study the way your audience communicated. More image based on Instagram or wordy, story based on Facebook, see which works best for your tribe and do more of that!

3. Be consistent

Your followers need to see that you are present. Repetition is key, but always do so in a different and creative way.

4. Value the attention of your audience

Post when you have something relevant to say. Do not just post the first thought that pops into your head. Carefully consider what you want to say, always keeping in mind if others will be enriched by your message.

5. Be generous

As in the real world: when you give, life gives you back. Find your own tribe by looking for people who make you feel fulfilled. Always support them with likes, comments, shout-outs, retweets, and tags.

6. Be open about what you need

Do not be scared to ask for what you want. Social media is like real life: people like true relationships. Do not be afraid of reaching out to your followers and try to create a friendly and genuine relationship. Once that bond is established, ask clearly and you shall receive.

7. Be easy to find
Make sure you clearly show what you do on all social media platforms. Clearly link your website and other social media platforms so your audience can follow you on multiple platforms and witness you consistency throughout. Hashtags are also key to reaching more people and to finding people you are more in sync with. Use them generously and take advantage of trends to reach more people.

8. Only quality matters

Quality is always better than quantity. You cannot expect people to engage with your posts if your pictures are blurry and your content is unclear and not well thought out.

9. Earn trust

As in any relationship, respect and love take time to grow. On social media, it is post after post, action after action. And consistency. It may be tough to begin with but persevere, once youre tribe it formed you will be glad that you did.

10. Be YOU!

Be you! All of the above statements lead up to the most important point of all: people want to see you and your own uniqueness. Do not hide behind imitating others, learn from them and get some inspiration, but YOU are the star.

The more genuine you can be, the truer the relationship with your followers will become, and these people will slowly become your tribe. What you emanate with your posts and social media presence will be received and will reflect back to you like a mirror.

Tribes are not built over night, nor does it take place if you feel forced to be on social media.
Look for that joy that inspires you to post, building your tribe can be more personal than you think and SO incredibly valuable.
Put in the time now and see the HUGE benefits down the line!

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